Bad first reaction


Any improvements?


I’m using soolantra once a day before going to sleep. I’m noting my skin is getting less red and I currently don’t have any lesions. But this is pretty normal because even before the treatment of soolantra I always got rid of ozzing lesions but the problem is that they come back. So I have to wait (at least a month I think)before I can say soolantra is really helping me.
Now I have really bad looking dark spots where my last lesions occurred:( do you have any advise to heal these dark spots?does it happen to you as well after your lesions go away. These dark spots are supposed to be post-inflammatory iper pigmentation I think…


The positive effect could also be from the antibiotic, but lets hope it’s from Soolantra.

I don’t if there are topicals than can speed up the healing of the dark spots, if there are, some may be aggressive, which may trigger lesions again. I sometimes used a concealer on such spots. Maybe it also helps to drink enough water, like at least 2 liter, preferably maybe 3 liter spread over the day.


How are you doing now?


Hello @One345, may I ask how long your first bad reaction lasted? how are you doing now? My derm has finally prescribed me Soolantra. I started using it 3 days ago and my skin is reacting so bad :frowning: I keep geting oozing lesions one after another. It’s so frustrating :tired_face:


Just hang in there. You have to suffer a bit more to reach the end game. Hold tight.


How are you doing now?


Hi Tso, a few days after that bad first reaction, I had one oozing pump on my eyelid, and since then (which is nearly 1.5 month) I didn’t have any oozing lesions. So far I’m so happy with the result.


That’s great! :slight_smile:


@mz66, that’s great news! Another happy soolantra customer