Can i use Ivermectin liquid for animals?


Hi, ive been having this itchy pimple like dots in my right chin area that doesnt go away. it will get itchy and when i scratched it, it will bleed then ooze clear yellow liquid and scabs. After that it will repeat its cycle over and over again. We dont have soolantra cream here in the philippines. I would appreciate any help from you guys.


It sounds like you have a staph infection! Especially with the itching, oozing, and bleeding…and the multiple dots. The fact that it itches is the main indicator, as the bleeding and oozing are a part of that but those two together don’t necessarily define staph. You will need to municopriocin (spelling??) and a specific antibiotic to kill staph! Or look up homeopathic remedies, but probably won’t be as effective or work as fast for Staph. I believe in both, but Staph is HARD to get rid of and modern medicine will be the best route with a bacteria as strong and resilient as this one! And from one picker to possibly another…DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT pick this one! It only spreads the resilient bacteria to other areas or keeps reinfecting the same spot. Once the oozing starts after it gets picked, it is like it starts back at ground zero with reinfection! Put a bandaid or flesh colored medical tape over it (with that type of plastic covered gauze cut to size protecting it under the tape) to allow it to heal and avoid picking at it! Good Luck!


I used the animals stuff and it worked


It’s unclear whether you have the same disease as most people on this forum have. If it looks like this: What does it look like? (photos) and you have it for a long period (months or years) and have tried all kinds of things including antibiotics, than you can try topical ivermectin, preferable in the form of Soolantra.

Otherwise it could be something else, like AnnieMoe says, staph for example. And like she says, don’t scratch it and don’t pick your nose, because if it is staph, than you’re helping this bacteria to colonize itself.

Here’s some info about ivermectin from animal products: Does yours spread?


Thanks for the reply guys. I think mine isnt staph infection. Mine is just a tiny needle like dot the oozes clear liquid and scabs with orange/yellow color. I been suffering for about 4-5months now. Mine doesnt spread its always in the same spot in my right chin area. (sorry for my bad english)


I tried using Mupirocin Bactroban 2% antibacterial but it doesnt do anything. It just kept on ozzing and scab for 4-5months now. I think mine isnt staph i searched staph infection it looks like a boil/huge pimple. Mine is just a tiny needle like dot hole with clear liquid that scabs non stop.


Mine did not look like the typical image from Google images either. Mine looked a lot like how your sounded. It can come in many different forms. It does not have to be massive and look like something from a zombie apocalypse to just be staff sometimes it can be as simple as an infected hair follicle . Did you take Bactrim (spelling) oral antibiotic along with it? Did your doctor swab it and test it for the exact bacteria it was? Have you tried to put anything topically for fungal infections? Like Lotrimin ( The cream they sell for athletes feet but treats fungal infections).

What is making the scab come off? You say it falls off and the cycle starts all over again… is it falling off from complete healing and then the same spot is getting infected again or is it just not clearing up at all? If you were picking the scab off while you were doing the topical for staph infection and or taking the anabiotic it doesn’t matter. It’s like you’re making the staph stronger and resistant to those anabiotic’s when you pick at it and cause it to is. It’s like regenerating it’s life form.


I’m not fully sure if you have the same thing as most of the people here. The tiny needle dot size is very small, also usually it doesn’t stay on the same place. I would be interested in seeing a photo of that area.

You could also try Sudocreme: Sudocrem saved me!