Could it be diet related?


Hi everyone. I haven’t checked in in a long time because I’ve been in “remission” from this horrible thing but now I feel compelled to share something I stumbled upon. I had previously shared how I used the ivermectin and had good results. Unfortunately when I stopped using it I would have outbreaks again. Soon after I started having outbreaks again in Fall 2017 I decided to change my diet drastically. I went completely vegan. No animal products( no dairy, meat, eggs or any animal products). I still follow a vegan diet and my skin has never been better in my life. I am using no other treatment but my diet. I did not realize how inflammatory dairy especially was for me until I ate a couple pieces of cheese and almost immediately broke out in one of these oozing things. I think I definitely found what triggers this condition for me. I’m curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.



I believe it is diet related. In my case it has to do with gluten, fake sugar and aspartame. As this builds up in my system I begin to break out and if I don’t stop polluting my body with it then it gets worse & worse so I know exactly what causes it. The trick now is to wait for the trigger and then stop and within less than 10 days the sores heal over and disappear completely.


That is very lucky if you can control your problem with diet. I don’t know that it works for everyone. For over a year, I cut out a lot of stuff and conducted self-tests. As a rule, I don’t eat dairy anyway. I prepare my own food. Don’t buy store-bought stuff. Don’t eat bread. No matter how many different elimination diets I did, nothing ever changed my skin outbreaks. I went to many extremes in my tests. It is hard to find a key, salient feature with this skin condition. For some, diet matters; for others it has no bearing.