Does yours spread?


So is Soolantra/Rosiver the same as the invermectin cream for animals on Amazon?


I used the Ivermectin liquid. I have no idea what the difference is between the human form and the animal form. Maybe strength. I heard about this on the rosacea forum.


@Dm78 Did you use the topical ivermectin only for one week?

@p1r473 Soolantra/Rosiver is made/marketed for humans. It contains ivermectin (the active ingredient) and a moisturizer (Cetaphil) as its base. Ivermectin for animals comes in different forms:
Liquid injections:

(Don’t inject it, use it topically.)

Paste form:

Concentrations of ivermectin may differ. Soolantra contains 10mg/gr, so then the paste form may be 1.87 times as strong for the same weighted amount of topical.
One Soolantra tube contains enough for about 3 months for me, but some users are able to use it much longer by applying less.

This is the Rosacea forum Dm78 mentioned:


It sounds like the animal stuff stronger, cheaper, and doesn’t require a prescription.
Is this a good alternative to Soolantra?

I see they ship to Canada. Which would you recommend, Soolantra, 1.87% apple, Nustock, or Ivomec?


If I recalll correctly I used it for about a week straight then maybe every two or three days for the next couple of week. I’m sorry I can’t recall the exact schedule I followed


I ordered Invomec (5mg invermectin) because Amazon can zip it over by Monday. I also ordered the 1.87% paste.
I will try both and post back.


Ivomec looks like a good choice. Because you have a beard, the liquid form may be easier to apply on that area. (I don’t know how thick the paste form is.)
I wouldn’t use the Nustock product, I don’t see ivermectin listed in the ingredients. It does contain Sulfur, which gives an unpleasant smell to the skin that may even take some time before that smell is gone.
Also it may be good to try to avoid Ivomec skin getting in the mouth/lips/eye area, and maybe start with a small amount to see how the skin reacts.


I know you dont have experience with the animal paste or liquid, but can you give me any guidelines on applying invermectin like
How often?
Etc… thanks!

Just got my invomec pour on in the mail and gonna try and just put a bit on my face now


I survived my first cattle invomec pour on treatment
It was a blue liquid. It seemed very similar to when I use rubbing alcohol (same smell, fumes in eyes, hard to breathe for a few seconds if the fumes get in your mouth). In fact Id be very surprised if it didnt have rubbing alcohol in it.

I poured it into a bowl, dipped some cotton pads in, and applied to my cheeks and beard area.

No stinging (except for directly on the one sore I have now) or any lasting effects.

Hopefully my invermectin paste will come soon.


Dm78 has experience with it.

I would suggest to follow the usage information described here, where possible:

Note that ivermectin can give a breakout. See also here: Bad first reaction
So maybe it’s best to start slowly. Try a bit on the underarm and wait 1 day to see if the skin tolerates it. Note that even if the skin tolerates it, you can still get a breakout, so start slowly.
Maybe it can be applied with a cotton pad, by first applying a bit of the liquid on a cotton pad, and use the pad on the face.
Soolantra contains ivermectin plus a moisturizer (Cetaphil) as its base. So maybe it’s good to apply a neutral parfum free non comedogenic moisturizer afterwards. (Like Cetaphil or Cerave.)
Apply it on the areas where lesions occured, even if the skin is clear at that moment. Because that is where demodex lives (if demodex is the problem). So you may even use a wider area than that. But start slowly, because you may get a large breakout.
You can apply it once a day. But in the begining it may be better to apply it less frequent because of a possible breakout.
Avoid eye and lips. (Not sure why.)


Btw, you are the first user that I know of that has a beard. Do lesions also occur in the beard area?


I don’t usually have a beard, maybe just some scruff, but was forced to grow it due to not shaving so I wouldn’t spread the disease.
But yea, it grows in the beard area and cheeks for me, which is why I stopped shaving. I also one or two times got a tiny little orange crystal on my nose, and ear lobes.
What I notice is if its a big scab, its yellow, but a small one forms a tiny orange crystalline structure.

I’m happy to report since starting my livestock invermectin stuff, I haven’t had any pustules. So I have been clean for 4 days now. And I am hoping to stays. I even shaved and my face looks great now.

I am noticing that some users have what looks more like a yellow ooze spreading all over their face, where mine is just yellow crusts that ooze. Some users, it looks almost as if the yellow is liquidy on their face, whereas mine is scabby on my face (and the ooze appears clear, unless you catch it with paper tower, and look at it, where it look yellow)

My derma appointment is next week. I think I will ask for Rosiver.

So here is how the treatments were like:
The oral horse paste had the consistency of honey, and spelled of apples. It felt good going on.

The ivomec cattle pour on I think was basically had the base of rubbing alcohol (it smelled of it, and the fumes sting your eyes and if it goes in your mouth or nose, makes it hard to breathe). I would do half the side of my face at a time, so I could close that eye, and breathe out of the corner of the other side of my mouth to avoid the nasty fumes.

I did the liquid 2 a day, and the paste once a day every other day.

Both need to be washed off, the paste stays on forever, and even the liquid stays on your skin somewhat (like an oil stays on your skin)

Should I continue using the liquid/Rosiver forever? Or just when I have an outbreak? And how often?

Its also hard to say whether it was these products, or my Flagyll antibiotic, that worked. All I know is the other antibiotics I tried did nothing.

Here was an old picture from when I was infected.


“Should I continue using the liquid/Rosiver forever? Or just when I have an outbreak? And how often?”
There isn’t much info/data on this. And since the exact cause of the problem is unclear, it is unclear what the best strategy is.

You could for example do this: use it for like a couple of weeks to 2 months, depending on how successful the treatment is. If you still get lesions afterwards on daily/weekly basis, but less than before the treatment, you can continue with it. If you are clean but occasionally get new lesions, you can try to use in on active lesions instead of preventive on a large area of the face.

Also, I wonder whether the users who said that they are clear, are completely 100% clear. For example, it is a difficult to spot very small lesions under low light badroom conditions than when using a bright light led flashlight. Sometimes I get a lesion that is like 1mm in diameter that doesn’t really ooze, and that isn’t visible in bathroom lighting, but I know that this still is the same problem.

About oral metronidazole (Flagyll), yes that could easily do something by itself. Although some info/studies suggest that topical ivermectin may be more effective where applied locally.


How is your skin doing now?


Since using the cattle pour-on the first day, I am completely cleared up. I used it for about 2 weeks, then stopped, and have been clear ever since. I had done Flagyl with it.
I got a prescription for the human version, but havent needed it.
Interested to see what will happen if this comes back. Because I was infected for 3-4 months. Hopefully next time, 1 day infection.


He used a topical ivermectin product that is sold as animal medication, which cheaper, non-prescription and more widely available compared to the human version. You should give the human version, Soolantra, a try. It’s working for a lot of people here.

Have a look here for more info:

Also, you may want to apply it slowely, because it may give a bad initial outbreak:


Do you have any idea how long I should expect the initial outbreak to be? I’ve applied horse ivermectin to my face daily for the past 5 days and it hasn’t gotten better at all, at least from what I can tell.


Did it get worse, or no difference compared right before you started?
An initial outbreak could last maybe like 0 to 2 weeks, if I had to gues roughly.

Your skin problem looks like on this page What does it look like? (photos) right?
(The characteristics are: lessions that keeps oozing clear liquid for some time and forms yellow/orange crusts.)
For how long to you have this problem?


It’s gotten worse since I started ivermectin treatment on 11/16. My symptoms are pretty much exactly what you described. Open lesions on my cheeks and temples that ooze liquid that hardens into yellow crust. I had my first outbreak about a year ago and was on various antibiotics, steroids, and cremes. Like everyone else here the lesions cleared up briefly with each course of drugs but came right back shortlly after. I didn’t get any lesions for about 8 months between March and October and just got another outbreak about a week and a half ago. This is my first time trying ivermectin.


Congrats!!! How long did the ‘initial breakout’ period last?

Thank you :slight_smile: