Does yours spread?


Did it get worse, or no difference compared right before you started?
An initial outbreak could last maybe like 0 to 2 weeks, if I had to gues roughly.

Your skin problem looks like on this page What does it look like? (photos) right?
(The characteristics are: lessions that keeps oozing clear liquid for some time and forms yellow/orange crusts.)
For how long to you have this problem?


It’s gotten worse since I started ivermectin treatment on 11/16. My symptoms are pretty much exactly what you described. Open lesions on my cheeks and temples that ooze liquid that hardens into yellow crust. I had my first outbreak about a year ago and was on various antibiotics, steroids, and cremes. Like everyone else here the lesions cleared up briefly with each course of drugs but came right back shortlly after. I didn’t get any lesions for about 8 months between March and October and just got another outbreak about a week and a half ago. This is my first time trying ivermectin.


Congrats!!! How long did the ‘initial breakout’ period last?

Thank you :slight_smile: