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Hello everybody

First of all I’m a french woman I’m sorry my english is very bad so I’m gonna write a short message .

I have this “disease” since december 2014. I have a good alimentation. I tried a lot of treatment, I had many exams with no answers. I was cured in summer 2015 with a lavander honey (from south of France) but in 2017 I had these yellow crust on my face again and this time even around the eyes! I tried my lavender honey but it wasn’t work this time… I tried propolis, sulfur soap, avocado oil etc…but no results!

And since may 2019 I’m using nigel oil on my face with olive oil too. I sleep with this on my face and after a month I had very goods results. since May 2019 I had a few small buttons but it’s rare. I think I’m healing step by step.

This disease is so hard to live, I could not go out, see my friends, working…I stay locked up at home to suffer and cry. Today I’m happy, the smile on my face is back. I am so grateful.

I wish good luck to everyone ans I hope that one day this will be a bad memorie for you. Have faith :pray:

P.S.: I bought my nigel oil here

That is a really good story. Thanks for sharing the info.
Please keep posting, so we know your progress.

Also, I think in the US this is your standard black seed oil.
I take it internally sometimes, but have never used it on skin.

I live in Vancouver BC and have searched for oral ivermectin because of DEMODEX mites. My pharmacy can get TOPICAL cream, 60 gram tube is $200…its the best I can do. Greg

$200 to get your life back. But it and use it. Forget the oral.
My tube lasts 1.5 years, sometimes longer. Break that down by month, it’s not that much $$$$

Hi everyone.
since I published my message on July 23. I continued Seed oil (Huile de nigelle en français ) on my face and I didn’t get any new yellow crust on it. Now I have a beautiful skin, smooth, soft and luminous. I can’t believe it, I thought I’d never find a good skin again.

I’ll keep oil on my face every night, I’m so traumatized I’m afraid it’ll come back one day.

Good luck to everyone and have faith.

That’s pretty impressive. Black seed oil is so gooey, I can’t imagine putting it on my face. But I might try it out.

I use this small quantity of oil everynight. I put it all over my face except around the eyes.

The first few days I started using it, it stung my eyes it was hard to support (maybe because I’m sensitive) but after 4 or 5 uses I felt nothing.

My oil comes from Ethiopia. (It’s a guarantee of quality)

Hello everyone

It’s me again. I still haven’t had yellow crust on my face since 4 months . I have smooth and soft skin now. I’m really very happy ! Thank God! I hope you will also try this magic oil and hope it gives you good results too!

Just try it and be patient , you will certainly have good results like me.

Hey peeps,

It’s been a month since my wedding and I am so happy to say that I was ooze free on my wedding day. In fact, except for a very minor forehead pimple I had a clear face. Unfortunately I can’t attribute my clear skin to Soolantra because the new dermatologist I sought out refused to write me a prescription, even when I showed up with a pretty good oozer! She brushed it off as acne as she watched the ooze literally crusting during our conversation. #$@&%*! Fortunately she did recommend a skin cleanser that has been an absolute Godsend for me, Glyderm Gentle Facial Cleanser. It’s a cleanser that contains 0.2% glycolic acid. The first time I used it I saw my pores began pushing out little white crap. The first week of use I had 2 more oozers and then there was none. I did have a few pimples arise which I considered part of the new product purge. By the time my wedding rolled around my face was pretty much clear. Since using Glyderm I have seen an overall improvement in my skin’s texture, I do very seldomly get a pimple that would ooze but the experience is different when they do occur. There’s no intense initial itch, they’re no where near the size I used to get them and they are much more mild with some clear ooze versus the non-stop yellow ooze I would experience for at least 2 days. I’m also now using pimple patches to help dry out any pimples/bumps I may get, I’m just careful not to remove them too often as to not disturb the skin underneath.

Anyways, for anyone who’s having a hard time getting the prescription maybe consider Glyderm. My guess/theory is that the increase in cellular turnover from the daily use of glycolic acid may help push out the dermadex/bacteria that builds up on my face.

Once again, thanks for this site and all the people who post to help us figure this ish out.

Thanks for posting, but update us in three months. A month without ooze is good luck, not necessarily a cure. But if you make it three months, we want to hear about it.

Hello guys.

Long time reader here.

I just posted my complete sumup/ideas.
( )

Just a quick questions here after I read few things on that main topics and on other boards:

Have some of you tried Colloidal Silver ?

Have we all in common a surgical intervation, at least one, or a dental filling/foreign element in our body ?

Thanks and cheers to many more questions.

Thanks Tso for the board creation, and thanks misfit108 and others for ideas and questions !

I’m glad that worked for you! I’ve been using a salicylic acid cleanser for months — it’s also an acid, like glycolic, that gets deep in your pores and cleans them (plus topical salicylic too). Sadly, it didn’t work for me.

However, now that I’m using the ivermectin cream, I think the salicylic cleanser is helping my skin recover faster — for exactly the reasons you said. Now that the demodex is dying off, the salicylic acid is helping purge them out of my pores. So, yes, I agree that acids can definitely help! But probably alongside an ivermectin cream to deal with the … infestation ( :nauseated_face:).

My problems started around the time I pierced one ear and dyed my hair a long, long time ago.
I have no more piercings and I’ll never dye my hair again.
Had fillings, but removed all of them a few years back. Didn’t change anything.

Hi everyone!

My name is Marika, nice to meet you. Thank you to the person who started this forum!

I’m new here and believe I have the same condition! My skin is currently clear and I wanted to share what I’ve been doing in case it’s helpful to anyone.

I had pretty bad acne for many years and tried lots and lots of medication (oral and topical). I used to use something topically (whether it was lotion, clindamycin, some kind of oil, aloe, rose water, etc) 24/7 for about 10 years. I would also exfoliate and never really give my skin a chance to heal.

I eliminated dairy and gluten from my diet and that seemed to get rid of the acne. However after years of abuse, my skin seemed to always be broken out in a rash. Always red and had tiny bumps everywhere.

I would break out worse with stress, and I believe other things contributed as well: possibly acidic foods, over eating, and friction or pressure on my skin.

Then one day I decided I didn’t want to be dependent on anything topical anymore, so I ditched my face moisturizing routine cold turkey.

That was when I had my first encounter with the OOZING YELLOW CRUSTS. My skin was very dry (it looked like dry, cracked mud). And then it was yellow and scabby and crusty. I eventually caved and used the heaviest lotion I could find.

I started using Aveeno (the one with the dark blue top for very dry skin). I had several outbreaks during my time using Aveeno, but overall the lotion seemed to help quite a bit. (It seemed to expedite healing time.)

At one point I was experiencing more stress than I ever had in my life. My hair was falling out and I was getting yellow crust on my scalp as well as my face.

Recently I met a woman at my church who’s husband is battling very nasty cancer. Needless to say, she is under a lot of stress. She was sharing with me her own experience with a large oozing yellow crust on her forehead. She said she tried tea tree oil and lotions to no avail, but she tried a Calendula cream and said it cleared right up!

I decided to give it a try since I was just starting an outbreak. I had one small spot on my chin at the time, and was currently using Aveeno (dark blue lid) twice a day. My routine was this: Aveeno in AM and PM, only rinsing and lightly rubbing face with water every 2-3 days.

I was so excited by her success with the Calendula cream that I decided to go cold turkey again with my regular routine and jump right in and try the Calendula cream all over my whole face.

I gently washed my face with soap and water and then applied the Calendula cream.

My skin was very red and tight and dry. It burned and itched pretty badly. It would calm down when I’d apply more cream onto it, but after 6+ hrs it would get hot and itchy, and burn again. (I think the cream just needed to be washed off and reapplied so the old crud wasn’t hanging out and irritating the affected areas.)

My breakout continued to spread on my face and the spots became larger. Yellow and crusty as usual. (I am not surprised at this seeing as I had just experienced a great deal of stress, AND my skin itself had just experienced the stress of having its moisturizer taken away.)

HOWEVER, I noticed that the overall surface of my skin looked like it was healing and growing back after years of looking so raw and irritated.

I talked to a friend who suggested letting my skin breathe once and a while. I used a tea tree oil bar soap (meant to be a shampoo bar by the same company I got the Calendula cream from- see below for name) to wash my face in between applications of the Calendula cream.

I let my skin breathe at night with nothing on it for a couple nights. I woke up to very itchy and burning skin in the worst spots, so I applied a small amount of lotion (the same Aveeno) and a dab of cold sore ointment to cool the burn. It helped. I used the cold sore ointment twice because I’ve heard it helps speed up the healing of certain blisters, rashes, and even pimples. My theory is that my skin was so painful and itchy due to the dryness and the fact that it was “withdrawing” from lotion on top of having my oozing yellow outbreak.

Then I just carefully applied only small amounts of lotion and/or Calendula cream in the worst spots as needed, washing gently with the tea tree shampoo bar in between applications.

Dry, non yellow flakes of skin started peeling off like after a sunburn, and in a few days I was all clear. Like clear and healthy looking skin. Not just rash or pimple-free. No excessive redness, no yellow oozing crusts, no burning or itching, and my skin’s moisture seemed to balance out.

This whole process seemed like a kind of weening off of my regular, paranoid skin routine. It almost seemed less about the particular products I was using, and more about the one day at a time, attempt to guide my skin back to a state in which it could protect and heal itself. In my case it seems that my skin was always extra susceptible with my regular topical routine, and breakouts would happen in more vulnerable areas. (My usual red, rashy skin seemed more inviting for the yellow crusty spots.) It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the future.

I haven’t touched it for a couple days because I’m nervous to mess with a good thing! (No washing, no lotion, nothing.) I have never seen my skin looking so good! (It’s only been a few days, so I’ll keep you posted.)

The only two things I changed or tried for the first time were the Calendula cream and letting my skin go naked. (I had already used tea tree products before with some seeming success.)

I think the Calendula cream healed the majority of my skin’s surface and allowed me to “go off of” my heavy use of lotion, and I think it sped up the healing of the yellow crusty spots. Since I had been using the lotion so often, my skin had always been in a wet state. It felt wet to the touch constantly, but would flare up and get red and irritated if I waited too long to apply lotion in the AM or PM. It almost seemed addicted to lotion.

I think my skin was constantly in a vulnerable state, with all the lotion use keeping it wet, and was never given a chance to heal or grow back it’s protective layer (this is just speculation, I haven’t been told by a professional). I was always too nervous to leave my skin alone, and for good reason, seeing as it aggravated my skin to do so.

I think that the combination of the Calendula cream and the occasional gentle washing with the tea tree oil shampoo bar helped encourage healthier skin to grow, and that letting it go bare intermittently helped it to regulate itself. I will keep you all posted as I move forward with no topicals (if that stays the case).

Like I said this is just what I think. I’m speculating here, and it’s only been a few days, but I’m hopeful.

If you would like to try either the Calendula cream or the tea tree shampoo bar that I used, feel free to check out the little store here in Bremerton, WA, USA that sells them. It’s called F.R.O.G. Soap. The people who run the shop are very kind and helpful if you are ever in town, but if not, I believe they sell their products online.

Has anyone else used Calendula products? If so, any success?

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This is good you tried all these things. 100% Tea Tree anything made my problem worse. It took me a year to realize trader Joes’ tea tree oil shampoo was turning my scalp into a warzone of yellow ooze. I stopped the shampoo, and the scalp problem ceased within a week. I’ve also done Calendula.

It’s exciting that your skin is clear right now, but you need to wait months to see if you really beat this thing. I hope you did beat it. But if it comes back, know that Soolantra is the way to defeat it once and for all.

I did the same like you for so long, trying to do all the natural ways. It never worked. I wasted time. If you make it a few months without outbreaks using your strategy, please post again as this info would help the rest of us. But I can say your same methods didn’t work for me.

Okay good idea. I’ll keep everyone updated as time goes on. :heart: I’m so glad you’ve found a good method too. Thank you for sharing. I’ll definitely keep Soolantra in mind if I have more outbreaks.

Great to hear @Marika. Please keep us updated.

Welcome and thanks for sharing your story :slight_smile:

I haven’t used products containing calendula, but calendula creams (creams in general) may act like a moisturizer. Although mentions that it:

may have anti-viral, anti-genotoxic, and anti-inflammatory properties in vitro .

I did use tea tree oil products. Using a pure tea tree oil product on my face did gave me one of the worst outbreaks that I experienced. But a milder tea tree oil cream didn’t, but also didn’t solve the problem. I also used a tea tree oil shampoo, but that didn’t solve the problem, but does dry out the skin when used frequently, but that may happen with every cleanser.
I also used pure trea tree oil mixed with another oil to perform eyelid scrubs for blepharitis (irritation and swelling of the eyelids), but that didn’t help, but Soolantra did help a lot.

Hey guys.
Just wanted to share a quick update. While the glyderm face wash helped keep my pores clear from some gunk it wasn’t the cure I was hoping for. I did eventually begin breaking out again and it got to the point that even my eyes were a constant itchy, crusty mess. I broke down and started using the invermectin horse paste since I refused to spend any more money on a derm. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! I finally have my life back! I definitely went through stages of die-off, but after about 3 months of daily use I finally have clear skin. Literally the best skin I’ve had since I started getting acne at 13. I haven’t had any new crusties for the past 6 weeks and the texture of my skin has improved beyond belief. I’m still using it daily and plan to for at least another month before I start tapering down my use. Hopefully I’ll remain crust free for the rest of my days.
Again, I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me solve this mystery!

Hope all of you are staying safe and well.


@SBM I’m delighted for you!!! Let us know how tapering your use goes.I stopped Rosiver for 3 months a few years ago and the lesions returned so now I just use very sparingly on a daily basis. I also tried sudocream as @Tso seemed to have some success with it. Not sure it really helped me at all.