New here and kind of scared any help or advice would be great


So I recently developed this on my forehead and as you can see it has quickly spread to my entire face and into my hair, beard and even inside my nose.
Doctors have no idea what it is ran so many tests on me it’s ridiculous and they still have no idea it seems to be getting worse and worse and yet nobody has any idea what it could be I’ve basically been told it’s more than likely stress related and need to reduce my stress but that’s hard when I don’t even want to go outside because of the looks I get any advice for a man at the end of his wits ? i


WoW you have it bad fella, tell me do you drink a lot of sugar free products ???
Gum, drinks, foods etc and do you drink a lot of coffee from coffee machines ???


You may have what a lot of other people have here. I had similar issues and my derm kept trying to treat like acne. I had done a lot of research online and found this site. I wanted to give ivermectin and metrodonazole a try as it is what a lot of people here had used with success. So, I cut and pasted the testimonials I found on this sight that spoke to the success of invermectin and added it to a document along with other testimonials I found on other sites. I created a document filled with anecdotal evidence that invermectin may be the answer to my problem and sent it my dermatologist. Luckily she was very open and gave me a prescription for Solantra (topical Ivermectin) and a prescription for a short course in oral ivermectin along with a topical perscription for metronidazole (topical antibiotic). She did not want to put me on an oral antibiotic because of possible issues with gut health. I was lucky she was open to trying the Ivermectin and was happy to just get that perscription. I used both the oral and topical ivermectin but was not consistent with the metronidazole gel. At first, I had a really bad initial breakout that lasted for about 4 weeks but I stuck with it because I had read that an initial breakout can happen (because of die-off) and can last for a long time depending on the person. Eventually, I started to get less and less of the sore spots. It has been 8 months and I am not completely clear as I sometimes get very small sores every once in awhile. I am still using the Solantra (I completely abandoned the metronidazole gel as I didn’t think it was helping though it may have helped with the initial breakout if I used it regularly as a way to combat the bacteria caused by the “die off”). I no longer have the big sore spots but I still have some acne. Because of my acne, I have added clindamycin to my routine and this has helped with that. I am going to stick wth the Solantra for 1 year and will then try to ween off it. Hopefully the sore spots won’t come back and I won’t be dependent on Solantra forever. I totally understand how difficult and upsetting this is for you. I really do feel your pain and hope that you can find an answer to your skin condition and get on a path to healing. Please try to get a perscription for Solantra from your doctor and give it try. If what you have is what I had, you will have to give the Solantra some time for it to work. Also, it is very expensive and my insurance would not cover it as they don’t have a generic brand yet. You can get a coupon at their website. With the coupon, I am able to get it for $75 for a 45 g tube as opposed to $300 :grimacing:. $75 is still an outrageous price but it has been worth it and I only use small amount every night so the tube lasts me about 3 months. Good luck and hang in there.


Thanks for the advice will definitely try it
As for the price I’m in the UK so I get free medication


No I tend to eat quite well to be honest don’t drink much coffee at all
Don’t drink much fizzy pop at all
And eat a balanced diet :confused:


Well you can rule that out then. With this it helps to try and find the trigger, there’s always one and for me it’s Aspartame and all things sugar free, that wee sugar substitute is what it poisoning my system and these lesions are my body’s natural way of trying to get rid of the toxins, I believe this isn’t the same for everyone, but for me finding this trigger has been an absolute god send and I can control the outbreaks now :+1:t2:


I’m in the Uk too and had exactly what you had on my face for 6months, doctors hadn’t a clue… I was on penicilln, antibiotics, antivirals you name it and they just kept on appearing…
I even paid £200 to a private dermatologist who said it was acne rosacea - this guy had 25+ years experience in dermatology and he got it wrong!
I finally cried and begged my gp to prescribe me Soolantra (it’s restricted on prescription here in Scotland) and they did and my face is CLEAR!!
Please get Soolantra! If they won’t prescribe it then you can buy online through one of the prescription sites for around £40! Honestly you need Soolantra!! Hope this helps x


Welcome RG23,
What kind of tests did the doctors perform? Did they prescribe any medications?
Is it only on the face, or also the your chest?

I’m not sure if you have the same thing as most of us have, because oozing is only visible in one photo, on the chin. But it looks like the same problem. Like other users already mentioned, you should definitely give Soolantra (topical ivermectin) a try.
You may get an initial bad breakout, so you may want to time/plan when your going to take it. For more info about this, see Bad first reaction


Are you using any products with tea tree oil? If so, stop.
Secondly, cut to the chase and shell out whatever it costs for Soolantra. It helped me pull the loaded gun out of my mouth and get back to my life.


Hi RG23,

Definitely try Soolantra. It seems to have helped the vast majority of people suffering from this condition. We are still not exactly sure how or why. Demodox mite theories abound but are still just theories. I’ve been using soolantra for over 2 years on and off. I tried to wean myself off but it started to come back gradually so i started daily use again. I can use every other day but then occasionally I’ll get a very small lesion. Tso had some success with sudocream which i haven’t tried yet. To be honest I’m somewhat nervous about trying something when the condition has been manageable with the soolantra. I use very little so the $200 tube lasts well over a year. My current tube may even last 2 years. That’s less than $10 a month. I’m able to run again without getting a burning face, I’m no longer a hermit and i don’t have to worry about my face anymore. Hope you’re able to get hold off it and it works for you. If it’s on NHS then it’s a no brainer. All the best. Colin