I use it every other day and sometimes accidentally go three days without it, but doesn’t seem to be a problem. I no longer have the yellow stuff. At the most, I’ll get a small white head-type pimple that never amounts to anything. I don’t plan on stopping the treatment unless I want to go insane.


I’ve been using soolantra for 2 weeks now and I’ve had a really bad reaction. It seems to be drying my skin out in a big way.I don’t have any oozing spots at the mo, but I have really red dry skin everywhere, especially under my eyes. It’s like I’ve aged 20 years over the past fortnight. It did seem to be working though, the first 10 days or so I was still getting oozing spots, but as the dryness and redness increased the oozing seemed to stop… I’m going to have a few nights off then try again maybe on alternate nights. I can’t believe I’ve found a potential cure and it’s now doing this!


In my case, Soolantra may have given me slightly sensitive/reddened skin in the beginning, maybe the first week.
You could try to apply it at bedtime, wait 5 minutes and then apply a moisturizer. Maybe that help the dryness/redness.


You applying moisturizer afterwards? I put extra virgin coconut oil on afterwards and it works like a charm. Without that, the soolantra did dry me out also.