TV show "The Dr's" discuss women with chronic, untreated skin condition

Part 1

Part 2

Interesting story.

Information extracted out of the videos:

  • Woman named Cari
  • Lesions since 3.5 years ago
  • Seems to only appear at the face
  • “it was as if someone took a sigarette and put it on my face”
  • infection comes back a couple of months later after treatment
  • flare up, infections go away, and then flare up again
  • 9 different doctors, prescribed 10 different facewashes, 15 different ointments, 9 different anti biotics
  • cleans the sores 3 times a day
  • spends 4-5 hours a day washing the sores
  • dermatologist from TheDoctors video: Sonia Batra ( )
  • parts of the skin “puff up” a lot, skin breaks, result in large open sores
  • “when the infection comes to the head, I wipe it off, re-apply ointment”
  • dr. Batra took about 2 or 3 biopsies, also for tissue culture.
  • Biopsies showed underlying more allergic dry skin rash called eczema or atopic dermatitis with a secondary bacterial infection, which keeps the infection and inflammation ongoing.
  • Swabs taken by other doctors probably came back negative because they were too superficial. But tissue culture under microscope did show bacteria, but it was deeper than would be detectable by swab.
  • Proposed regimen: a “really hypoallergenic” regimen, with 1) a precription “strength cream” (not sure if I heard it correctly) that seals the barrier function back and 2) much safer anti inflamatories, prednison would help but it’s not safe. And go the route of withdrawing the allergy or whatever the triggers are.
  • The doctor suspects that she had an allergic reaction to something just before it started a few years ago, that become infected and then every so often, it keeps comming back and that’s why there are these multi rounds, so I do think that allergy testing and withdrawing whatevery those triggers are will be very helpfull as well.
  • Shows a photo of her happy life situation. Note that the photo shows her face against a dog.

It’s unclear for me whether this matches the oozing yellow crusting problem. She does mention “wipe it off” and cleaning the sores 3 times a day and 4-5 hours per day. Which may suggest that there is something that she is removing, which may possibly be yellow oozing and crusts. But the lesions are deeper than most of us probably have, they look more like ulcers.

Also note that the dr. Batra took biopsies. Somehow I think that a lot of dermatologists are afraid of taking biopsies.

I wonder what the result of her treatment is. It would be interesting if we could contact her.

Agreed. Hard to tell if its the same thing. But my face would look like that, too, if I sat there wiping these things to death all day. The doctors were a little disappointing with how vague they were. “We have some cream that will work.” Well, we’ve all been promised the magic cream before. I’d like to see a recap 6 months to a year from now where they actually fixed her. For her sake, I hope they help her out but I’m not holding my breath for a follow-up episode.