What does it look like? (photos)

The problem is exclusively on the face (including eyelids), and may for some people also appear in the neck, ears and scalp.

If you also have photos to share, please share them. This:

  1. allows others to see that they are not alone
  2. allows us to compare and gain knowledge about the variations of the disease
  3. allows patients to show similar photos to their doctors, so that they can get a better diagnose, which also helps us again.

Photos can easily be uploaded to this forum. If you want to crop the lesions out of the photo so that you are unrecognizable, but don’t know how, then feel free to contact me by private message, then I’ll crop the photo for you.

Here a collection of photos found on the Internet.


A starting white head like pustule under the right nostril. It looks like a normal whitehead, which normally appears when follicle/pore is blocked. But is differs from whitehead in:

  • different color: whiteheads often have a clearer white color in terms of brightness
  • whitehead often have a sharp border from white to normal/red skin, whereas this one is more gradient
  • it may itch
  • it is less raised in height than a whitehead

So instead of a normal whiteheaded pustule, is often also looks like a vesicle.

The next day, oozing and crusts are visible:

Example of oozing on the outside of the left nostril:

Crusts on the chin in a more severe situation:

The most affected region for me is shown in green in the image below. The greener the location, the more often it occurs. This may differ from person to person, but most people describe a wide T-zone, with the width of the eyes.

Photos from other users:

Crusted lesions next to the nose:

Fluid under the lip. Not sure if this is a vesicle or open fluid:

Fluid removed:

Fluid comes out again:

Dried up fluid, yellow crust formation:

The following photos were taken using a skin microscope.

Oozing fluid and mild crust formation:

Early stage. White spotted upcoming lesions. The skin surrounding it (about 2 times its diameter) is becoming slightly translucent and elevated:

Crust on the eyelids, also known as blepharitis:
Between the eyes:

Crusting lesions between the eyebrows. Some red healing lesions spread over the forehead and eyebrows.

Just found this forum. Been dealing with this problem for 15 years. I’m 29 now. After being traumatized by it for so long, I’ve sort of grown capable of just not caring about my oozing skin…most of the time. There are times when I’m completely unable to leave my house though. I had grown convinced that my skin was a result of either a). a hardy staph infection that i can’t rid myself of, or b). a candida problem abetted by diet. Now I’m starting to think otherwise. I dunno if this video will work but it’s the best representation I have of my skin right now. This is a relatively mild example of my problematic skin, probably a 4 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst. The only way I could get this to work was by making a gif. also my first gif ever btw, haha (woof)


In the original movie the size was a lot bigger and you could actually see the texture of my skin. that gif is pretty vague I guess. I will take some pictures when I can.

Hi, welcome.
It’s difficult to see the exact skin problem on the gif. If you have difficulties uploading jpeg photos, feel free to ask how to.
The best recommended or most common solution for oozing yellow crusts is Soolantra. If you have questions about it, feel free to start a new topic or use one of the existing topic, such as Main topic - Oozing Yellow Crusts

Thank you for responding Tso. I actually decided to start a test after reading this forum. I stopped washing my face for the first time since I was a teenager. My rosacea cleared up, but I still get deep cysts and lymph fluid leakage, but it is noticeably less severe. Where did you acquire Soolantra? And have you ever personally done a lymphatic flush?

Do you apply Soolantra after Lymph fluid has broken through or is it a preventative measure?

Also, Tso, your pictures of your face look literally exactly like mine. I noticed you said that the issue was exclusively on the face, but I also experience cyst-like acne on my neck, ears, chest, pelvis, upper thighs, forearms, and feet. I think I have multiple issues to resolve but it makes it difficult having compounded skin issues

I haven’t really read about or focussed on a lymphatic flush, although I did do things that could be part of that process. But I cannot clearly point out things of it that clearly helped. (Unlike Soolantra and Sudocrem.)

In most countries, Soolantra is only available by medical prescription. In the US, it can be pretty expensive, in other countries the costs are usually lower. Some people use a topical ivermectine (the active ingredient of Soolantra) from horse products, which are even available on Amazon without prescription. See this topic: Does yours spread?

Soolantra is used preventative. Some people use it continously and some people don’t have to use it anymore after using it for some time.

The problem is primarily on the face, but can also occur on the ears and scalp for some people. But other places are usually rare, at least for the oozing part. It will be difficult (pricewise) to use Soolantra all over the body. It’s probably also not tested/designed for this usage. In that case, the animal version would probably be easier. But if you have oozing also on for example the forearms, than it could easily be something else than that most of us here have.

Instead of Soolantra, you can also try Sudocrem (available wihout prescription). Only a few people have tried it (including me) with good results. For more info: Sudocrem saved me!

Another thing you could try (if you want to try or experiment with something new on this forum) is intermittent fasting or a keto diet. There are almost no people here that reported about it, but intermittent fasting boosts overall health. In my case, I think that intermittent fasting cleared by face up from bumps. (In my case, Soolantra reduced the oozing lesions like 90-95%, Sudocrem nailed the last 5-10% and Intermittent fasting removed acne and skin bumps.)

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So after a few years battling this same issue with the swollen red itchy boil looking thing that eventually busts open and oozes yellow/white puss and then crusts over and can last for a month before it falls off. The skin underneath is usually red and tender for some time. I have figured out that it is cellulitis. A bacterial staff infection in the skin. Mine is being treated with clindamycin. Mine comes about because I have also been fighting a fungal issue. The bacteria enters into the skin from the fungal infection site and causes the staff infection. The bacteria enters the skin from scratching or from broken skin. The last three times I have had this issue I have just waited for my body to fight it off but I have learned it is really serious and the bacteria could get in blood supply and infect other areas of the body. It can become fatal as well. So when you feel that tingle or itch that won’t go away, resist the urge to scratch. The minute you notice the redness and swelling, see a doctor and get some meds right away. Don’t justify or put off. I hope this helps. You all can google cellulitis to see pictures for yourself and read about it. It is actually pretty common and can be treated effectively.