Does accutane work? I would like to know because it seems that it can cure many chronic skin conditions. It would be lovely just not having to worry that much about soolantra, having skin hydrated, diet and all of that. Or is the same story of the antibiotics? Just a symptom suppressor and then it comes back?

Accutane is a pretty heavy oral medicine. I would only use it as a last effort experiment. Soolanta is much heathier, especially if you succeed in using it only temporary.

Antibiotics also aren’t healthy, especially when used orally. It destroys your microbiota (heatlhy bacteria). Modern research shows that the importance of microbiota is underestimated a lot. Also, there aren’t much reports that antibiotics are a good solution for our problem. Usually the problems comes back, or it doesn’t even work at all.

Also it’s unclear whether diet is a contributer. Some users do think it is, other don’t.

In my case, Soolantra removed/reduced like 90% of the problem, even after stopping with it for some time. Then I used Sudocreme, after which I’m 100% clean, although I’m not fully sure if Sudocreme is the cause, because it’s hard to belief. Now I’m only using skin hydratation because I belief it’s important for keeping the skin healthy and protected.

So the cetaphil moisturizing cream is the only thing you use now? I can get that at walgreens right? Did you have some sort of acne or anything before? Also i thought accutane could be counterproductive since it dries out the skin so bad and this could be some sort of eczema or skin issue that flares with dryness.

Yes, I only use Cetaphil, the one mentioned here: Skin hydration (And I try to keep my living environment at a normal humidity level.) I’m not sure if Walgreens has the one that I’m using. I don’t see it here:
(Cetaphil has a lot of similar looking and named products, that differ in ingredients, and the available products may differ per country. Although, those other Cetaphil moisturizers could also work, but I have never tested them. The one I’m using may also be different from the exact Soolantra ingredients.)
Although I can’t verify the ingredients on the following link, this is probably the one that I have:

But note that Cetaphil by itself probably didn’t work for me while I had the problem. I belief that in my case, Soolantra was required, followed by Sudocrem. While Cetaphile can by used to support the skin and for maintenance. I used Cetaphile before Soolantra, and also while on Soolantra, because Soolantra felt sometimes a bit harsh on my skin, in the beginning. Using it with Cetaphile basically spreads Soolantra easier over the face, while reducing the concentration, making it less harsh.