Along with soolantra and sudocrem?

Did you guys have any conditions before? I always had seb derm and folliculitis but it never crusted over. Ive been keeping my skin hydrated and splashing bottled water. Remember tap water has chlorine and other chemicals along with being hard water. Ive ditched all topicals except for soolantra. Which I use like misfit does. It has helped tremendously.What do you guys do? What are your regimens such as Col, Misfit and Tso besides the soolantra? Do you guys just use soolantra and sometimes sudocrem?

In my case, Soolantra removed/reduced like 90% of the problem, even after stopping with it for some time. Then I used Sudocrem for like 1 week, after which I’m 100% clean, although I’m not fully sure if Sudocrem is the cause, because it’s hard to belief. Now I’m only using skin hydratation because I belief it’s important for keeping the skin healthy and protected.

I hydrate my skin using Cetaphil Moisturising Cream, which also is the base/carrier ingredient of Soolantra (but not the active ingredient, that’s ivermectine). I’m not using Soolantra neither Sudocrem anymore.

Soolantra is easy to use (unless you have side effects). Sudocrem is practically difficult to use, the way I used it. It can clog pores, puts a white layer on the face, and is difficult to fash off completely (it doesn’t dissolve in water). I used a tick layer of Sudocrem, although using less may also work.

No, apart from occasional dry skin as my body doesn’t tell me I’m thirsty and I forget to drink! I had another outbreak last week and this is the result after 3 days use with Sudocrem, tbh I can’t wash my face with any soaps as it goes nuts, I just use warm water and a flannel and then moisturise with sensitive moisturiser for men.