Am I having the same thing?

Hi there. I’m a female 23 years old . I just had chicken pox a month ago and at the same time I got the second inflammatory infection which they called it as staph or Strep. I believe I got the 2nd infection due to the scratch one of the spots in my face ( I wasn’t aware it was chicken pox or just simple pimple at that time) . Anw I was treated both chicken pox and " Impetigo" at the same time with antiviral and oral antibiotics for 7days with fluclocaxinlin but I was confused with this antibiotics cos the yellow thing on my face was spreading but dry at the same time so anw the doctor changed the tablets to clindamyxilin for 7 days and antibiotics ointment for 3 days ( its supposed to be 1 week course but as I got irritation so the doctor told me to stop using the ointment and keep using oral antibiotics only). I was a long story and eventually I didn’t know was it the oral antibiotics cleared my face out or the ointment did the job but my face got clear for a week with then I start noticing there are few pimples in my chin like 1 week ago. They aren’t pimple actually. They contain kind of clear fluid inside and growing very quick like next day and oozing with yellow thing and crust at the end of the day. I was like freaking out omg I thought the infection is coming back to me? I went straight away to " tropical disease clinic" and told them that my problem is coming back. But the doctor told me they don’t look like the infection, they are just like pimples to him. Then he said he couldn’t give me the antibiotics no more as it doesn’t look worse. I told him what I had during the chicken pox is exactly the same like what I’m having now but he just said nope. He told me to go to gp and ask for a dermatologist referral . He prescribed me a nasal ointment and hibisrub cleanser to wash the whole body and scalp. I’m on the 3rd day of the treatment but I don’t see any difference on my face. The clear yellowing spots still oozing and crusted and gone and new ones surround still coming. They are on my chin, cheek, few on my nose, jaw line but not in my forehead yet. They are so strange cos they are coming and gone like 2 days only. In the morning when I wash my face the scab will rubbed off by water and my face look like kind of ok, but mid day I will see the yellowing thing will come :frowning: . I will attach the pictures and please help me . I have an appointment with gp tmr and I will ask them to refer me to dermatologist but I have a gut that they don’t know what it is.

Hi, looking at your photos, imo it exactly matches the rare/unknown skin problem that most of us have, and where this forum is basically all about.
The difference with you is that most of us are unable to point a clear related cause of the problem, while in your case it sounds like it was a consequence of chicken pox.

Except for the antivirals, I also had the medications you mentioned, but without lasting success (maybe it lasted like a week or so).

If I would have to come up theory about what happened in your case, I would say: chicken pox caused your skin to be prone to bad bacteria and other skin problems, and caused you to scratch it. Scratching prone skin can bring unwanted bacteria (such as staph and strep) inside the skin causing infections such as impetigo. The oozing yellow crusting problem doesn’t look like classic impetigo and classic impetigo treatment (topical and/or oral antibiotics) don’t work for most of us, but Soolantra (topical ivermectin) does work very effectively for almost all of us. Soolantra is meant to clear the face from demodex mites when they cause rosacea. My theory is that demodex mites are in some situations carrying and staph bacteria inside, making it difficult for antibiotics to reach them. Killing demodex (with Soolantra) will cause the bacteria to be released, causing a temporary breakout. On a normal face without damaged skin, staph won’t survive for weeks/months, so then staph will eventually be removed by normal facial skin flora and the natural facial skin barrier.

So I would suggest to try Soolantra. But you may want to start slowely with it, as it may cause bad breakouts when starting with it: Bad first reaction
So you may want to time/plan when you start with it, so that you don’t have a breakout when you have an important day.
Usually the initial breakout isn’t much worse than the skin already was, but I do have to mention it.

You may also want to add Cetaphil Moisturising Cream (see Skin hydration ) to hydrate the skin. You can also use it to reduce the concentration of Soolantra. (Soolantra contains Cetaphil cream in it as its base. It’s from the same company: Galderma.)

Is this the first time you got chicken pox? Did they also took swabs from active lesions for bacterial culture?

Thank you so much for the info . I’ve been reading all the posts in the forum and at the beginning I haven’t accepted the fact that I’m having this rare skin problem. But now I think I must face and deal with it.

Yes they had done the swabs from the lesions in my face like 3 weeks ago. But they did it after my 5th day taking antibiotics and all the lesions have dried( but still spreading) and they are all negative, so I don’t know if the result was affected or not as I thought antibiotics would kill the bacterial already?? They did take a swab for inside my nose, a drying patch on my face which showed I had chicken pox ,and a postule on my chin as well. All the tests come back negative. No MRSA presented they told me . I thought I was clear after the course of antibiotics and it was for a week but then the spots come back.
I have read a bit about the cream everyone talking about. After the appointment tomorrow if nothing change then I will buy the cream. But what I’m worrying also is my scalp. As my scalp was affected by the infection as well so it is having a lot of dry flaky patch on there, they are very itchy and I’ve been using anti dandruff shampoo but don’t think it’s improving. :frowning: so what if that thing spread to my scalp then I don’t know how can I use the cream for my scalp then??? I’m really worried if it will take all over my face , scalp and neck.

I’ve never had chicken pox before and its so sad that I caught this thing because of chicken pox

Updating with GP. Doctor said it’s just acne infected . Told me to use benzoyl peroxide 5% once a day and Lymecylkne 408mg and come back at least after a month if it doesn’t improve. Told me it should take least 2 weeks to see improvement. I don’t know if this is a right treatment or not. I told him to refer me to a dermatologist then he just said he couldn’t right now. Gotta see how it goes. I don’t have a choice right now I don’t know what I am going to do. I have the prescription right now but doubting it will help me or not. So stressing

Try dackcort and Zane Hellas wild oregano oil also cut out every bit of sugar seems to feed of sugar my face has been clear for ages now

I can’t find any dackcort what is that? Do you mix the oil with anything ? How did you do it? Thanks

I notice it is on my scalp now. I can see the wet yellowing thing . So stressed out . Anyone have idea what can I do to treat the scalp?

About whether you have the same thing as most of us on this forum have, I want to add that most people have the problem for a long period, like months or years, so it may be too early to say whether you have the same thing. But if rare lesions exactly match with other rare lesions (from a visual perspective), I would expect it to be the same kind of problem.

Benzoyl peroxide, what your doctor advised, may help for some people, as I have seen a few positive reports about it. But it may dry your skin, which could make it worse from that perspective. Maybe combining it with a moisturizer helps?

Oral antibiotics may provide temporary relief, as seen in the reports on this forum.

If it’s getting worse on the treatment of the doctor, I would suggest to go to him/her again even before the recommended end of a month.

Note that there exists an form of Soolantra (topical ivermectin) meant for animals. It’s available without prescription and in liquid form. For more info, see: Does yours spread?

It’s difficult for me to advice against things a doctor recommends, as I’m not a doctor myself, and have far less knowledge about medicine than doctors. So I can only tell my experience and about the experiences that are common on this forum.
For the skin problem this forum is about, it’s important to be gentle for the skin. In my case, anything harsh (even a harsh or dry environment) can cause outbreaks and worsenings (when I had the problem, I’m currently lesion free for about 1.5 year). Hibiscrub (which I also used myself) is a bit harsh, it can easily dry out the skin, making it worse.
This is a bit of a paradox: keeping the skin as clean as possible (with things such as Hibiscrub) removes/reduces bacteria, dirt etc, but on the other hand it dries the skin which makes it dry, thinner and itchy and thus less protected against bacteria. On the other hand there is moisturizing the skin, which makes it easier for the skin to heal itself, but this may also make it easier for bacteria to survive and for dirt to stick.
In my case, moisturizing is better than cleaning the skin. For oozing lesions on the scalp, I would go for a mild treatment: washing it with lukewarm water and a gentle mild shampoo. Using a shampoo every day, could be too harsh.
Also try to avoid scratching lesions/skin.

as what you said it might be too early to diagnose about my case. I think I will follow up the doctor’s advice first and see what will happen in a few weeks. But at least I know I will have another option that I can use soolantra cream if all those treatments are failed. I’m Very glad to find out about the forum. Thank you everyone

You definitely have what we have, but there are ways around it. The suggestion to revamp your diet is wise. Definitely cut out soda, bread, pasta… and anything with added sugar. There are theories that this is tied to diabetes or your body beginning to show signs of diabetes (despite what tests might say). Try different things and see if you can beat it the easy way. If not, we’ll see if Soolantra does the trick for you. Also, if you are getting the outbreaks on your scalp… try different shampoos. For example it took me a long time to realize anything with teatree oil was exacerbating the problem. If I use tea tree shampoo and spend any amount of time in the sun, I’ll have a yellow forest growing on my skull in no time. You really have to examine everything you are eating and using on your body. Best of luck. Again, know that we are here for you.

Sorry havent been on here mine was tinea barbae that is fungal woch gets secondary infected with bacteria get a antifungal cream and pure wild oregano oil mix with coconut oil for skin also take for drops in juice milk ect for times a day worth try worked for me doctors wont do shit apart from fob you off with there shit natural remedies best for every thing good luck

That’s vague. ‘An anti-fungal cream.’ There are hundreds of different ones.

Dackcort but i think oregano oil was the best thing and just wanted to i got this shit of my dog before she had her jabs basically she gave me facial ringworm its tinea looks different on different parts of the body