Anyone know what this is?

I have had this on and off for about 4 years. Ive tried everything: chinese medicine, mora machine, removing foods from my diet.
My moustache area is always yellow and flaky or red.
My chin flares up red from time to time and all the skin around my mouth gets flaky after I eat a meal.

I also get Seb Derm at the top of my forehead (where the hairline meets the forehead), behind the ears, on the back of my arms, knees and ankle area

Any idea what it might be, and how to get rid of it?
Someone has recommended retinol, but im not sure if that would help?

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Not sure if you are in Canada or the states I am in Canada so I tried Rosiver and it worked and still does wonders for me. I have very similar to what you have I believe it is a form of Psoriasis but not positive. I use Rosiver very sparingly and I also apply Mother of all Creams before bed which is a Psoriasis moisturizer It has helped me very much.

I assume you’ve tried moisturizers? Flaky after eating (i.e stretching the skin around your mouth) sounds like classic dry skin. Heavy moisturizers at night might help (eg. cerave in the tub). If you use a thin layer of Vaseline that can help lock the moisture in too.

The yellow I’m less sure about. Do you smoke? It could be that. Otherwise, maybe yeast? Does it itch? Folliculitis pityrosporum (malassezia folliculitis) can cause flaky, itching skin.

Thanks Guys. I think it may have been a cleanser that was giving me an allergic reaction. I binned it and only use jojoba oil on my face. Ive been blemish free since!