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Good evening,
It seems to me that the last publications date from some time ago…
I suffer from the lesions well described on this site (itching - appearance of a swelling like a kind of pimples/peaks followed by a bubble (not always present) with flow of a clear liquid during sometimes a long time. Then a honey yellow or even orange crust is formed.
Sometimes the crust takes a long time to consolidate…to my great despair because it delays the healing.
I managed to get Soolantra, I have been suffering from this problem for a year now and it is only localized on the left side of my chin.
My dermatologist told me to treat only this area…I am doubtful. Do you think I should treat the whole face? I have a few pimples on the rest of my face, but they are mostly related to wearing the mask, which causes irritation.
My lesions are more and more painful with important crust formation…
If the forum is still active, I will post some pictures (not very happy, in the hardest phase) and I will give a little more details.
Being French, I use a translator…(and yes the French are not very good in English lool), I hope the translation will not be too bad
Thank you a thousand times for the creation of this site…it gave me hope, I thought I was the only one suffering from this problem,

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@Seranie welcome! I feel your pain and remember how awful and annoying this can be. Yes, pictures would help us to check whether it looks the same. Did you see the images posted on this site? Do they look the same as your condition? If so, then I’d be pretty confident that Soolantra will help you. If I were you, and if you are reasonably sure that it is the same condition, I would treat the whole face as the directions for the medication indicate. I put 5 small amounts (less than a petit pois :grinning:) on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and then rub in well. I always do after a shower in the evening. You may see things get worse initially. I started to notice things were changing after 2 weeks of daily treatment. After 3-4 weeks of treatment the oozing had stopped for me. After 7 weeks the lesions were so much fewer and after 10 weeks my skin was transformed (no lesions). My 60g tube lasts over a year. Hang in there and let us know how you get on. Take care!

@Seranie …and the translation into English is great. Totally understand everything!

Thank you very much for your answer! I posted a long pavement (sorry…) and put some pictures. I hope it can help other people too.
Curiously in France, no one has created a specific forum…yet I think we are thousands concerned by this problem.
Thanks again for everything