Be careful with cattle pour-on solution - Parkinson's warning

I have been using the cattle-pour on solution for many years and it has been the only thing that has worked for me Rosiver/Soolantra I found was not strong enough
I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinsons - I have no idea if its related, but its possible. There is a correlation between pesticide exposure and Parkinsons.
It wouldnt be from the invermectin itself, which is very safe, but one of the other pesticides in there.

This study says its not the ivermectin but I am posting this to be cautious and give warning
notes that ivermectin is not associated with PD (P-Glycoprotein Transport of Neurotoxic Pesticides - PMC): “Although not linked to Parkinson’s disease, we also screened the neurotoxic pesticide ivermectin since P-gp is thought to play a role in its in vivo brain disposition. Studies that support ivermectin as a P-gp substrate are in mdr1a knockout mice that were more sensitive to ivermectin. Interestingly, there has been little direct in vitro investigation of ivermectin as a P-gp substrate other than a previous study that identified ivermectin as an inhibitor, not a substrate, of P-gp. Our results support these findings. We found that ivermectin is a good inhibitor of P-gp, but that it did not stimulate ATPase activity or contribute to differential cytotoxicity in P-gp–expressing cells, indicating that it was not transported by P-gp. Therefore, the role of P-gp in ivermectin neurotoxicity is likely more complicated than what has been previously predicted and may merit further study .”

I had mainly been using the cattle pour on, topically on my face. I had tried the oral horse paste too. My guess would be the topical pour-on as I used it heavily

Stick with the human versions like Soolantra and Rosiver to be safe. Dont use the catle stuff.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been diagnosed with Parkinsons. And thanks for the advice.

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