'Best of' reviews of Kleen-Free and Invermectin Part I


I am simply cutting and pasting some of the more relevant reviews from these products sold on Amazon.

Kleen-Free Naturally Cleaner, Eliminator, and Laundry Additive, Super Concentrated, 128 fl. oz. (3.784 L)

5.0 out of 5 starsEvery house should have and keep this product.
ByJacqualine.Bon August 13, 2017
Verified Purchase
We had some kind of insect, parasite in our house on our dog on our family. This stuff saved me from wanting to leave my house or burn the whole thing down. I had something I could fight with. Yes you can take a bath or shower with it. It will not harm your skin. I wash my hair with it then wash with a shampoo for moisture. It is a great cleaner and most important, it killed the insect. I will never be without this stuff. You can spray it on anything. Thank you so much. I am a fan.

ByBEA - Devorahon August 7, 2017
Verified Purchase
I look high and low for product review that comparted the, Kleen-Free Naturally to the “other” Kleen Green because the price of the “other” was just too overwhelming to use every day.
I hope this helps.
THIS BRAND - FLEEN-FREE NATURALLY - IS AMAZING! We personally used the “other” brand for 5 months and we failed to rid our hens and our homes and my body of the bird mites whose population exploded this year due to our mild winter and perfect mite environment spring/summer. We bought and we shared with others who also have problems with bugs in their homes like, fleas, scabies, invisable biting mites (bird mites), thrips, and even head lice. IN ONE WEEKS TIMES OF USE… ALL HAVE SEEN AN ENDING CHANGE OR CEASE IN ACTIVITY IN THEIR HOMES.
For almost 6 months now, we have tried everything and had even worked up routines for fighting every known critter that was bothering our community that needed our help. We were able, with premethrin 10%, sulfur soap and paste, Neem oil, and therapeutic Tree Tree OIl bath liquid soap… and borax to put up a good fight and some of us would gain ground only to loose it again.
When we added THIS KEEN-FREE NATURALLY the war was WON!
This is MY experience as I will not speak for the rest so you know this is honest and very personal testimony.
This spring we had a huge wind storm that took down many old and dear trees in our green space or wild environment we keep up for our local birds, and other small animals like squirrels, bunnies, ground hogs, and amphibians. We have so many different kinds of birds, nesting and feeding in this green space that the morning and evening bird songs are deafening… glorious! The rodent population is kept in check by the local fox but even there we have many furry friends as well that we feed.
We did an early April clean up of the fallen trees. There were squirrel/crow nest on the ground, Dove nesting spots were blown apart or blown away all over the area. We dug in a clean up the whole area in one gloriously warm weekend. I was bitten by chiggers on my ankles but “that’s all”… I thought.
Within 3 weeks I was breaking out in rashes all over my body. Deep holes in my skin were appearing. Odd looking stripes of raised flesh like roads seemed to be connecting the dots or open wounds and it got bad, very bad. It then began to affect my scalp. Doctors said it was poison oak. Weeks later they told me I had scratched too much and caused this spread. Days after that, I began to search for a cure the doctors did not have because they did not understand me when I said “I HAVE BUGS CRAWLING UNDER MY SKIN”.
This is what WORKS… NEEM OIL. You must use NEEM oil without stopping because you cannot KILL the mites but you can cause their population to decay and finally go extinct on your body thus extinct in your house too. Neem oil does not kill the mites but when they walk in it, or bite skin that is coated in it, their hormones are affected and their reproduction ability is stopped and the young nymphs will not mature and will soon die. If you use the Neem oil every day, the population will reduce to NOTHING, if you try to kill them, you will fail… Neem oil is your FIRST AND BEST WEAPON to use without fail every day you do not wear the permethrin cream.
Next… BORAX! This stuff is so inexpensive ($4 a box) and you will use a FULL CUP for every normal load when washing your BEDDING and sleeping clothes. BORAX kills mites. Hot water of 130 degrees and a hot dryer for 45 mintues BEFORE the cool down will wipe the mites OUT of that fabric but they can and will be reinfected everyday until the mites are gone… GONE! So borax must be used to wash your entire bed’s bedding everyday so you can SLEEP!
Next… and tied with Neem oil and borax is KLEEN-FREE NATUALLY. Mix 1 ounce of the concentrate to 7 ounces of filtered water if possible, if not use what what you have available, and SPRAY EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE that’s in your house. Have everyone shower or bathe and then dry off, then EVERYONE SPRAYS themselves with this mix and let dry on their bodies. If you are in a hurry just pat dry (no rubbing with the towel only pat dry) and get dressed damp. When every you feel crawly… shower, dry and spray your entire body from top of your head to the soles of your feet and between every toe and everywhere private and don’t forget your armpits. Unlike the “other” stuff, Kleen-Free Naturally does not destroy your hair. It will feel different but once you can return to a normal shampoo like you use to, your hair will be normal. I shampoo with the Tea Tree body wash, then used my conditioner only for those events that I wanted my hair to extra special but for everyday work, I shampoo first with Tea Tree body wash and skip the conditioner and got straight for the spray down and rub in of the Keen-Free Naturally because my scalp was involved and the biting birds mites and burrowed in. Its mange mites that pigs, dogs, rabbits get and die from… serious problem for us too because infection is always possible.
OK… those tree things are a MUST HAVE.
I love sulfur soap and shampoo but BEWARE. Have a “sulfur” towel(s) for when you are drying off after a bath/shower when you are using sulfur on your body and wash that towel SEPARATE from all other things you will wash/dry. Sulfur does NOT rinse out of fabric easily and EXPLODES in smell when dried in a dryer. If you forget, and wash the towel or anything that got sulfur soap on it and you wash/dry it with something else, that something else will stink of sulfur. FYI… sulfur does NOT SMELL until it comes in contact with bacteria or organics. So, you can wash with it and it will not make you stink of sulfur if your body is clean. If you have dry dead skin patches from not regularly bathing or from medical conditions like psoriasis, you and only you will smell a hint of sulfur when you sniff your body and your hair will smell of it too because hair is dead organic growing out of your body. Bathing everyday will stop the smell all together. SULFUR KILLS MITES when the two cross paths. Sulfur dips are used for dogs, pigs and rabbits to kill biting mites but CATS can get very sick from sulfur so a vet must be in control of sulfur use on your cat.
Do you like Chrysanthemums? Those pretty flowers you see in the fall? Permethrin is an oil from this plant: insects HATE Chrysanthemums! Permethrin 10% sold here at Amazon; mix with the same amount of thick creamy body lotion and use as homemade 5% permethrin cream. Cream rinse can also be used. CAT OWNER - PERMETHRIN IS DEADLY TO CATS. If you use this, do NOT let your cat(s0 come in contact with it wet or dry. If you spray it on you, make sure you clean up the area COMPELTELY to avoid your pets demise. I used cream rinse when making cream for my scalp. Type in the words “southern permethrin” and you will find the 10% I used to mix with equal amounts of filtered water OR Gold Bond body lotion, and OR my favorite cream rinse for my scalp. I used 2 tablespoon of body lotion and mixed it with 2 tablespoons of the 10% permethrin. I then put it all over my body. I had sores and rashed and I still put it all over my body including those areas too. Permethrin paralyes the mouth parts of mites and other insects so that cannot bite or burrow into your skin. When they do, they die from starvation and nerve damage. If they die in your skin, you will have a nasty wound and possible deep hole under it from your body trying to fight to get “IT” out. The medical prescription is DIFFICULT to get because of the possibility of over prescription will cause a permethrin resistant mite! The 5% cream has a suggest use of once every 5 days BUT the mite life cycle from egg to burrowing mating mite can be as short as 3 days!! A 5 day cycle allows for the biting mite and or scabies mite 2 days to breed, and or burrow!! For my first time use, I did a head to sole coat than I kept on for the whole day. I showered before bed, and put another coating on and showered in the morning. I understand that many people have jobs so this is where the filtered water mixed with the permethrin works better. Mix a 1/4 cup of filtered or bottled water with 1/4 cup of the permetherin and put in a spray bottle. After your bath/showeer spray your entire body and let dry or pat dry. When you get home, bathe or shower again and put on the 5% lotion.
Now… here’s the HUGE controversial ingredient of my experience. I did tons of research before starting this. I even spoke to hundred, yes hundreds of people who are also doing this. I do not recommend you do it but I did and I’m glad I did. Horse paste for freeing horses of parasites or Ivermectin Paste sold here at Amazon. Ivermectin paste comes in a syring like dispenser where you squeeze out a controversial amount of paste and ingest it everyday for the first week and then every 2 or 3 days the following weeks until the tunneling is gone. I have been taking it for 3 months now and finally the tunnels are coming to the surface, cracking open, and drying up AFTER they are cleaned through normal bathing/showering with Tea Tree body wash.

I will end with my most favorite product besides the Keen-Free Natually and that is THERATREE Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil & Neem 12oz Foot & Body Wash 100% Natural Care. This stuff is a blessing. My body was ravaged with bites and tunnels and pain and soreness and DEPRESSION would over take me. This full body/hair wash not only cleans the wounds and soothes the skin the smell and felling of it in and after the bath/shower is positively wonderful. I felt clean and in control: as if I had a new start and recharge for battle. The funny thing is, my husband who has a wonderful thick hair was getting thin on top. He’s an old dude but it was getting thin and we thought it was age. Now that our house ONLY uses TheraTree, he’s using it too and his hair is coming back. The thinning of men’s hair is ususally demodex mites and TheraTree kills the demodex mites that hide down in the hair folical. With daily use, your skin slowly sheds the dry scalp skin, making the folical pore less deep, thus allowing the Tea Tree and Neem oil to penetrate and fill the folical killing the mite and restoring your hair!
So… that was just oo much info.
I hope someone gets something from this, if it is only to NOT follow another man’s advice without FIRST doing his own research and deciding for yourself WHAT PATH YOU WANT TO TAKE.
Blessing to all you read this… I feel your pain. Mites whether they be biting or scabies are a horrible thing to mentally deal with. Physically its bad but mentally it will drive you into a depression that… well… its bad and there is hope and there is an END to it. NEEM OIL people… stop the natural population explosion and you will win the battle. TheraTree Neem Oil is wonderful too but Neem Oil… extinction!

Spray Kleen-Free Naturally EVERYWHERE and when everything is GONE, do it weekly to keep your house clean and free naturally.
Our hens have no mites! Our cats have no bugs or ear mites when we use a few drops in their ears. A woman, whom we gave some to, had an old rug in the house she was leasing, She sprayed her rug every night before bed, then would wake and vacuum, and spray again and vacuum a few minutes later. After only ONE WEEK here old, dirty rug is VISIBLEY CLEANER and smells and feels clean. It is still worn badly but the vacuum brushes on the damp, Keen-Free Natualy sprayed carpet has been scrubbed cleaner by the process! Now she is cleaning everything with it and her emotional boost has her feeling in control again… and clean! And… this unlike the “other” brand is more affordable because it costs less but mostly because IT WORKS in one week! You are not using gallons of it as I did with the “other” brand. Now, that the battle is won, I can just spray once a week or when needed. Toda raba Aba! Thank you for guiding US to Keen-Free Naturally: its less expensive than the “other” and it WORKS INSTANTLY TO save us from this horror.

5.0 out of 5 starsGraphic Review
Bylifeluvron February 7, 2017
Verified Purchase
I searched this product looking for a natural clothes washing and house cleaning alternative that might help my kitty’s possible allergies. What surprise to see that people were using it for mite related infestations, which I’ve had some 3 yrs now! I chose to add 2+ cups into a very full large tub and soak for some 40 minutes. Loved it. Next day I noticed a fine residue left in the tub and took a paper towel and water to wipe it all out. As I carefully went to throw the paper towel out I suddenly felt the recognizable “prickles” on my nose and cheeks–a sign I’ve learned that means a bunch of mites are biting my skin. Went for the alcohol immediately. So Kleen-Free didn’t kill them all and I’ll use gloves and alcohol or bleach after my next bath. I’ve already ordered a second gallon as I’ll be using this for me and the laundry. Thank you to all the previous reviewers who bared their distress and misery for a problem that Doctors seem to want to ignore, or tell you it’s all in your head.

5.0 out of 5 starsGot bird mites? Buy Kleen-Free!
ByRebaShuon September 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love this product. Purchased after scouring reviews by people suffering from bird mite infestations. Since it is a natural, non-chemical product, you can feel comfortable using it liberally in many, many applications. I’ve even sprayed it (diluted, as directed) directly on my skin when I thought I felt bird mites biting me. Be aware that for bird mites & other pest problems, the dilution should be 3 water to 1 Kleen-Free (a bit stronger than the regular cleaning dilution). Also, if you use this in your laundry, keep in mind that you’ll “cook” the enzymes if you wash in hot water, making them less effective. Not saying don’t use it in laundry, just use warm water or start with hot & let clothes soak till the water cools down before adding Kleen-Free. I think I am nearly free of bird mites… But I will continue to buy & use Kleen-Free Cleaner going forward, simply because it is a great product.

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat stuff
Byresilienceon November 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
This stuff is great. Washed the dog the other day, she was just so stinky. Put some in a small pool and used a bucket to pour diluted solution over the dog and work it into her fur. Let it set for 10 minutes then rinsed it off. She did not smell any more. Crazy thing I did was pour one capful down drain and it actually unclogged it. I believe it was a grease clog and the enzymes ate right through them. I use is mostly in the washer with sheets to keep clean and smelling good.

ut of 5 starsThe product saves my life!
ByPan Guon April 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
The product save my family life! It cured scabies! Thank you and thank god! We caught scabies from I don’t know where and we suffered a couple of months and tried every I can find to put on our skins. Even bleach!

scabies the monsters they never went away until I find this on amazon. Work like a magic. Just mix it half and half with your favorite skin lotion. In this way it works best and you save a lot of money. And I mix it with water and spray all over my home (bed, couch, carpet, wall, everywhere), better use a mask. We are cured after 50 days. Keep using the lotion mix on my kids every 2-3 days to make sure. Thank you for ending the nightmare. Wish everybody knows it!

5.0 out of 5 starslife saver
ByJESSICA DURHAMon January 10, 2015
The only thing that works for scabies/morgellons. I mix half solution half water and spray it on our bodies after bath and air dry, no towel daily. I leave the mixture in hair once a week. Tho ONLY thing that works. And we tried it all. I don’t even write reviews but I will for this. If you are itching every day and night relentlessly and have no idea why, get this stuff.

5.0 out of 5 starsSCABIES + THEIR EGGS KILLER 100%
ByCaliGirlon December 27, 2014
My family and I used this product for scabies. This stuff worked its magic. We bathed in it every day for the first week. I also washed all our clothes with it and sprayed down all of our furniture and carpeted areas. You’ll also need to vacuum everyday for the first week and empty or throw out the bag immediately after vacuuming. The scabies were gone, but still had itching for about two weeks to a month afterwards. If you read any reviews saying this product doesn’t work, their probably doing it wrong like not cleaning properly… I have OCD so cleaning to me is nothing, but for those that aren’t so clean. If you have scabies and really want to get rid of them I’d say just go ahead and fight those irritating scabies out of your life for good! We ordered more to have around the house just incase. I spray all of the furniture every 2 weeks because once you get it it’s now easier to catch it again. KEY WORD: Cleaning

5.0 out of 5 starskills scabies
Bycleaneron September 20, 2014
Verified Purchase
oh my god if u have scabies this is the stuff to get. I’ve been suffering for 4 months went to the doctor twice no help ! This is the only product that works spay house daily bed pillows, furniture also its been about 10 days and have a dramatic difference also bathe daily with 8 ounces and wash with 4 ounces in hot water u will see it works !

f 5 starsHope this helps
ByCarson July 13, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is truly the miracle cure for all infestations. The key is, bathe twice daily with 8oz of Kleen Free in hot water, wash all clothes and linens in hot water with detergent and 1 cup Borax daily. Vacuum floors, and wipe down everything you touch with Windex daily until you have no symptoms for 1 month. Remember this, if you don’t seal your mattress and box spring and pillows in mite proof bags, don’t bother undertaking the trouble to rid yourself of anything. BTW don’t listen to doctors they DO infest the scalp!

5.0 out of 5 starsSuccess With Kleen-Free Naturally Frees Texas Family from Scourge!
ByR Wagneron December 5, 2012
In 2003 - 06, I visited out of town friends at their motel room in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area where I reside. I didn’t know then, but realized within a few weeks I had contacted an invisible form of mite now known as Morgellon’s disease(circa the mid-1500’s as initial historical records).
I tried everything, including prescription Pyrethrins Cream (twice), Turpentine(nearly killed myself from inhalation!), PineSol(everything in house AND clothing), Sulphur in the wash(won’t come out), threw out clothing & bedding, & all of which doesn’t work! I’ve chemically burned, scorched, physically scraped, abraded, & scratched my hide so badly I may never get rid of some of the scars. So finally, with at least 6 months of sleeplessness, itching, insomnia, hallucinations, daily cleaning, scouring, washing & vaccuuming of anything and everything from floors, furniture, pillows, clothing, my body, and my poor pets(I had 2 cats & the roommate had 3 dogs), I went holistic & researched origins on the Internet & historical documents. I thought I was going crazy, & the medical-based establishment tried to tell me my problem was psychological! I had even covered everything I slept or sat on with vinyl mattress covers!
When I read of other’s stories, from Miami to Dallas to San Antonio (whole school closings because of Morgellons!) to (the worst-infected southern city) San Francisco, I knew that I wasn’t crazy ~ there was no rhyme or reason to this scourge I could find. I was mystified; as a mother & college-student who keeps a very clean house, I still faced the stigma of losing all but the closest of friends & family, my schooling, & also wished secretly to kill myself!
‘Kleen-Free Naturally’ Enzyme Liquid is the relief that finally saved my life. I found it on the internet looking for Morgellons Mite remedies. I ordered Kleen-Free Naturally & anxiously awaited it’s arrival (7-10 days for shipment).
I sprayed Kleen-Free Naturally on already vaccuumed furniture & floors, used it in the wash(1/2 cup), & took 1/2 hour baths submerged in extremely hot water(forces the mite out of the skin) with at least 6-8 ounces of Kleen free in it(once every 2-3 days). I was SO IMPRESSED! For the 1st time in many months, I was able to sleep through the night without getting bitten. I learned to spray down my body & hair with a qt.-bottle of clean water with 4oz. of Kleen-Free mixed in it, allowing it to dry onto my skin before dressing. I learned the life-cycle of the Morgellons Mite (replicates in 7-10 days with a bloodmeal), & learned to take the hot baths at 4am and 4pm (before they surface to bite & feed at dawn & dusk), which coats human skin with the enzyme which kills the mite & they don’t bite. Within 2-4 weeks I had this serious infestation whipped. Whenever I felt the skin-crawling start, I got home as quickly as possible & would take a hot bath with Kleen-Free Naturally!
I went through 3 gallons of Kleen-Free Naturally (this is Organic and 10-times cheaper than medical or exterminator costs) & at least 2 more years of skin-crawling clean-o-phobia, using sterile procedures (as much as humanly possible) before relaxing my vigil, always with a gallon-sized bottle of Kleen-Free nearby. I learned that 20-Mule-Team Borax works with the clothing(hot water, detergent-cup, Borax-same cup, then rerinsing with 1/2-cup Borax), Diatomaceous Earth ‘whitecoating’ the house (vaccuumed up after 48-72 hrs), then re-treating with Kleen-Free spray works for mattresses & furniture, safely. I also made improvements in my diet, using a macrobiotic diet with occasional clean lean meats & lots of green leafy vegetables & colorful fruits. I also made sure to get Probiotics & Enzymes into my diet, and cut out all caffeine, sugars, & most processed foodstuffs.
I even reported this incident to Dr. Randy Wymore of Oklahoma State University who was “reportedly” performing a study on Morgellons, but I never got a response or thanks from him for a solution to this serious issue.
I hope many people read of this success with Kleen-Free Naturally (Organic & Safe) Concentrated Liquid & benefit from it! Please know there IS a way out of issues with mites that may impact your life: Kleen-Free is a Valuable Tool in that fight! Bright Blessings!

Living with an oozing face is disgusting

Part II…

Ivermectin Paste Dewormer - 6.08g dose @ 1.87% Apple Flavor

.0 out of 5 starsIf you are a human with scabies, READ THIS
October 20, 2015
Size: 6.08 Gram|Verified Purchase
I am a 46 year old female who had scabies and my 44 year old husband was infected also. After approximately 5 LONG, excruciating months of 2 ER visits, 3 MedPoint visits (the initial MedPoint visit resulted in an inaccurate diagnosis of a skin dermatitis along with an outlandish expensive prescription of steroid cream that horrifically accelerated the scabies - putting scabies on steroids is REALLY not good), multiple Doctor prescribed permethrin applications…which did nothing… we then resorted to sulfur dips, wrapping our bodies in Saran Wrap after a bleach bath, peroxide application, rubbing alcohol application, and application of a mixture of grapeseed oil, clove EO, lemongrass EO, tea tree EO, neem oil, 10% permethrin insecticide. We covered our furniture and home with DE. We treated our 2 cats for scabies (which included months of boarding them so we would not have to give them up, as we had read so many instances of re-infection caused by pets). We were spraying our bodies with Lysol disinfectant at the sight of a track formation. We were bathing with a mixture of Kleen Green, the same essential oils mentioned previously mixed with expensive anti-fungal body wash. We were using neem soap religiously, ingesting neem oil and neem supplements, taking immune system boosting supplements… Approximately $8,000 or more later out of pocket expenses (NOT including ER visits, which we basically are refusing to pay because the ER Doctors at South Bend Memorial don’t care and know nothing about scabies…we discovered), I read here on Amazon of other individuals who had success treating their scabies and we finally had reached the point of resorting to ordering it, as no doctor would prescribe the human form of Ivermectin - EVEN UPON REQUEST. I can tell you that I sincerely thank those individuals that spoke of their success on Amazon. Within just days after use - my husband and I chose to do the 250 lb dosage each day (our actual weights are approximately him at 165 and myself at 110), the scabies were GONE for good just 5 days or less later and we had stopped all the crazed freezing of our keys, wallets, jewelry, etc… each night along with the meticulous Lysol spraying of anything we touched, the rubbing alcohol and bleach spraying of daily changed fresh bedsheets.

So, to close this review off… If you have scabies, do nothing else but order this inexpensive product and get your sanity and life back as fast as humanly possible within just days with this inexpensive, quick to receive product. Side effects: NONE, except actually finally getting rid of scabies.

Scabies gone for good!!!
August 3, 2015
Size: 6.08 Gram|Verified Purchase
After wasting tons of money on neem oil, tea tree oil, rid shampoo, nix shampoo, sulphur soap…name it, I tried it- taking this once a week for 3 weeks along with my own homemade Permethrin cream using the Martin’s brand (I only used the cream with my first dose of Ivermectin paste) my scabies are finally gone. I even stopped with the daily washing and drying all my bedding, clothes etc. THIS STUFF WORKS! I had no reaction to it other than it tastes nasty. Just squeeze the proper dosage out on your finger and take it like a pill with lots of water. Trust me, I was in tears from the daily itching, cleaning, isolation, etc. This is the only way to be rid of the pest unless you can get a doctor to prescribe the ivermectin pill. I wish I had known before all the wasted time and money.

t of 5 starsThis gets rid of human scabies
December 16, 2016
Verified Purchase
Christine wrote a very helpful review, and I don’t mean to knock it in any way, but it’s important to understand that the Ivermectin paste by itself may not work, if you don’t do everything else to help make sure it does. First of all, depending on how serious your case is, you have to make sure you’re taking enough of it. I started out taking the dose for a 250 lb. horse every day for five days, like Christine says she and her husband did. I noticed an effect, but my scabies flared right back up again, as soon as the syringe was gone. Since this stuff could possibly kill you if you take too much, and since we obviously can’t depend on doctors anymore unless we’re lucky, I didn’t know how much I could take, safely. To help me figure it out, since Christine said she was successful with it, and since she said she only weighs 110 pounds, I used a calculator to determine that she was taking a dose that was approx. 225% the amount for her weight. I weigh 185 lbs., so I multiplied 185 x 225%, and determined I could take enough for a 416 lb. horse, and not be taking anymore for my body weight than Christine did. So, to keep it simple, I just took a double dose every day, i.e., two 250 lb. markers’ worth, on the syringe plunger. Again, it depends on your body weight, and how serious your case is. I’ve had scabies for 20 years or more, starting when I was in my twenties, when I first noticed what looked like stretch marks, on the backs of my thighs. I went to a doctor, but he misdiagnosed it, saying it was an allergic reaction to my laundry detergent. Since that was wrong, I’ve had it all this time, not knowing what it is, until recently. The itch from mine was fairly mild, and I got used to it after awhile, figuring I just had dry skin. And since I don’t normally look at the backs of my thighs, I didn’t know how bad it was getting, until recently. On both legs, I’ve got multiple streaks going from the insides of my thighs to my butt cheeks, so, I’ve since learned to pay very close attention to any itching I feel down there (and anywhere else on my body.) The increased dose of Ivermectin paste has me feeling comfortable and itch free now, but it has taken a sustained effort, three whole syringes used in a week, coupled with keeping myself covered from head to toe in my own homemade Permethrin lotion (50-50 mixture of Martin’s 10% Permethrin concentrate, with Vaseline Intensive Care “Essential Healing” lotion). It’s probably not necessary to keep yourself covered in this relatively mild poison every day for a week, especially if you’re taking enough of the Ivermectin paste, but once you declare war on these mites, be aware that they are going to fight back, and if you don’t overwhelm them, you’ll make the problem worse. The Ivermectin stops them from breeding under your skin, the poison lotion kills them on the surface when they get on you from your environment, and last but definitely not least, YOU MUST KEEP YOUR ENVIRONMENT CLEAN. Vacuum your bedroom with moth ball chips in the vacuum bag, wash your bed linens once a week, and on the days in between, put them in the clothes dryer on HIGH for thirty minutes, with a wet rag in there, for moisture. Put your pillows in the dryer too, using high heat for no less than twenty minutes. You also need to make sure you disinfect your mattress and boxsprings with 91% isopropyl alcohol, using a good quality spray bottle, every single day when you strip your bed, until you’re sure you’re cured. Wear clean clothes every single day, and pay attention to what you’re doing, so you don’t spread the mites and simply keep contaminating yourself. The CDC says they can live off of the body in your environment for as long as three days, so if you don’t keep your environment clean, they can get right back on you, and if you’re edible for only one day during treatment, they get a whole new three days to live, if they get back off of you and you don’t clean up your environment. Make no mistake: scabies ain’t no joke, and you have to be very thorough and very persistent with your hygiene and your house cleaning, if you expect to win. Use 10% sulfur soap when you bathe, never wear the same clothes twice without washing them, (including your sweater or your jacket, which you can simply throw in the dryer for thirty minutes. Spray your shoes and house slippers with alcohol before you put them on). The ivermectin paste is a key component though, because if you don’t stop those mama mites from laying eggs under your skin, nothing else you do is going to work. Use it at your own risk, but again, I’ve taken more than 225% of my body weight’s worth, every day for a week, using up three whole tubes of it in that amount of time, and not suffered any major side effects. The only thing I’ve felt is a little light-headedness when I first wake up in the morning, but this clears up, after I get up and get my coffee. Oh yeah, one more thing: the mites love sugar, so stay completely away from refined sugar and man-made sweets, during treatment. I drink only fresh coffee, which doesn’t taste bad, with nothing in it at all. I’m not sure if I’m completely cured yet or not, but Amazon is providing the tools and materials, and this is working.

out of 5 starsI Had An Itch, Seven Year Itch, A Severe Itch (To the rhythm of Velvet Itch by Bass Drom Of Death)
ByJames Mickanenon February 7, 2018
Size: 6.08 Gram|Verified Purchase
What I like most about this product is that it killed the infestation (scabies, there I said it). The price was far more reasoreasonable than what a doctor would prescribe and easily obtainable. Ofcoarse, I do not recommend any one do what I have done. I did some research first and learned how to properly dose oneself. I have not experienced this but they say if you take too much there are some side effects. But they go away given enough time. Again, I wouldn’t recommend anyone taking this unless you have done some research on ivermectin treatment for scabies. You may learn a fun fact like horse and human livers can digest ivermectin but cats cannot. 10% Permethrin mixed with equal parts of your preferred lotion is another cheap and hassle free way to obtain the medicines most commonly recommend for treating a scabies infestation.

5.0 out of 5 starsgets rid of scabies!
ByCarolinaon February 5, 2018
Size: 6.08 Gram|Verified Purchase
I unfortunately found out I had scabies and was freaked because I knew nothing about how to get rid of them. I went to the doctor and was prescribed the permethrin cream which did nothing but cause me to itch more! finally, I went on amazon and found this product and ordered it, I was skeptical at first, but after a week I noticed my scabies going away and my skin going back to normal, after 2 weeks (2 doses) of this stuff I was cured! to use, I just ingested 1/4 of the tube once a week for 2 weeks (so half the gel) and that was it! I calculated it based on my weight so if you’re around 135 that should work fine!

5.0 out of 5 starsthe flavor’s not so hot. I like the taste of the injectable better but DOES IT WORK!
ByMargo J. Alyon December 29, 2016
Size: 3-Pack|Verified Purchase
I have had a hellacious case of scabies. Don’t know where they came from as I live alone, am old, never have company or come into contact with kids or people in hospitals etc where its easily picked up.

Am a huge do-it-yourselfer as I have been a chemist, lab tech, vet tech and Rx tech and what the pharmacy charges for the scabies (Elimite) cream is a crock!! I made my own with a bottle of 10% Martins permethrin diluted in half with water. I did the same for the shampoo but did not use water as the diluent. Used my regular shampoo. Finally used it full strength and left it on overnight.

It was helping but NOT fast enough and I was getting new areas of infestation. So I did more research and found out people were using Ivermectin…either the 1.87% paste or the 1% inj. There is a tablet made for humans of ivermectin but I have a feeling its very expensive and trying to get a MD to Rx it would be like trying to turn water into gold…another reason I do stuff myself. No back talk from the Docs and I can bypass your local pharmacy.

I had some 1% left over from when my dog had demodex mange. NOTHING helped and I read up on it and that’s what the vet uses for BG BUCKS. So I figured out the dose and in 3 weeks it was gone. Didn’t use much so I thought Ill try the injectable by taking it orally.

Found the dosing chart. Also people said and I knew this that you HAVE to treat clothing, linens other people in the household etc at the same time. I washed everything in HOT water and 1 c of borax which is a bug killer…not a nuke but it does kill. I also bathed in 2 c of borax each night to kill any mites on the skin. And vacuum everyday!

Ran out of the injectable and ordered the paste…thought it might taste better. Its not all,that. A tad bitter with essence of apple flavor. I liked the taste of the injectable better. Also people said the price on the paste was better…MMMehhh. I don’t know.

But the bottom line is IVERMECTIN IS WORKING VERY WELL!!! Now you CANNOT USE THIS ON old people, ill people, people wit liver disease as that’s the organ through which its cleared and the immune compromised and ypud better do your research about dosing. Some people use this once a week for 3-5 weeks. Some use it every 5 days and get a 2 day rest and I am using it daily until I am done with the 1st syringe of the paste. I ordered 3 syringes. and probably used the balance of my ivermec inj for 6 days til I ran out. So my total days of ivermec dosing will be around 12-13.

The seller IS fantastic. Very fast response for sending as well as answering questions.

Works well for severe Rosacea on my face, and of course, your results may vary. I have SEVERE Rosacea, and have had plastic surgery to remove the extra tissue that had built up.

For 8 weeks I applied the Ivermectin paste undiluted, 3X/day, but still got some cystic acne (underground zits), and noticeable redness where I applied the paste.

In the past I had used Puritan Retinol Cream, by itself, to help heal boils. It helps bring them to the surface, to where they’re more exposed and can open up and drain.

Decided to mix the two. Bought some fresh Puritan Retinol Cream here on Amazon, mixed them, and have applied that for 4 weeks now, 3X/day. Still a teeny bit of redness, but 98% cure rate of the puss-filled pores, and no underground zits. Fantastic!

Have not tried Soolantra (prescription 1% Ivermectin cream for humans), and intend to someday, but wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t work as well.

To combine them, I used a pocket digital scale with .01g resolution, a popsicle stick, and a small plastic container with a lid. Mixed 100 parts Ivermectin paste to 87 parts Retinol Cream to yield 1% Ivermectin. Stirred very thoroughly.

0 out of 5 starsExcellent treatment for scabies
ByFrank Caroneon February 5, 2017
Verified Purchase
Excellent treatment for scabies. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to find a cure. Topical treatments like Permethrin didn’t do it. You need a systemic treatment like this one. This is the only effective treatment, I have tried many. I used a 200 lbs. dose twice, 2 days apart, then waited a week and repeated it. No side effects, No more rash or itching. BTW I am a 176 Lbs horse…Neigh-Whinny-Whinny-Snort!

5.0 out of 5 starsWorked for Me
ByNozamaon April 13, 2015
Size: 6.08 Gram|Verified Purchase
I am not recommending anyone else do this, but I used paste this on my own face, to treat a mild case of rosacea. Topical ivermectin for rosacea (which only affects humans) is now available with a prescription, though in a lower strength (1% vs the 1.87% in this horse medicine). Close enough! I used it for a couple of weeks, and my rosacea is gone. I am not suggesting anyone else do this–and in fact, I should advise that you check with your physician before undertaking any treatment. Most people would probably say what I did is crazy. I’m sure almost every dermatologist would say it’s a terrible idea and that you should go see one of them instead.

All I’m saying is, I bought this this horsey oil for $6 and slathered it on my mug every day. My rosacea went away. Could be a coincidence. But I like not having to pay some smug millionaire dermatolgist or feed the coffers of Big Pharma. It does smell like apple Chap Stik and is quite greasy, so I could only do this before bedtime. My wife now calls me “horsey face,” but I regret nothing!

5.0 out of 5 starsMiracle for human scabies
ByAlexison February 16, 2017
Size: 3-Pack|Verified Purchase
Out of utter desperation, my husband and I took this horse paste every 4 days for a little over a month and we are FINALLY scabies-free! I took the 100 pound dose and he took the 150 pound dose. No side effects. Can’t believe it was so affordable after spending hundreds of dollars at doctors and pharmacies (for permethrin cream prescriptions). Stick with this medicine, and wash and dry your towels, bedding, and clothes on hot each day. Also vacuum regularly, cover your furniture/mattresses with vinyl, and keep spray bottles of rubbing alcohol in every room of your house, work, and even your vehicles. Disinfect every surface and your hands with alcohol constantly. Put shoes, purses, wallets, belts, jewelry, and makeup in the freezer after using each day and leave for a full 12 hours. Put your pillows through the dryer on hot for 30 min each day. You may feel like you’ll never get rid of scabies, but you can if you are diligent. BTW, we kept up the sanitation and washing of towels and bedding for a full 10 days after symptoms had gone, just for good measure.

ByAmazon Customeron May 11, 2017
Size: 3-Pack|Verified Purchase

  • It’s not FDA approved for people, but there are no identifiable ingredients that would make it specifically toxic.
  • Do NOT take more than a 250lb hourse dose for ANY reason whatsoever (this is around 2x the prescribed dose you should be taking if you weigh 160lbs, so you should never need more if you weigh below 320lbs) or it could make you very ill/be fatal.
  • Do NOT consume more than every other day. The Scabies reproduction cycle is 3-4 days, so you won’t be accomplishing anything by taking it every day, and you’ll have an increased risk of an adverse reaction.
  • It tastes absolutely dreadful and the paste sticks to your mouth- make sure you have plenty of water/flavored drink nearby.
  • Have your phone or a friend close by in case of allergic reaction.

starsWorked great for me.
ByNatalya the Spyon September 5, 2017
Size: 6.08 Gram|Verified Purchase
I know this is horse paste, but I used it for myself. I got a TERRIBLE case of Norwegian Crusted Scabies from a patient at work. His case was incredibly severe as he had been misdiagnosed for a long time. By the time I was exposed to him, he looked like he had severe full- body eczema. It wasn’t until the staff started breaking out that we figured it something was wrong. Even then, the dermatology department AND infectious disease misdiagnosed it repeatedly. Norwegian Crusted Scabies do not present liked typical scabies. However, once dermatology was FORCED to do a skin scraping, it was obviously scabies. I say forced because they were “sure” it wasn’t scabies.

At any rate, the permethrin cream I did twice didn’t work because they had gone onto my head. I insisted on getting ivermectin. I took two doses, but I think it either wasn’t enough or I reinfected myself. Either way, I got this stuff and it finally did the trick.

Keep in mind that you will keep scratching even after the mites are dead. For up to 6 weeks, even. You may even break out a little more as the bugs die under your skin. That doesn’t mean the treatment didn’t work. You just have to give it time.

Good luck.

3.0 out of 5 starsBe careful. I got dizziness from this.
ByA. Newmanon October 14, 2016
I got scabies once in 1999 and got rid of it in one shot with benzyl benzoate. However the scabies that are around now appear to be completely psycho compared to those ones…
Out of desperation, after fighting scabies tooth and nail with everything under the sun for 2 months, I resorted to this Ivermectin paste. Following the report of the person who took a 250lb dose for 5 days, I took 200-250lb doses (I am 160lb male) once per day for several days. First day, fine. However, second day, I got a bit dizzy and a tiny bit drowsy. It was mildly unpleasant and persisted for a few hours, then subsided.
On at least one other occasion however, the dizziness was quite unpleasant, came on very suddenly and was somewhat alarming, making me think “am I going to be ok? What if I faint?” The dizziness led me to the conclusion that I would not drive my car as I didn’t feel completely safe to drive.
I continued determinedly however, taking daily doses - and it appeared to “make a big dent” in the scabies i.e. 75% better. But did not get rid of them. I cannot believe this. Ivermectin helped. Benzyl Benzoate helped (but trashed my skin). But they just will not die. After 12 days of Ivermectin (!!) - almost 3 tubes - I thought I’d better stop before this hurts me. Still have scabies. :frowning: I’ve also been going completely nuts with daily laundry, disinfecting everything etc. Clothes dried on hot for 4 hours, then left for a week, then put in the deep freeze overnight before wearing, everything I touch including computer keyboard sprayed with 91% isopropyl alcohol, shoes blasted with UVC light, mattress and chairs wrapped in plastic, etc etc etc. What next? I even tried permethrin combined with exponent synergist and orange oil (limonene for stronger skin absorption) but that was definitely having toxic effects and I had to stop.
I do not think that all of this medicine is clear from your system after 24 hours, so if you take another dose second day, it appears you will end up with a higher amount in your system. My suggestion (NOT medical advice, I am not a medical professional) would be to wait at least 2 days before doing another round, and to stick to your body weight dose.
My final thought on Ivermectin is this: Ivermectin attacks scabies “from the inside” but might be best combined with one of the topical treatments to get the critters on or near the surface.
I have also read that ivermectin interacts with grapefruit juice and so this should be avoided if you are taking it.

5.0 out of 5 starsHave ROSACEA!!
ByAmazon Customeron September 4, 2017
Size: 3-Pack
I have type 2 rosacea (papulopostular). I had bumps allover my face. After trying multiple remedies, I came across this paste.
I used it topically on a daily basis and 90% of my rosacea cleared up within a month.
I still use it every 5-10 days.
It has the same antibiotic ingredient of the medical cream but way cheaper.
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AMS3 months ago
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My dermatologist suggested cutting the paste 50/50 with CeraVe moisturising lotion in place of the prescription cream that my insurance wouldn’t cover.
5.0 out of 5 starsRosacea help but ask your Dr.
ByRobrooks7on April 4, 2017
Size: 6.08 Gram|Verified Purchase
In the last couple of years my rosacea has gotten out of control. I thought I was going to be dealing with the looks and questions about my face for the rest of my life. Through much research online, I read stories about Ivermectin helping rosacea sufferers. There is a prescription cream called Soolantra. 1% ivermectin for rosacea. The only problem, it’s very expensive, plus my medical provider will not pay for it. Long story short, 2 weeks of topical use on my face with ivermectin paste dewormer, and my rosacea was gone. No more Doxycycline, no more Metro gel. I told my Dr about the ivermectin, and he thanked me for sharing my experience and said he had no problem if I continued using it topically, but not to ingest it. I know some people do ingest it but I will stick with my Dr’s orders. I am not recommending for anyone to try what I have done, but talk to your Dr. I would use the Soolantra if I could afford it. This horse wormer has the same active ingredient but in a higher percentage. 1.87% compared to Soolantras 1% . I use a very light amount on my face because it feels very greasy. Also it has a mild apple scent which seems to diminish. No one has ever said, “you smell like apples” or “your face looks greasy.” My skin hasn’t felt this soft in years. Evidently, rosacea sufferers have an increased number of Demodex mites on their face which exasperates the condition. Supposedly, everyone has these microscopic mites but not the increased number. One tube lasts me about 3 weeks. I can again eat spicy food, drink red wine within reason which are no no’s for rosacea sufferers. Please ask your Dr’s advice on this first. I am a believer, and walking proof. My life is changed. This is not snake oil. Do your research first. Get Dr approval.
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Robrooks78 months agoIn reply toan earlier post
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Yes applied straight to the skin right from the tube. Very sparingly because a little goes a long way. I only did this because my Dr. said it was safe. Do not mix with other creams.