Can someone help me please

Please can someone help me

hi, help with what? Do you have oozing yellow crusting lessions on the face?

I’m not entirely sure what I have, I’ve got a derm appointment in 4 weeks this is my head, it’s got all little bumps on and some have little crusts of yellow on

Is it similar to the photos here? What does it look like? (photos)
Feel free to upload a photo if you want to.

please help me

What do you mean ‘Please help me’? Read the posts on this website and you’ll see how people have dealt with their similar issues.

There’s not even a medical name for the condition that we have experienced. It’s difficult to know what will work for you. People try all sorts of different things from diet to topical treatments. I’ve tried many things and what worked best for me is rosiver cream which is ivermectin. It’s an anti parisitic. I hardly ever get a spot or bump these days and they never ooze or crust over any more. I think my issue was caused by demodex mites. Stay positive. You will find something that works for you.

Looking at your photo, it is difficult for me to see whether it contains oozing yellow crusting lessions, such as listed here: What does it look like? (photos) Do these photos look similar to your problem?
At the moment, it looks more like acne to me. (If that is the case, you could also try, a great resource for acne.)