Cattle medicine is more potent


Hi all,
I haven’t had an outbreak since last October, when I was infected for over 4 months… the longest I had ever been

Well I went to bed with an itchy red spot earlier this week, and of course, woke up with The Disease in one spot.
I immediately went to work applying Rosiver (Canadian version of Soolantra) to the spot. I basically spent half the day with cream on the spot, and the other half with it all over my face to prevent spread.
I woke up the next day with an itchy red spot on the opposite cheek the next day.
so I immediately hit it with the Cattle pour-on off of Amazon.
It immediately started working, halting the spread, drying it all out, and prevent further oozing.

its also cheaper. About $60 CAD for cattle stuff, and $300 CAD for Rosiver. Not to mention Rosiver requires a prescription.

NOTE: The cattle stuff says “warning: not for use on humans”. Anyone have any insight on this?

I was also reading that Ivermectin can be taken orally. Anyone have any experience?


Hi p1r473,
Maybe the start of Soolantra after some time off, could trigger a new temporary breakout, causing the second lesion. But could ofcourse also be unrelated to Soolantra.
I also wonder whether this time of the year (winter, with dry air and low humidity) could increase the risk of getting lesions.

The warning message could be for legal reasons. Soolantra/ivermectin is a medicine that is usually only available with a prescription. It probably cannot be sold legally for human usage without prescription, but for animals it can. So the manufacturer is maybe required to put such warning messages and animal logo’s on the package.
But apart from that, Soolantra also warns about avoiding eye, mouth and inside the nose regions. A very liquid topical such as Catttle Pour-on could reach those regions more easily, which may be another reason for the warning. Also, the dose could be higher than tested on humans. And Soolantra probably has some kind of a patent for the usage of topical ivermectin on humans.

Some users here have used the oral form of ivermectin, but usually taken together with Soolantra, which makes it difficult to determine its efficiency. But looking at the known efficiency of Soolantra in other users here, and the possible side effects of oral ivermectin, I wouldn’t try it unless Soolantra (and Sudocrem) have not much effect.
(Apart from oral ivermectin, oral metronidazole may also have similar effects, but is probably more serious in side effects.)