The only thing that keeps me from looking like a leper is Soolantra. It has given me my life back.
I apply a very tiny amount every other day and it lasts 18+ months. The prescription costs $400 since insurance doesn’t cover it because they claim it’s ‘cosmetic.’

A long time ago, I discovered my body didn’t tolerate citrus very well. For many years I didn’t eat any fruit at all. Lately I’ve begun eating bananas. Then a few weeks ago, I got sick and started loading up on citrus like oranges, lemons and grapefruits.

Soolantra prevents me from having any breakouts whatsoever. However, when I was consuming lots of citrus I did start breaking out despite the Soolantra shield on my face. And I broke out in strange areas, like under my chin, in the shaving area. I also noticed that this short period of eating citrus made my eyelid skin feel weaker… like there was a lot more friction when I would open and shut my eyes. And I got more sties than normal during this time.

So, that’s me. Citrus apparently does create some issue with me. the effect is strong enough that even Soolantra can’t guard me against it 100%

At least I can eat bananas though!

When you peel an orange skin, it releases some acidic orange drops in the air. Could it be that those air drops did harm your skin?

No, definitely from ingestion. I have the same issue with tomatoes as well.