Corona cured me sort of

I’ve been ooze free for three months without using Soolantra (Rosiver). Previously, I couldn’t get three days without it until the ninja turtles ooze came back.

After losing my job from corona virus outbreak, I stopped washing my face. I don’t apply lotion. I’ll wash the rest of my body, but not my face. Also, I cut out fruit. Sometimes I’ll have an apple, but never more than that. Also, I don’t touch tomatoes, avocados, or chocolate. But all those restrictions were in place before all this.

The only thing that changed was me not washing my face anymore and putting lotion on. Regulary, I require lotion otherwise my face will peel off after a shower. 1. I live in Vegas. 2. my skin is extremely EXTREMELY dry and will flake off.

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but this is many more weeks down the road where the results are astounding. Basically, keep my same diet restrictions and don’t wash my face. No ooze. So, perhaps face washing depletes the oils that naturally coat my face and prevent the outbreaks? It’s a theory.

When I do have to wash my face, I put on cetaphil… and it’s still fine. But that’s a one-off thing as I resume going weeks without washing my face. I’m liking it, because Soolantra ain’t cheap!

I tried not washing my face before. Then my face gets gross and uneven, because dead skin cells and layers are accumulating. (Which sounds like the perfect environment for demodex.) I have to wash it with water (without soap) to avoid this.

I also belief that the dryer the skin gets, the more problems it will cause. The weather season may also impact the skin. In my area, during the summer, the humidity is higher, so the skin becomes less dry. In the winter, when the central heating it on, the humidity drops, so then my skin becomes noticable dryer, especially my hands.

I’m still free of oozing yellow crusts after I tried Sudocrem a few years ago for a few days. But my skin still can get irritated sometimes somehow, and get a bit of swollen bumps that don’t ooze. It’s unclear if this is related to oozing yellow crusts. I’m using an over the counter benzoyl peroxide cream for this, which helps a lot, which makes me wonder if it would be able to help against oozing yellow crusts when I had it.