Coronavirus cured me of oozing crust

Not quite, but I’ve been marooned at home, working on projects. I go a couple of days without washing my face and applying lotion. I just forget, because I have no job right now. I realized I went 5 days without washing my face or applying lotion- no oozing crusts. Usually, I only make it three days without Soolantra, because they reappear… hmm… things to think about.

I did try that some years ago for maybe a week or so. It does strengthen the skin barrier, which I think reduces the lesions a bit, but after a while it felt like my skin got an accumulation of dead skin cells, so I wanted to wash it again.

Not washing the face could be a natural form of skin hydratation. The top layer of the skin tickens/strengthens, sebum accumulates, which keeps the skin oily and reduces water loss of the skin. But that is also a perfect environment for demodex.

Nowadays, I only wash my face with cold water twice a day and use a moisterizer that I like.

About the reappearing of lesions after stopping with Soolantra for a few days, in my case this is also somewhat unclear. For me it felt like Soolantra reduced the lesions with about 95%, but I never reached 100% with it. But stopping with it also didn’t result in a clear comeback within weeks (It was only after using Sudocrem that I reached 100%.)