Dental amalgam mercury fillings

I’ve got the same problem as all of you and have had it for decades, but I’m avoiding the soolantra route as long as I can. I am still pursuing the idea that I can fix something within my body (in regards to allergy or immune reaction) that will effect what goes on with the surface of my skin. Maybe this is wrong, but I will follow the path until I have proven to myself that it is wrong. Then I will go get some Soolantra and try that route.

Part of this ‘natural’ pursuit has involved me having the silver fillings removed from my mouth. In addition to the crap oozing out of my face, I’ve also had extreme depression, fatigue and visual disturbances that have gotten worse over the past few years. To the point where, as an able-bodied 37 year old, I can barely get out of bed to go to work each day.

I’ll be blunt with you. I don’t believe much in natural remedies. Everything I’ve researched about removing fillings, I’ve felt like mostly its people making up stories on the internet. You can read all day about people who get their silver fillings removed and suddenly can walk again and are 100% healed of their health ailments. Nonetheless, I decided to have my fillings removed. Nothing else was working. The oozing is one symptom of a wider range of problems with me. So, I took the gamble.

I had the worst of my fillings removed first. I felt absolutely no change and thought, ‘well, at least now I know the whole silver fillings theory is bogus.’ A few days ago, I did my second of three sessions. After the second session removed three more fillings, I felt a lot of my symptoms improve. I’m a bit amazed by it. I’ve felt a lot of the constant pressure in my face and around my eyes suddenly go away. I can pay attention better. My vision is better. Much better mood. Overall, my body feels instantly better although it’s not 100%. Also, I’ve still got three fillings left to remove in the final session.

I don’t expect the completion of my filling removals to make the oozing problem go away. Like I said, I may end up using Soolantra, but I’m avoiding that until I’m ready. And Soolantra is not the silver bullet everyone claims it to be. I’ve read plenty of things from people who got worse instead of getting better and abandoned using it. I don’t know what the future holds, but since I’ve made this little bit of progress in health with the removal of mercury from my mouth I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share.

Wishing you all luck in your own struggles with the yellow ooze.

Good to hear that you feel better in general health, hope it works out.

Glad as well that you feel better too!
But in addtion, I would like to recall that I don’t have any fillings.
So I don’t think it would be the cause.
Good luck!

I don’t think the fillings are the cause of the yellow ooze. But removing them has helped my general health. Maybe I have sensitivity to metals and that is exacerbating things. The fillings is one step towards a long road to better health. We’ll see if I get there. God, I want badly to get rid of yellow ooze so I can live a normal life instead of hiding out like some criminal most of the time.

Did the same person really wrote both sentences?

I feel so much pity for you as I experience the same as you. I think we all do. Please start taking Soolantra to help yourself, finally!

The yellow ooze is a sensitive topic for all of us. I’m following my own path and figuring things out as they make sense to me. To me, soolantra is only treating symptoms. It can mask what is going on with our bodies, but it will never tell us ‘why’ it is happening. Why, if the demodex theory is true, our bodies overreact to these bugs while most humans, horses and dogs don’t have any issue. Many years ago, doctors put me on bactroban cream which cleared me up for quite a few months. But then the dreaded skin issue came back. I want to know what is causing my body to overreact instead of just spurting medicated cream on the mystery and calling it a day. That’s my path. So spare me your ridicule.

[quote=“misfit108, post:6, topic:79”]
Why, if the demodex theory is true, our bodies overreact to these bugs while most humans, horses and dogs don’t have any issue.[/quote]
That’s difficult to find out, and probably requires a skilled dermatologist who is willing to spend effort in it, or may even require new scientific research that hasn’t been performed yet.
But note that the same applies to the filling theory. If your fillings are the cause, then it is still unclear why those were causing the disease for you and not for the large amount of other people with the same fillings.

But at least, if removing your fillings results in a clearup, then you know that your fillings were likely involved in the problem. In the same way, if weeks after quitting with Soolantra results in a continued clearup, then it’s likely that demodex is involved. Two members have reported a clearup that lasted, (with the combination of Soolantra, oral ivermectine and oral metronidazole). Whether Soolantra by itself is able to cause the same results, isn’t tested yet, but soon will.

But I belief that we don’t just share the same symptoms, but also the same cause/causative agent, because it’s a pretty rare (difficult to find) problem. It would feel even rarer to me if we have different causes.

@misfit108 when are you planning to remove the last three fillings?

I know the fillings are not causing the yellow ooze. I knew this going in. But I felt like it was worth the gamble that this was piece of a bigger puzzle as to why my body’s immune system is overreacting in ways that the rest of the population is not.

I was disheartened when the first set of fillings didn’t change anything. But the second set, I felt a lot of important changes in my health. I’ve felt relief from the constant pressure that was always in my face and eyes. I can make eye contact with people without feeling pain and pressure behind my eyes. I’ve felt a great improvement in energy and mood. I will get the third and final set removed in the beginning of next year.

One reason I am resisting using soolantra is because one of the worst places I have the outbreaks is in my eyelids. That’s really where I started getting these outbreaks before it began happening on my face. So I’m aiming for a way to fix my body on the inside so, even if demodex is my issue, I can kill them from the inside out instead of just applying a cream to the surface. I’m not going to go putting soolantra on my eyelid margins every day.

You have to understand that I’ve wasted a lot of money going to John’s Hopkins and both Mayo clinics dermatology and I’ve been to 12 other dermatologists in between. They’ve given me many creams and antibiotics and cut these lesions off my face to examine under microscopes. Forgive me for being a little jaded towards prescription creams, dermatologists, and all that. So, I’m seeing a natural doctor and trying things this way. If it doesn’t work, Soolantra is there as backup a few months down the road if I decide to try it. We’re all chipping away at this curse in our own way. From my experiences and my own research, I am taking the paths that make the most sense to me at this time. If we all just squirt soolantra on our face and call it a day, we may never know what about our bodies makes these outbreaks happen. That’s a very important question for me to answer personally. I’m willing to suffer a little longer if I can possibly solve that puzzle for myself and share some answers with you and others.

Well, it’s your own point of view and we have to respect it. In my opinion, the most simple explanation is often the best.

If we are all reacting to demodex, it wouldn’t be because of demodex by itself, but because of an overpopulation of them. They are carrying bacteria, they die, we got lesions. Simple and makes sense for everything. If it was a more inner issue, I assume we would have lesions all over our bodies. Eyelid seems also to be a common place for demodex.

I understand that feeling of using many different creams for nothing, but if it’s not the right one, it’s just not gonna make it.

As for why we would have overpopulation of demodex compared to other people is certainly very explainable. For me, I’m sure everything was triggered by Accutane + overloading my skin with moisturising creams.

I respect your path but it feels like you prefer to keep a blindfold while ivermectine oral+topical and oral metronidazole are the only known working solution. I’ve started the treatment myself 3 weeks ago and I never experienced such a smooth skin for a while. I don’t want to say it’s a victory yet, but something is definitely happening.