DID it look like this?




a lot of bumps and can u guys see the yellow crust in the picture? Ive been using soolantra for a week now all over face. I lost the tube so I couldn’t use it/ Now I’m applying all over face. I’m getting prescribe oral metrodonizale next week. Ill come back after a month to let u know how it goes.


My regimen is zinc oxide, soolantra and cetaphil moisturizer. I wash with hibiclens just in case staph plays a role and maybe it didn’t get detected in cutures


Not crusty enough. Don’t think that’s it.


I do recognize the skin problem in those photos, but the photos lack the worst side effects: oozing and larger crust yellow formation. (You have these, right?) Also, the problem in those photos seem to be localized in the beard area, whereas our problem isn’t limited to that area.

But there are some similarities on the photos you linked, like: https://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/338784-26-year-old-male-first-course/ Our problem could be a combination of other problems including that.

I have also used Hibiclens (/Hibiscrub), both for washing hands and face. But I don’t like it, too harsh for the skin, and was maybe making it worse due to the harshness.

I’m not sure if you should use a lot of products at once, as a shotgun approach. It makes it difficult to isolate what the individual effects of each products are for you. Maybe some aren’t working, while they may cause side effects, such as oral metronidazole.
The zinc oxide product that was mentioned as effective by some users (including me), was Sudocrem. But I’m not sure if the effect was caused by the zinc oxide of Sudocrem, because it also contains other ingredients: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudocrem

A product such as Sudocrem may hinder the effect of Soolantra, because Sudocrem shields the skin off from like everything, including water and UV from sunlight.


I have that problem like that guy but is not isolated to the cheeks I have it everywhere. I get a pimple and it crusts over like impetigo. My skin is all flakey and scaby too. Ive been using soolantra for a week and a half now.


Are they painful? I’ve been going through the same thing for 5 years, however while visiting another doctor of mine, unrelated to this issue yesterday, there was a student doctor in with him who suggested shingles after I mentioned the issue and explained a few symptoms. I never thought shingles bc they didnt exactly look like them, but then I had played with them picked at them trying to help it to stop hurting and heal, which was helping only very short term, but was actually spreading them. Once an area was healing another area started and man did they hurt and were sensitive to everything - even water at times. Well after leaving that appointment, I went and purchased Terrasil from a drugstore which is a shingles skincare ointment as well as some cortizone and over night my skin has healed radically!!! I am over the moon! I have tried eczema treatment, psoriasis treatment, rosacea treatment, demodex treatment, expensive skin care items, you name it, I have tried it - no exaggeration, all of which, if any, would only work for a short time and then stop… THIS worked! Now will it continue to work, I don’t know yet, but it was the most radical and rapid healing that I have EVER experienced to date!!! If you are at the end of your rope from these painful, scarring, horrid wounds that heal slowly and that have those little white things in them and that also weep and weep and then crust… and then break open and weep again and do not seem to heal… TRY TERRASIL - it MAY JUST BE Shingles bc when they are at a certian stage… we can be spreading them ourselves…like I would use tweezers to try to pluck those white things bc they seemed to be the main sorce of pain, but there were so many and so many more would just pop up - so TRY IT! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? Best of luck to you all! It is truly a living hell! I pray to God that this is truly it, but I think that it is bc every symptom of Shingles was a check for me - except for the pictures onlune of shingles bc they just do not do justice for those of us that can’t help ourselves and touch/pop/pluck bc ours end up looking much different than the pictures of those who do not mess with theirs. I hope & pray that this helps you too! Terrisil is sort of expensive $30 or so for a tube, but I would pay $100 after what it did for me over night! :blush:


I am so interested in finding out what has actually worked for you in the end. tried lots of things myself with, as much as you can guess… no help so far… ! thanks