Do I have the crusts?

For the last year I have been dealing with some odd symptoms. It started on my lips as a dry patch, and slowly covered my whole lips in burning, weeping and itching bumps. The original dry patch leaked yellow fluid and crusted over. I have been on oral antibiotics which seemed to help a bit and topical steroids which were the only thing that seemed to completely resolve my issue but I am now dealing with dry thinned skin around my lips from using the steroid for several months and my lips return to their original painful state after stopping the steroids. I began having clusters of weeping bumps on my forehead about two months ago that would ooze clear/yellow ish and crust over bright yellow. They also itch like crazy and are super uncomfortable. Only, mine seems to be larger and more rash-like than others here though I do have some pustules involved. They also never seem to fully go away and ‘fall off’ after a while like others have mentioned. I have been using mupirocin as recommended by my dermatologist as she thinks it is impetigo but the rash is almost ‘running away’ from where I applied the ointment and so I keep having to apply it in a larger area. Could this be the disease? I did have a culture done that said “rare gram positive cocci in pairs” but was not told what bacteria it was… does this mean there was none? Anyways, does this sound like it could be the disease, or should I maybe get another culture to make sure this isn’t a resistant bacterial infection?

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Your forehead looks similar to the condition for this site. If I were you, I’d start treating with soolantra. It’s worked for so many people on this site that it’s certainly worth trying. Initially you may think it makes things worse but stick with it for at least 2 months. Take a look at my experience on this site from 2016 when I started Rosiver (Soolantra) treatment. I stopped applying Rosiver in August last year. Now, I only wash my face with water these days. No soap or facewash. My skin is clear. Please let us know how things go. Hope it works for you.