Does anybody have a rash that looks like this

Hi I have been dealing with bad rashes for over 3 years, and I have been to many different doctors. Oral steroids are the only thing that has really worked so far. Just wondering if anyone else has a rash that looks like this:

I just noticed your pics. The rash on your arm looks like ringworm which is a fungus. The doc would know for sure but it doesn’t look like the “oozing yellow crusts”. The steroids always make things go away because they surpress the immune system. This means that your body is not responding to the invader so to speak. You want your body to react to the invader and overcome it, so I would go to another doc that doesn’t just hand out steroids. Unless of course the rash is gone the first time you use steroids and never returns after you stop the steroids. If it keeps coming back then steroids is not the answer.

Thanks for your reply. I understand how steroids work and that they are not treating the root problem. It’s not easy to find a doctor that isn’t content with steroids as the “solution” I have yet to find a doctor that wants to figure out what is causing this. I agree that rash does look like ringworm, so I used a prescription anti fungal ointment on it for weeks and it did not seem to help.

If it was only the picture of the issue with your lips, I’d think it was perioral dermatitis. But the neck and marks on the arm show that it’s more than that. Possibly ringworm. Your post doesn’t give many details, so I don’t know if you’ve tried elimination diets yet. This is the simple first step anyone should take before going to a doctor. It’s simple. Cut out all dairy for about two weeks. See if that makes a difference. Then you can try cutting out gluten. A lot of people find positive results from cutting out dairy. But also, you can research on google to find the anti-fungal diet which eliminates things like caffeine, etc.

Let’s say none of that works. You could try lugol’s 2% iodine. A drop or two a day. Another idea is to try taking oil of oregano in capsule form. Both of these you can research from user reviews on amazon and see if your symptoms line up with anyone else’s. Also tincture of black walnut may help. You have to be patient and try each thing individually.

Feel free to research on Type in ringworm and read how others have combated it. Good luck.

Thank you misfit108. I have tried eliminating many different foods from my diet. I did the whole30 diet for a few weeks. It didn’t seem to make a difference. I am seeing a naturopathic doctor now and we did a fecal test which showed I was missing 3 beneficial gut bacteria. She has me on a tincture that has among other things black walnut and oil of oregano in it; I’m taking that to try and eliminate any non beneficial bacteria. I am also taking a high potency probiotic. I really hope it helps. I have been on this treatment plan for 2 weeks and 3 days. No significant improvement yet, but I am still hoping!
I know my rashes are not wet looking in the photos, but they leak before they become dry and scaly. It’s amazing the amount of fluid that just pours out of my skin! yuck, it’s very uncomfortable and it makes it hard to sleep.

Hello Emily, what the others are saying is definitely right, but you need to stop each one for around a month, 2 weeks wont do squat tbh, the main suspect for others who have found cures for their rashes etc. is to stop all sugar free products, if it says sugar free then avoid at all costs, the ingredient in these products are poisoning our bodies and the rashes etc. are the bodies response to them. I could list you all the bad ingredients to look out for but tbh they change all the time and they are all as bad as each other. You’ll need a good three months to do this, start in April, cut all diary, then in May cut all coffee from shops etc., especially bad ones are the vending machines etc., then in June cut all sugar free! By the time that you get to the end of June you will have a very good idea if this is working or not but whatever you do don’t take any Dairy, Coffee or sugar free in any of the three months because these three can work in conjunction with each other and really make things take off. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

Just wanted to post an update in case it might help others. I ended up taking cephalexin and my condition improved a lot. Then I continued taking a natural antibiotic called Biocidin, I am still taking that, plus zinc supplements, and I started smoking marijuana everyday (I live in Colorado, so it is legal). I also use vanicream on my face every night after a shower, and I have a chinese herb cream, it has menthol and a bunch of herbs, that I put on spots when they start to feel itchy. I do not know if one of these things helps more than the others, I will say that one night my wrist was beginning to feel itchy, and I realized I had not smoked any marijuana for a couple of days, so I had some that night and then the rash was gone again.
My skin has looked amazing for over a month now, basically since I started this regimen after taking 10 days of cephalexin. I feel so much better than I did for the past 8-10 months, I am physically active again, I have been able to concentrate on my school work and feel less overwhelmed, everything is better. I want to add that I have not done anything to my diet! I eat healthy, but I basically eat whatever I want within my perception of what is healthy. So I guess what I would like to emphasize is that my condition did not improve due to any dietary changes. I eat from all the food groups. My thoughts are that my condition is linked to hormones, and anxiety, which are affecting the functionality of my immune system. I believe this approach I am taking now is effective because I am tackling it from more than one angle.