Fruit and breakouts

This is a general posting. Though it has taken me many years of trial and error, I’ve cut all fruit from my diet. For years, I’ve gone through phases of cutting it out and bringing some of it back in moderation. Even something as slight as adding a few quirts of lime to water will cause breakouts. Citrus is especially deadly. We always see online to eat fruit, to eat smoothies. Fruits and berries are truly my enemy though, as much as I may love them. It’s something to consider in your own battles. Cut fruit out for a month- it won’t kill you. You might come to the same conclusion as me.

Also, lumped within the foods I avoid- tomatoes, avocado, and all chocolate. I can handle tomato sauce usually, but not actual tomatoes with seeds.

If I really wanted to have some bad breakouts, all I’d have to do would be to eat some oranges and a grapefruit. Tomorrow, I’d look like a monster.

Were animals either escape or attack when we humans try to eat them, plants often produce toxic chemicals as defense mechanism. For some animals, eating something like a bean or cacao, can be deadly, whereas other animals can eat them without problems. (Lectins from beans are also not good for humans.)

For some people, citrus fruits can cause phytophotodermatitis:

An elinimation diet (like FODMAP or carnivore) could help finding these foods. Here’s also some info about it: Could it be diet related?