Gluten free ? or a treatment with honey?

Hello everybody!
I’ve seen a few hours ago, on the steadyhealth thread, that some people have good results with gluten free diet.
Have any one of you already tried stuff related to that, and got some positive results ?
Could it be part of our problem ?
And i’m coming to you with this other story found on a french forum with people having the same issue and got some results with… honey.
here’s the google translation, hope it will be understood !

Hello everyone, I had exactly the same problem as you last year on face. A clear skin in minutes blushes then blisters appear, they ooze a clear liquid slightly orange, it eventually form a well built orange crust and a few hours or minutes later it happens again elsewhere. I have much, much suffered physically and mentally as you all do. The “pimples” if you can call it that, itchy chickenpox lot worse than when there are big breakouts! To wash it’s extremely complicated especially when one is in this state of blister … I could not see anyone for several months, staying alone at home (orange crusted face with full of blisters …).

Unfortunately no doctor or specialist from the 4 corners of France found twhat I had, they were all surprised by my condition because it was the first time they saw it. They even asked me to send them my photos because it was an unknown event! After several months of tests: blood tests, biopsies samples. and various and varied medical treatments, antibiotics, cream, cortisone and I pass : no positive result and instead my condition worsened, it was worse when I followed the treatment …
God thank you, and then I knew that honey was very beneficial to health and especially (being Muslim) His benefits were recognized through Koranic and prophetic narratives so I decided to treat myself solely with honey, more precisely that of which I used daily lavender (my idea of ​​honey dressing and slept with overnight and I also ate (by the way it is just delicious!)) and after some time returned here I am in excellent health! The effects were almost immediate after one week I already had great results.
I continued to use honey for 4 months non-stop to apply every night and I can tell you that this is the most effective remedy that is 100% natural! Sometimes I still have one whole mini pimple once a month really pokey but it would take a magnifying glass to see it then as soon as it happens I apply honey and hop it goes.
If you have any health problem do not hesitate to treat with honey! honey directly from a beekeeper if you can because it will be a pure honey and virtues are extraordinary! Moreover always I lacked iron, I’ve never had a rate to normal, and since I’m lavender honey, my iron levels more than doubled or tripled !!! I am now even above the limit that’s impressive! I initially used the lavender honey to cure skin disease and this also cured my anemia.
Each honey has various virtues. Lavender honey is it such a good antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, pulmonary disinfectant (it is very good for asthma), effective in treating burns, infected wounds, skin in general, wound healing and insect bites. It also contains lots of iron.

Here is a passage where the benefits of honey are mentioned in the Quran:
"And this is what your Lord inspired the bee:
“Build dwellings in the mountains, trees and trellises that men do. Then eat of all fruits, and follow the ways of your Lord made easy for you.”
Their bodies a drink of varying colors, in which there is A CURE for people. There really is a sign for people who reflect. "
(Surat - Bees, verse No. 68/69)

This is the French forum:

In my case, I don’t think it’s gluten related because I don’t have stomach/intestinal problems and it doesn’t explain why it’s only on the face and doesn’t explain why the “best treatment” has a relative long lasting effect. But it would be interesting to try.

About honey, I have tried high quality certified manuka honey topically, and didn’t noticed an improvement. Note that there can be a big difference in honey quality. Manuka honey is considered as one of the best in terms of anti microbial effects, which makes some honey producers fool the customer by putting something like 0.1% manuka honey in it, mixed with 99.9% of another cheap honey, and still call it “manuka” honey. Because of this, there are certification companies that guarantee a minimum quality: and .

I have used this one:

I have used it topically some time ago, and also medical honey barrier creams. But didn’t noticed an improvement.
Although now that I’m thinking about honey, I have used it orally the last few weeks by eating it, because of a bad throat infection for which I was given antibiotics. And now my skin if very good. I think my skin improvement is because of the 3 things I described here: Main topic - Oozing Yellow Crusts although I cannot rule out the oral use of this honey. But for me it is more difficult to belief that the oral use of this would effect my facial skin.

You are very lucky that this helped you. I tried putting Manuka honey on my face. I was surprised that it actually sets on the skin pretty well and its easy to wash off. But it didn’t heal my problem (it’s the same, like yours). I’ve read a lot about honey working for some people and many people think its the hydrogen peroxide inside the honey that actually kills the demodex and bacteria and other junk living in your face. I hope to get my skin under control using prescription Soolantra, and then using home remedies like what you’ve mentioned. I’ve only tried honey but never lavender honey. Didn’t know there was such a thing!

Hi. I have something to add regarding the gluten/wheat. For two weeks now I have been religiously low carb. I cut out all sugar and anything with wheat. I have done this for years on and off and have lost 20lbs and kept it off for 5 years. I had a little set back over the holidays which is easy to do. I had a oozing lesion pretty much everyday. I started cleaning up my diet right after the holidays. Very little alcohol, very low carb. Well last night my husband cooked a glorious veal Parmesan complete with spagetti and Italian bread and a big glass of Chianti and I could not say no. After all I am human. Well low and behold not 2 hours later did my face bust out with not one not two but three oozers. Before last night I had maybe one or two over the 2 weeks. I should add that during the 2 weeks I was using tto, tto face wash, Kampuku soap, sulfur soap, sulfur ointment, hydrogen peroxide and two days ago I began my own experiment with Ivomec. This is enough to convince me that diet is definitely related to this.

I think for some people it is diet related. I believed that for a long time and cut out dairy, gluten, citrus, pork and nightshade vegetables. Basically, I was only eating vegetables, chicken and brown rice. no sugar whatsoever other than from apples I occasionally ate. I did this for many months, and it actually took me into kind of a depression. Anyway, I was still getting dry skin eczema and oozers. It was disheartening because many people claim to have fixed these problems with diet. It is probably a combination of both diet and genetics. Some people diet matters more, others genetics is the heavier factor. With me, diet was not enough. Six+ months of steamed veggies and chicken taught me that.

For me I feel that diet is definitely a part of it. It’s the other part that has me stumped. Bacteria, demodex, genes, depressed immune system,bad luck, a curse. I don’t know… Whatever it is it seriously effects my self esteem