Half year on soolantra

From day one, it stopped me from having lesions. In addition, I’ve tightened up my diet to no dairy, no grains. Overall, I feel better on no dairy/no grains but it does not affect my skin breaking out. That means if I have a beer or eat some cheese, I don’t break out (so long as I’m steady with soolantra). In 6 months, I’ve only had one outbreak. That was when I took a pill called Oreganol (concentrated oregano in a pill). Also, as I’ve begun taking apple cider vinegar once every morning, I do get small bumps that swell up and weep very slightly but nothing catastrophic.

So, I’m never quite sure whether my body is cleansing out some bad stuff or if its a reaction to ingesting things like apple cider vinegar or oregano. I think at its core, it’s a lymphatic system problem. Our lymphatic system can’t clean itself out so it dumps lymph fluid onto the skin. Just my weird theory.

Our problem, I think, is all about demodex. Our skin does not bear it all! Unlike the most people. We’re kind of allergic of that shit. That’s my theory. And the fluid which used to ooze out of our faces is lymphatic fluid. The purpose of that process is killing demodex and bacteriae it spreads when it dies. That’s my theory. I’m not amazed because I’m almost allergic to most insects bites…

I agree. It’s the best theory out there. It’s definitely lymphatic fluid.

Another theory why Soolantra is working may be because it’s anti inflammatory. I have tried another dedicated and stronger anti inflammatory topical before (a corticosteroid), and that also worked. (Although that one is not advisable, because it’s not good for the skin on the long run, and when stopping with it, all hell breaks loose.)

Ok, so here’s something to add to this. I do not get any breakouts while using Soolantra. I began taking apple cider vinegar daily, and noticed that the breakouts returned. Not too bad, but I still didn’t like that even a few little ones were cropping up. But I wanted to persist with the ACV, so I kept on it for about two months. Finally I stopped taking it, and the outbreaks went away instantly. Also, I notice if I eat salad with any type of vinegar dressing, I will get a breakout. These vinegar-inspired breakouts will happen even if I am currently using Soolantra. So maybe this is something a few of you could take into consideration- to cut out vinegar. See if it helps. It was a factor for me.

How quickly (days/hours?) do you notice a negative effect when starting with ACV?
(I"m not using ACV regularly in my diet myself.)

sporadic. I can go a few days where my skin is fine, then… you know the story. Red, inflamed area. the pimple. Yellow goo. I’m surprised vinegar is strong enough to override the Soolantra, but apparently it is. And like I said, it can be just regular salad dressing at a restaurant with vinegar in it- not necessarily ACV.

Hi All, I have read through and skipped around for the last hour…reading some material from almost a year ago…I think! Tso, I like the name “The Disease” b/c it truly does not have a name to it! It is late now, too tired to drudge over the last 8 years of my life at rhe moment. But soooooo glad I found you all! I am seeing a naturopath doctor currenly and a new derm. I was at a point that I needed to try any resourse out there. I still have “lesions” that will not go away. I feel depressed. I avoid any place that I have to have a face to face with someone for an extended period of time…like the dentist! I recently needed contacts and had to go to the eye doctor, BRUTAL! Anyway, my husband recently had to go to the derm for a tiny little cluster breakout under one of his eyes. They prescribed him Soolantra. I am so desperate to reduce these two larger lesions that have made 0 progress in the last three weeks…that I Googled Soolantra and the other stuff he got to see if it would help. That is how I came across this thread. Anywho, just wanted to say hi to some of my fellow sufferers! It is nice to talk to people that understand how emotionally debilitaing it can be to suffer from serious skin issues for many years with no solution! Everyone says, “Oh, you can barely notice it” or “You look fine, don’t worry about it”. Easy for them to say, but glad they don’t have to walk in my shoes either! Would not wish this on my worst enemy!

Hi AnnieMoe, welcome at the forum.
I recognize it, avoiding the dentist. Also, friends don’t understand how difficult it is/was, because when I had a bad lessions, I would avoid/cancel appointments (or even avoided making appointments at all).

Just to be sure, can you confirm whether the lessions look like the photos here: What does it look like? (photos) ?
The lession your husband got, is it also the same skin issue?

Note that Soolantra should (probably) be applied on a large area, not just on active lessions. It may also give a worsening in the beginning. (For some people, it may be better to start slowly with it.)
What other stuff did he got from his derm?

Today is my day 1 of soolantra treatment ( in my country it’s called EFACTI… I live in Italy! ). Well actually it is right on my face now! I will keep u all updated about its effectiveness. But I’m not sure if I’m using it correctly… should I put the cream on all my face or just on the lesions? Thanks!

Ah, you already have it, that’s quick.
You can apply it preventively on the areas on the face where lesions may occur, even is there is no lesion on an area at the moment. I used it as described here: http://www.galdermausa.com/pi/soolantrapi.pdf
To avoid/reduce a possible initial temporary worsening, you may try to start slowly with it by using a smaller amount, or applying it less often, or by applying it on a smaller area.

Put it on at night time. Then put lotion or cocount oil on over top of it.
This is what I have done for 1 year.
It took about two weeks for it to start working.
All I use is soolantra + cocount oil as moisturizer.

Did you apply a specific coconut oil just for skin or it’s fine also that one we use for cooking?

Its exactly the same stuff used as cooking. In fact, when I run out of it I just use the jar that I use in the kitchen. I prefer extra virgin organic, but don’t know how much that really matters. I buy it at Amazon or at Costco, depending on the price. Anyway, like a lot of people on here one thing I suffer from is EXTREME dry skin. For years I would dab lotion on my face, but my skin would still dry out. Then I discovered Cerave lotion, which worked very well. But nothing works as well for me as the coconut oil. Sometimes it will take up to a week for your skin to acclimate to using it, but then you should be fine after that. It can feel a bit greasy, so after applying it… i recommend dabbing your face with a tissue just a little bit. But I’ve been happy with this as a moisturizer and won’t use anything else. No chemicals or anything!