Have you heard of morgellons?

So, I’ve been dealing with these soars on and off for the past year and half. At first I was SURE it was demodex mites due to having a very bad bought of blepharitis. And the presence of what looked like the tails of demodex clustered under the scab, in every poor/follicle. I Got ivermectin and it cleared up,some what, it Came back. Did ivermectin again, for longer (4 weeks) and they seemed to get better… not gone but changed…No more tail clusters but now I’ve noticed small wierd hairs/fibers that would seem to come off my face after washing, touching itching etc. Then I noticed a fiber was a bright red color. I wasn’t around any red fabrics and this wasn’t a string from fabric. It was like a very fine wispy hair. I’ve also noticed small black pepper like specks that seem to come from my skin also. So I told my derm and she said something about morgellons. I went home and went on a Google bender… I cried a lot. Was in denial. Now I’m really thinking this may be what I have . My energy level is always drained. No matter how much sleep I get. Now I notice these fibers much more. I’ve even pulled them from active lesions. There isn’t much known about this disease by the medical field. But there might be a link to Lyme disease. I’m looking for a specialist here in Minnesota. I’m not going to give up hope. I’ve already been there and I’m not going back into that depressed state of mind. Theses soars also feel like shards of glass are in there, and if I manage to pluck one out, a huge blob of blood like substance oozes out… gross I know… but its almost like a gloppy gloppy worm thing. Thick and dark red blood. Then it will bleed for a little bit then clot. So wierd. I’m going crazy but I’m going to find out what has invated my body and get this out of me! Sorry for the rant. But does anyone else on here have any similar symptoms to mine? I’m desperate to talk to someone who wont call me crazy.

I’m so sorry to hear this @MinneSarah. It does sound a bit different to the condition most of us have on this site. How long did you use ivermectin cream? Was it soolantra?

My sores bleed a lot. They are really deep in the centre — like ulcers. I’m not convinced mine is demodex anymore. I’ve been treating with ivermectin for 2 months now and my skin is still bad. :frowning: