Heal Your Digestive tract and bumps will disappear

Two years ago I broke out with three bumps. It took me awhile to figure out that my immune system was a mess from antibiotics and prednisone for three years. By the time I decided to do something about the breakouts (which would go away every time I took Prednisone for my COPD) my face was covered with bumps that I had to pick, so I had scabs all over, even on my eyelids and ear lobes. About a month ago I started taking raw fermented sauerkraut before each meal (lunch and dinner) and a probiotic with breakfast. I also took Oil of Oregano (already diluted with olive oil) I took four drops a day for two days and then two drops a day for a week or so. I still take one drop a day as maintenance. My face went through many swellings, but the bumps stopped oozing and they also stopped forming almost immediately. As I say, my face did swell but I kept up the Oil of Oregano and sauerkraut, also barley grass juice in the am. I Cut out tomatoes, gluten and avocadoes. My face is perfectly clear now, no bumps. I will keep up the sauerkraut and the oil of Oregano forever. I feel much better too!! I can eat tomatoes and gluten now. It was my immune system letting me know it needed attention. My stomach feels better, too. I have started to make my own sauerkraut. Through all this the dermatologist had no idea what was causing it and wanted me to take antibiotics. I refused and told her they were the problem not the solution. She was amazed when I dropped by to show her my perfect skin!! It took about three weeks, maybe less. It’s been about three months and I don’t expect to ever have bumps again. Eat fermented veggies everyday and your health will turn around. So glad I was able to help you guys, I know the suffering this causes. best to all, Sally

Hey, so I was on this forum a while ago when my skin condition was bad. I got soolantra and used it, and although it didnt get rid of the problem completely, I went from daily outbreaks, to maybe 3 a week, to maybe once a week. My bumps went from oozing to not, to just small red bumps that healed quickly.

I notice on the soolantra cream it says do not use for over 4 months. I have. My derm perscribed me a second tube. I noticed recently when Im not using it, it just comes back. I do not want to be on soolantra for life, and considering it actually alters the DNA of possible mites is quite concerning when you are using it for over 4 months.

Ive come back here as I had a few months of being pretty much lesion free. Its come back now the same. Itchy red bumps that rapidly grow and ooze and scab. It seems like it spreads easily?

Ive been to the best dermatologists and none of them had a straight answer for me. Two of the best dermatologists in the city (with great credentials) both were clueless which added to my depression and low self esteem from this skin problem, despite countless visits and thousands spent.

I watched a documentary on Netflix called Forks Over Knives that discusses scientific research into the benefits of a plant based diet over ones that consume dairy and meat. Im a type 1 diabetic and it seems like healing the gut (as ive said before in my posts but never stuck to it) seems to be a major key in all health issue.

I have been on a vegan diet since 3 days ago, today being my 4th. I plan to keep 2017 a year of being vegan and maybe, just maybe this piece of crap problem will go away. :confused: I understand not to rush these things now. It may take a year, maybe two. Im prepared.

Lets see what happens.

Hi RecoverE

Good luck with your diet! I have many days that I don’t eat animal food. I will eat organic cheese and pasture raised meats from time to time. The Oil of Oregano was the anti-biotic for me. Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth might be the problem (SIBO). This is where the O of O is a miracle worker.

After the new bumps stopped forming and the old ones stopped oozing there were hard swellings under the skin where the bumps were as though the fluid was building up. Then the face started to swell all over. I kept up the O of O and after a week or so the swelling starting to go down. I knew I had conquered the beast! I wrote down a timeline of what I did:

10/25 took last Prednisone pill
11/2 Dermatologist appt. she took a biopsy
11/9 Derm. got result back from lab, they had no idea what it was, they knew it was not demodex, it was not MRSA or staff or impetigo and any of the others. They thought maybe it was inflammation of the hair follicle. I just laughed!
11/7 my face it full of bumps now
11/9 tried tea tree oil solution, just burned a bit, too strong a solution, I did 20%, did not do that again
11/10 started O of Oregano oral (put drops in empty capsules you get from health food store) and Colloidal Silver (MesoSilver)spray topically
11/10 started eating fermented veggies, raw sauerkraut, cut out peanuts, tomatoes, avocado, eggs, wheat
11/12 right eye got puffy
11/15 whole face was puffy
11/21 left ear was swollen
11/22 swelling all went down and face was clear

Face has been clear since then. I still do O of O one drop a day and eat raw sauerkraut twice a day with meals. My digestion feels better, I feel better. I take lots of supplements too. Hope this helps you, Sally

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what does the oil of oregano do?

Hi SNESchalmers

The Oil of Oregano is a powerful anti-biotic and anti-fungal. If you have an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine I thought it would help. Or if you have a Candida overgrowth. Since I don’t know what was exactly going on, I thought my immune system was reacting to something and O o O will help heal so many things and it won’t hurt you, I gave it a try. It’s my go to herb for Respiratory infections. There’s lots of benefits you can check out on-line. It tastes really strong so I put it into one of those little empty capsules and take it with food. Hope it helps you.

Thanks. I’ll probably give it a shot. I have some Oreganol lying around. It’s kind of gross but they sell pills or Oil of Oregano that I can try. What does the sauerkraut do?

The sauerkraut re-establishes all the good bacteria in the digestive tract (does a much better job than taking a probiotic pill) that has been lost due to anti-biotics and other meds. Your skin will improve quickly, I’m just amazed. Just keep eating the raw fermented foods as often as you can. They must be raw so they have the live good lactobacillus in them. Yogurt is another good fermented food. I just don’t eat much dairy. I’m sensitive to the Oil of Oregano, so I only do two drops at a time twice a day at the most while I was healing from the bumps. I’m a thin person with a tendency to dry out in the winter. The medicine I take for COPD makes me dry too. If you are that way then be careful with the capsules that already have the oil in them. I think I said before that I also take IntestiNew first thing in the am along with barley grass juice. Anything that improves your digestive tract will help here. Good Luck and let me know how it works for you. I think you will be amazed too.

Hi, so ive been eating a vegan diet for one month now. Major difference is I wake up with wayy more energy. I had a really random bad breakout a month ago which made me go on the vegan diet. I went to my endocrinologist thinking its something to do with my diabetes as I have been having weird kidney pains / intense nausea every morning wven til now. At some points, my hands would start swelling too. None of my dermatologists know what my skin issue is.

One lesion that developed under my eye grew HUGE. The bumps seem to have healed slowly but popped up again in diff spots on the face.

Right about now im not getting any major breakouts and all seem to have healed except one by the side of my face.

When I went to my endocrinologist he told me he thinks it might be lupus! Has anyone else been told this? He checked my urine, blood, and even did an ultrasound for my kidneys and renal tract to see if it was an issue with my kidneys but he said they looked fine.

Still using soolantra to calm the breakouts but I havent stopped using it since I was prescribed it more than a year ago.

Also, i never exercise. I began running only just yesterday but regarding my nausea and kidneys, seems to be helping slightly.

Im so confused but hope all will heal.

Hi RecoverE

I have been studying Nutrition and diet for the last 30 years when I first was introduced to Macrobiotics in the 1980’s. I have had a catering business during that time and continued my studies into Eastern medicine vs. Western medicine. I do know that if you are going to on a vegan diet you have to understand all about the needs of your body regarding protein, fats, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc. With all this knowledge it still took me a while to figure out what was happening to my body and why I was breaking out (only on my face) starting with just on my forehead and then as time progressed the bumps moved to my cheeks, jawline etc. I know it was my digestive system which was a mess. Ask yourself if you have been on any pharmaceutical drugs in the last few years. I don’t what they were given to you for they all effect the digestive tract. The liver has to deal with them and the good bacteria throughout your system has to maintain a balance. It’s all about the balance. That’s why raw sauerkraut is any excellent food. It corrects the imbalances in the body. You might not like the taste right now and you might think its an inconvenience to have to go to the health food store to get raw sauerkraut, but I can tell you that it is what is going to heal you and also help you with your diabetes. Sugar is the absolute worst thing you can put in your body and I know it takes a while to break the habit. They say it’s harder to get off sugar than heroine. When you go vegan you need to stop the sugar, white flour and all the fast food ( as best you can, little by little) if you haven’t already and just eat a very simple diet. Make this the most important thing you do for yourself each day. Do it for your family if you have one and their health will improve. Its a shame that we have been so mislead by the food industry and our own laziness about how to cook for ourselves. We should be eating the way our great grandparents did. Whole foods, farm fresh and they ate lots of fermented veggies, like sauerkraut! I could go on but I think you get what I’m trying to say. Good luck. I eat about I/4 cup of sauerkraut before lunch and dinner. I love the ones with garlic and dill and the spicy ones like Kimchi from Japan. It’s been since 11/22 when my face was miraculously healed and I have not had one bump! And I never used any pharmaceuticals like Soolantra. take care there, I’m out here rooting for you!

Thanks for sharing your story. I have been having lots of rash problems and I am currently on a natural antibiotic tincture, and a high potency probiotic. I have done a lot of diet alterations, but I haven’t found that it helps much yet. I was wondering why you took out avocados, and also wondering if that could be a food trigger for me.

Thanks again, I’m so glad you found a cure!

Hi emilylutts,

I stopped avocados because I was eating a lot of them and it seemed that I would get bigger bumps right after I eat the avocado. The one thing I noticed that made the most difference was the fermented veggies. I had been on probiotics for awhile and didn’t get the positive reaction that I got with the raw sauerkraut. I now am also drinking plain organic cow kefir after dinner before I go to bed. I also eat only sourdough bread when I eat bread. I still have not had any bumps and I don’t think I will again. (Knock on wood:)!) Is the rash only on your face? I think there might be a variety of oozing yellow crusts out there, different levels for different people. We all react to things as individuals. I was taking a lot of Prednisone for my COPD and I think that had a lot to do with messing up my digestive tract. Add anti-biotics to that and the meds I was taking for COPD, inhalers and such, I was a mess. Anxiety up the wazoo, too. That also had an effect on my immune system. Oil of Oregano was an important part also. Maybe the natural antibiotic tincture isn’t the right mix?? for you. When you get to the point I was at and you might be too, lots of things can be a trigger, even just a little bit of something that never used to bother you. I can eat anything now with no problems for my stomach or face. I have been following Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions lately. I lost so much weight (I didn’t want to) over the past couple of years due to anxiety I think, along with the COPD. I have now gained 12 pounds back which is great for me. Eating healthy animal fats is one thing she stresses. Please keep asking questions if you want. I might think of something that clicks for you. I hope I have been helpful. I have a picture of me and my forehead is covered with scabs, since I couldn’t help but pick the crusties. The rest of my face looks like a have a bad case of chicken pox. And amazingly it was all clear in a matter of a couple of weeks. Good luck, Sally

Thanks for your reply Foxmcdoo. I think I will try the sauerkraut and the kefir, maybe the probiotics alone aren’t strong enough to make a difference for me. I think I have also lost weight unintentionally, I haven’t been able to exercise, and my appetite has definitely decreased, plus I have been really bummed out about this rash that I haven’t been able to fix. Thanks again for sharing, I am going to give this stuff a try!

I’m curious about sauerkraut. I buy it sometimes from the eastern europe market near my house. The only ingredients are cabbage and salt. I consider this as ‘raw.’ Do you recommend a better way, or that seems pretty decent?

Hi, been having this itchy small like pimple that oozes and scab that doest go away on my right chin area for 6months now. May i ask what is oregano oil? Is this a oregano oil http://www.lazada.com.ph/swanson-premium-oregano-oil-101-extract-150-mg-120-softgels-12144694.html?ff=1

I have been searching soolantra but i think we dont have it here in the philippines. I want to try your natural remedy. Hope to hear from you soon.

The one you are looking at is a mix of olive oil + oregano. Some people use pure oregano. You have to try it and see what works for you. There are a lot of different ones on Amazon. I sometimes use oregano, but it didn’t fix the skin problem for me. IT may work for someone else.