about 4 months ago i started to get rash on my cheeks and chin.At first i thought it was eczema but the next day i got white bumps on top of the rash and so itchy.Then the bumps began to ooze and form yellow crust all over my face. I went to a doctor and he gave a skin test and gave me hydrocortisone 2.5 cream(steroid cream). The crust cleared up. 2 weeks later i already used up my cream and i realized the white bumps start to break out again and it spreads quickly on my face. i got white bumps in the morning and they become yellow crust in the night and so itchy that i cant sleep.I went to the same doctor and he said that is not an infection and said it related to my immune systen.He transferred me to a derm and the derm also gave me hydrocortison works well but when i stop using it my face starts breaking out again.i am going to see the derm today.
i just want to know if you have the same experience?and does my symtoms like yours?is there any way that it will be cured?

Make sure your problem is similar to what’s visible here: What does it look like? (photos)

I have experience with triamcinolone, which is a topical corticosteroids like hydrocortisone, but with a higher potency, which also means heavier side effects. In my case, triamcinolone removed the problem while using it, but also gave side effects such as skin thinning, red spider veins and possibly sensitive eyes to bright sunlight. Stopping with triamcinolone gave a heavy rebound effect, even though I tried to reduce the dose slowely. I would avoid a products such as triamcinolone at all costs. But hydrocortisone is weaker, but it maybe could also give a rebound effect.

Ask your derm for Soolantra. It’s one of the very few products that helps a lot of members here, is pretty effective, easy to use, and has long lasting effects (differs from person to person).

thankyou for replying!
yeah i think mine does look like the photos but a lot serious. it was all over my face.May i ask how does soolantra work on you?because i have really thin skin and does it stop the relapse?

Soolantra removed the problem on my face like 90%, maybe more, which improves quality of life a lot. But it isn’t just for me for which Soolantra was successful, the users that tried it, are almost all positive about it.

Soolantra usually isn’t very harsch for the skin, it contains a moisturizer as its base. Although it may irritate the skin of some people and it can give a breakout. Especially if your skin problem is a lot more serious, then I would start very slowly with Soolantra instead of using a normal application dose, to minimize the seriousness of a possible breakout. See Bad first reaction for more info.

thankyou so much!and i would like to ask if theres any food i should avoid?

The number of reports about the effects of food are in my opinion too low to make any general conclusions about food.

Try cutting different food out. It took me many years, but I learned that citrus makes the problem worse for me. I don’t eat any fruit except bananas. Also chocolate. No coffee, tea or anything that acts as a diuretic. Do your own research on your own body. The internet won’t be able to answer the question completely. But your body is reacting to something- whether its from food or from demodex mites. It’s going to take a lot of trial and error to figure out.