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I had loud acne beetween my 13 and 16 y/o. It was healed with Roaccutane like most young people suffering of powerful acne. I think this medication is guitly of my very sensitive skin nowadays. Until my 20’s I had a clear skin. Then it all started slowly. Strange oozing pimples which crust yellow over after a few hours of oozing.
The feeling is that my skin face all becomes itchy when that kind of pimples occur. Then it starts on a varying location on my face. It can appear everywhere EXCEPT on the body, on the neck, on the eyelids (unlike most of you) and round the eye. It also never happens on the scalp and less often on the beard.
The very first two years it was ok because I had like 2 or 3 per month. I just thought that it was going to clear by itself. Then after some time, and getting the problem more often and more often, I went to the dermatologist I’ve ever been since my young age. She’s the chief of his sector and pretty good/trustfull. I showed her some pictures I took (the pictures I will put in a link below) and I was diagnosed with impetigo or folliculitis.
I took some antibiotics and put some bactroban./fucidin on my face and in my nose several times. Then during a year I went to see her again and again after each treatments, and did many times the same medication even if it all the time failed . After some time, I met her during an active lesion, she took a sample of the liquid and it was found out later that there was no abnormal amount of staph/strepto. After that, I tried a medication against herpes. It then seemed to improve but I’m not sure at all it was because of that. Then I just gave up for something like a year. Since the time it went worst than ever before. It was big lesion on a daily basis. It was really hard to cope for me and I used to be very depressive. Now I’m almost 25 years old, it’s been 5 years that I get this shit BUT for months it’s really better… I can stay for weeks with almost nothing and I’m not on any medication. I only got 3 or 4 big lesions on a year lately, Nowadays it’s small pimples which clear up in 12 hours and are easy to hide with foundation cream. Now I’m gonna describe you the worst kind of lesion I ever got: starting very itchy, getting red around and white like a mosquitoe bit on the middle. In a few hours it gets really big!!! Sometimes it makes either a big blister or a big pimple. And it oozes, it oozes for hours (worst case more than 24hours). My strategy to cope that: I never let a crust scabbing anymore. I put a round plaster on it and change it every hours til it stops to ooze. When it has stopped, I remove the plaster and it looks like a cigarette burn with my skin raw under… Such like a wound. Then FORTUNATELY, I can hide it with foundation cream. I never go out with a crust on the face, It happened a few times to go partying with a lil plaster on the face and it’s really easier for me this way. Now I’m gonna describe the little ones, the one I got the more often. But now it’s liveable unlike last year. It starts like the big ones and I put a plaster on it as well. It’s nearly all the time the evening… This is because of that I’ve not been able to make a skin biopsy yet :confused: (it’s the next step for my dermatologist). So I put a plaster and either it oozes for a few hours and a few time later it’s easy to hide with foundation cream, either it doesn’t ooze at all and clear up by itself!!! Just like if oxygen makes it worst… My face is getting more red when I suffer of this trouble, so I’m pretty sure this can be related to demodex. I want to try the medication that healed a few ppl right here as well but first need to make a skin biopsy. Pretty bored of loosing money for nothing. But for a few months I’m convinced this is due to demodex. I’ve also made blood test, all is normal. I’ve paid to analyse my blood to see if I’m not intolerant to any food. And I’m not!!! I didn’t really find out things or stuff that improve or worsen the symptomes. Except the plaster which improves and the stress/anxiety which can worsen. Alcool, food, cafe and so on; this makes no change for me. Fortunately, I can have a normal life with that, even if I don’t have all the time a perfect skin, I’m getting used to it even when I’m with ppl. That was my story to share. I wash my face with LA ROCHE POSAY LIPIKAR SURGRAS (without soap, really gentle to the skin) and put moisturiser EUCERIN ULTRA SENSITIVE once a day. I stopped tea tree oil, it’s certainly due to it that my skin was in an awful status last year. Have a nice week, I’m happy to meet ppl with common stories. Bye bye

Thanks for posting and sharing.

In my case, if I have one that oozes a lot, anything that blocks it (cream or plaster) will cause the fluid to build up and pushes the blockage away.

About the food intolerance test via blood: note that there is not a general consensus about the validity of these tests:
(There is a difference between intolerance and allergy.)
I did an expensive food intolerance test via blood, thinking it was an allergy test and a valid test, but it’s controversial…

I also got a bad reaction from tea tree oil when using it on a lesion, but I was using 100% tea tree oil direct on the skin, what is not recommended, because it can irritate the skin. Maybe it would be a positive if I would use it mixed up with 50% jojoba oil, as is often described in treatments.
Some argue that a bad reaction from tea tree oil is due to dying demodex mites.

Do you have a date planned for the skin biopsy?

I would suggest to give Soolantra a try. It seems to works pretty well for me and some others that use it. Although you may need to prepare yourself with arguments and information (such as availability), before asking the derm for Soolantra.

The blood test was about allergies AND intolerances.
I have nothing of that.
I unfortunately cannot plan a skin biopsy because it has to be the early stages of the lesion, as prescribed by my derm. No oozing and stuff yet. Most of the time I get my lesion on the evening or during the night so it’s pretty hard to manage a skin biopsy :confused: But the day will come!
I will of course talk about soolantra to my derm and the demodex theory…
I will try the soolantra with the 2 other medication if possible; but the last choice will be the one of my doctor!
I used to mix one drip of tea tree oil with my moisturizer during months.
Bad idea my skin got more and more red and irritated.
I also tried 100% tea tree oil on the lesions but it doesn’t work.
Good night!

Hi guys, I got something to add to my story…
I saw you were talking about bacterial/viral causes in other topics and this triggered somehting back to me.
I remember my first girlfriend was once diagnosed with chlamydia and we both had to take a treatment against that. I never had blood testing on myself to look for that but had to go for a treatment still. Since the treatment, I never akcnowledged if it was gone or even I ever had it once… Do you think it could be related ?
The problems started to occur like 1year and a half after I broke up with my first gf.

I don’t think (from what I see on the Internet) that chlamydia is able to cause these skin problems. Unless you have a burning sensation around the genitals with a possible cloudy discharge (other than sperm), or unless you have infected eye problems (conjunctivitis) at the white area of the eyes, I wouldn’t suspect chlamydia.
Other STDs could be more likely (compared to chlamydia), such as secondary syphilis.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve considered the chlamydia angle before, too. My skin issues started around age sixteen, which was also the first time I fooled around with a girl. But in doing some research online it seems like Chlamydia affects the eyes, but not really the face. One thing you would notice is testicular swelling and tingling. I was tested for Chlamydia one time in my life and it was the worst experience ever. I don’t know if I could go through it again. I’ve taken enough antibiotics that I’m pretty sure it would have wiped out Chlamydia if I did have it. Apparently Doxycycline and other antibiotics kill it very easily.

@FromBelgium @misfit108
I became aware of my skin problem I think a few weeks after kissing a girl. Although it could also be before it, I thought about it many times, but I can’t recall whether I had the skin problem before it, because at that time, I didn’t took it serious, just like it was some form of acne. But if it was caused by her, then it’s caused/transferred by kissing or skin-to-skin contact. But if your current partner doesn’t have any problems at all, than that would make that unlikely again, or they are asymptomatic.

I have also used doxycycline, it did make my skin smoother in general I think, but it didn’t remove the oozing lesions at all.

Also note that chlamydia is often tested by taken samples from the genital area, such as urine or swabs. But if it’s located on another area, then I don’t know whether samples from the genital area would detect it, probably not, unless maybe if the test would be done via blood.

I did do a STD test to rule things out for the lesion disease, which came back negative. But if Chlamydia is capable of being on a different location, then it may be a false-negative. I find it interesting that you both mention this.

Looking at your photos, it looks like I have the exact same problems as you. I’ve had this for years with no luck of getting rid of it. I’ve been to serveral dermatologists. I’ve used creams/ anti biotics and nothing gets rid of this!!! I had gotten it swabbed for staph and herpes, both the tests came back negative.
If you ever find out what this is please let me know!!!
I swear I have the exact same break outs as you!

Hi, welcome :slight_smile:
You should have a look at Soolantra. It is the most used treatment for this skin problem and a lot of people have succes with it.