Hi guys! I’ve been battling with a diagnosis. S

Hiii. I’m new here. I dont know what to tell you. I’m a 25 year old female. I’ve been getting this pimple like bumps and pustules(4 derms told me it was acne) but nothing gets rid of them. I went and took a test for demodex. It came back positive. Doss this look like ot? Or could it be just a casual finding?

I will give you more insight. like 8 months go I started getting break outs which I thought were due to my period, but now they are more frequent. I have taken pretty much everything short of accutane. From oral AB to topical creams to anti fungus. It wasn’t getting better and My face is itchy and burns. Sometimes my whole body would burn. So I decided to do multiple test and one day and the lab the lady asked me have you searched for demodex? I was skeptical at first but I took the test and came back positive. When I’m on tetracycline everything is pretty much clear then bad this bastards would appear again. out of nowhere. The itching and the burning started one day at the gym. There once was one in my jaw line that had yellow fluid coming out of it. I thought it was acne at first but it wasn’t getting better. My face also feels really dry and scaly, I would get this scales around my mouth, between my eyebrows and around my nose. Also my cheeks never seem to have anything but persistent erythema. Plus sometimes I get crust around my eyelashes and they are starting to fall off
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I also been getting frequent hot flushes that make my skin burn and itch


Looking at your photos, it does look different than what most of us here have: What does it look like? (photos)
Although, some of the things you write may match.

Almost all people (not just on this forum) have demodex. So a positive demodex test doesn’t say much, unless the population density of demodex per square inch/cm is high. I haven’t seen anybody here reporting a demodex density test. (Except for myself, with a hand usb microscope, using a non-standard visual test.)

Itch on the face is common for the people here, but not whole body. (I sometimes do get itch on my back and head during excercise and heat, which may be cholinergic urticaria, but I’m not sure. But I can’t remember seeing other people reporting this here.) ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cholinergic_urticaria )

Yellow fluid from lesions do match what people here have, but scales are not common.
Crusts on the eyelashes isn’t reported often, but can match what people here have. (I did have itchy and cursted eyelids.)

Looking at your photos, it looks bit like facial folliculitis (which can have many different causes) and acne.
Scales are often reported with skin problems like seborrheic dermatitis. But I don’t know much about it.

Hot flushes are often reported with rosacea. ( https://rosaceagroup.org/ is a good forum about it.)

So I’m not sure if you have what must of us here have. If you have it, than you should try Soolantra (which is also a product for rosacea). (Soolantra is often a very easy to use product, without much problems, although some people may respond with a bad reaction to it. So in case you start with it, you may want to try to use it slowly. For more info, see Bad first reaction .)

If you found a solution for your problem, or are going to start with Soolantra, or something else. Feel free to report back :slight_smile:

Yes the posivity of the test is by studying how many demodex are there. It comes back negative when there a too little. I’ve starting to using soolantra. No adverse reaction but doesn’t seem to be making it better either. SD has been diagnosed several times. I don’t know what’s causing this. My cheeks are pretty much clean. is just around my mouth and on my forehead. I’m completely desperate! Forehead is always the worst!. Thank you. I would let you know how’s it going. About folicullitis. There’s a thing called demodex folicullitis!!! Demodex seems to be everywhere this days. I was giving a course of oral ivermectine(the same as is in soolantra) and it caused and initial flare up. Horrible that I think I might have many things combined. Will let you know how it goes!!hopong this would go away sooner than later :raised_hands:t6:

Really think about the history of the products you’ve been using. Did you switch shampoos or anything else recently that you weren’t doing a year ago? Soolantra can take two weeks or more to start working. So, we have to see how you look in a few weeks. Soolantra has made me clear for two years now, but if I use something like tea tree oil in a soap or anything that isn’t just plain soap, I’ll get breakouts despite using Soolantra. You really gotta strip things down and start experimenting to see what does and does not work.