Hopefully the end to my struggle

Hi Guys!

After yet another bad breakout, I was scrolling endlessly through the internet looking for any sort of answer for what could possibly be wrong with my face. Struggling with this issue for more than 10 years now, I thought I read every source on the internet that contained even the slightest similarity to my symptoms. On page 3 or 4 on Google, I found a forum in Germany (I am also from Germany) where a guy was discussing a similar issue. He shared a link to this forum. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have found people that share the same mystery disease.

You probably know this so well. Countless vists at different Derms, diagnosis ranging from Impetigo to Staph to Eczema. Realising that no general medication really cured me, I wanted to share what has helped me in the past for the people, who have not yet tried Soolantra.

For me, most effective has been a mix of topical azelaic acid (15% and up) two times a day. Azelaic Acid is anti inflammatory, calms the skin and reduces redness. Perfect for our condition and results came after approx. 4 weeks. Count of lesions went down (while of course not completly) when staying consistent. Also, applying a thick zinc oxide paste before bed. Looks ridiculous but it did help for me. I have seen, that some users here reported similar! :slight_smile: Also, barrier repair products with 3% Ceramides seem to have helped although they are a little on the pricier side. Of course, this all only reduced the symptoms, I still had oozing crusts, just a little less often than before.

After coming here, I instantly talked to my derm to get Soolantra. I will probably start my journey next week and I am excited to report back with the coming progress. :blush:

Thanks again to all for sharing your experiences and for creating this forum!

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I wish you well with soolantra and am very hopeful for you. I just read about azelaic acid (finacea) at this link Soolantra Vs Finacea And Other Rosacea Treatments - Which Is Best? .

They compare several treatments and say in comparison to Finacea that “Soolantra is likely to be more effective at treating rosacea with papules and pustules”. It certainly works for me.

I stopped using Soolantra and just wash my face with water since beginning of August 2023. I’m beginning to see a return of some small lesions. They are not oozing or crusting. My skin is also becoming a bit more dry. I suspect that the demodex mites are returning. It’s been over 6 months since I used soolantra so may decide to start using it again if things get any worse.

I’m really glad that you found this site. All the best with your journey and please let us know how you get on. You may need to use the soolantra for 6 weeks or so to see results so stick with it.

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Hi everybody!

Quick update. I finally got the soolantra! My derm also prescribed me a low dose of doxy (Oracea) to help with the eventual die-off phase. She did however mention that, similar to starting a retinol, a purge only happens in about ¼ of patients. I am unsure whether that applies to our condition as well, though as many here have reported to worsen at the start. If things get really bad, she also prescribed a steroid crème just in case. Hopefully I wont need it. Anyway, I have seen Tso’s advice not to start the treatment before an important event. Since I do have one upcoming unfortunately, I decided to not start for another two weeks as I am quite anxious about it and my skin looks okayish right now with just two little lesions. I will report back after starting!

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We’re rooting for you! We all know what it’s like and how frustrating and embarrassing this condition can be.