How long do your spots last?


First of all, I just want to say how grateful I am this forum exists. I just came upon this site yesterday and I couldn’t stop reading; so glad to know that I’m not alone and this is a condition, despite me not being ever able to find anything about it in previous searches.

I was just curious as to how long everyone else’s spots last. Mine happen occasionally and when they appear only last for a few days tops. They are EXACTLY like the conditions and pictures described except for the duration. I have notice that they tend to pop up when I’m stressed.

Attached a pic to add to the wealth of info here. Curious to hear back!

Welcome :slight_smile:

If I remember it correctly, mine took about 3 days on average. But large bad lesions could take one to two weeks to completely heal. The one on your photo is larger than my average lesion and would maybe take like 8 days to heal on my skin, but I find this difficult to estimate. Even when the oozing phase is over, underneat yellow crusting layer is often a red area of damaged skin. Not sure if removing the yellow layer would result in a longer time for the skin to heal.

Have you tried Soolantra yet?

No, I haven’t tried Soolantra! I have really never thought of treating it before because it’s not a constant thing on my face, if that makes sense. I probably get them once every two or three months and only for a couple days at a time, so I kind of just deal with it and wait for them to go away.

Are the spots you get often this size? And at random locations on the face?

Are you using products with tea tree oil in it?