How many of us afflicted have nose piercings?

I’ve seen a couple uploaded photos of people with nose piercings, myself included. I wonder if there is a link between piercings and this condition. I know that bacteria in the nose could be an issue with reoccurring impetigo (if that’s what some of us actually have).

I do have a (fresh) nostril piercing and had a septum piercing as well many years back. Unfortunately, I had the condition before I got the first piercing, in the meantime where I had neither and still had it after getting the nostril done. I also havent noticed any worsening after. So at least in my case I dont think that it has any effect on the crusts

It’s an interesting thought. @misfit108 wondered whether his piercings had caused his condition. I had an earring when I was a teenager. I’m in my late 50s now and that spot swells up and releases some discharge periodically. Is there anybody with no piercings?

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