Hypochlorous acid kills demodex

I ran across an article stating that hypochlorous acid is just as useful as TTO in treating blepharitis and killing demodex. You can by on Amazon for$$$$$. Then I realized it is exactly what I have been using for general cleaning as Force of Nature. The system electrolytes water and with their additive makes hypochlorous acid. I sprayed my face and eyes and my husbands also. We are experiencing massive die off! Massive! I think this stuff really works and after the initial investment of the system $70-90. It is so cheap. Plus you can clean every thing with it. Do your own research. Ask me questions.

It’s still unclear whether demodex plays a role in this disease.
In my case, I used TTO eye lid scrubs and TTO solutions on my face, but it didn’t fix my eye and skin problems. However, using Soolantra did gave results, even though I did avoid the eye area as mentioned in the manual.