I just applied soolantra to my face for the first time

I’ve been suffering at the hands of these God forsaken mites for over ten years. It’s time to strike back! I’m not currently insured but I said screw it. Bye bye $236! Hello Soolantra!

I hope hope hope this works. Here we go!

I have one question for those who have seen success… I apply moisturizer daily after I shower and the moisturizer sits on my skin for 24 hours til I shower again. At what point in this process should I apply Soolantra? My current plan is before bed. I’m not sure if applying Soolantra on top of the moisturizer will blunt the medication’s effect.

Thanks all and wish me luck!

Hi, Welcome!

Applying Soolantra while you have a moisturizer on the face, will probably reduce the concentration and thus the effectiveness of Soolantra. But in the beginning, it may be better to start with it slowly, because of a possible initial breakout. Starting with a low concentration is also a form of starting with it slowly.

If you want to increase the exposure to Soolantra, you could wash your face before bed with water, then apply Soolantra.
Also note that even small amounts of Soolantra may be effective. I used a single tube for 2 to 3 months, and some people use it closer to a year.

Hi Tso! Thank you for your reply.

I wonder… What if I applied Soolantra, let it dry for a few minutes and THEN applied moisturizer. Do you think that would make any difference?

That’s how I often used it when I wanted to use a moisturizer all day and night and Soolantra at night. Even though Soolantra does contain a moisturizer, it’s very mild, so I used a separate moisturizer (which is from the same company) about 5 minutes after applying Soolantra.

So my routine was: I wake up, wash my face with cold or lukewarm water, dry it slightly with a towel (but still leave it a bit moistured), then apply a moisturizer on the slightly dampened face, so that it spreads easier without having to use a lot of moisturizer.
Before bedtime, I was my wash with cold or lukewarm water. then dry it slightly with a towel, then I apply Soolantra, then wait 5 minutes and then apply the moisturizer.

But I’m not fully sure whether I also used this exact routine in the beginning phase of Soolantra, I think I did, but I don’t think it would blunt the effect a lot. You can also increase exposure to Soolantra by applying it also in the morning, or by not applying a moisturizer at night.

(I’m currently not using Soolantra, because I don’t have oozing lesions anymore. But I do use a moisturizer.)