I think I’ve finally cracked it!


Hello Guyz N Gals,

Sorry I’ve quiet lately but I’ve been conducting my own experiments over the last 6 to 8 months and they have given me some real insights into what is potentially causing the skin condition with me.
I’ve been experimenting with sugar free products, mainly what would be in my house, juice & food etc. Over the course of the time I stated I consumed a lot of sugar free products and during this part of the test my face broke out in all the usual places including parts it had never before. I then stopped the sugar free foods and within a few days noticed a significant improvement, within a week to ten days it had cleared. So I started again, consuming sugar free foods again and when I broke out this time I didn’t stop, in fact I encreased my intake and my face got worse, a lot worse in fact so bad that I had to stop work as my face was weeping constantly. I then stopped again and yet again, even though this was prob the worst case I’ve had in quite a long time the difference in a few days was shocking, the weeping had stopped, the sores started to heal and again within 7 to 10 days it was practically healed. I decided that I had definitely stumbled onto something here but I had to try this again but only use one sugar free product as I had to determine it was definitely this that was causing my condition. I settled on a sugar free gum, Extra, my wife keeps it in the car so I was easily accessible. I ate between 2 to 3 pieces a day, at first nothing happened, I continued for over a week and low and behold my face started to break out again, must have just needed the time to build up in my system. I continued to take it and again it got pretty bad, but once I stopped, it cleared up within 7 to 10 days again. The results spoke for themselves, I believe in my case and it might be for you as well, that aspartame is what is causing my breakouts, this ingredient is the only common denominator in my trials, it’s in all the sugar free products, and I do mean ALL.
Try your own experiments and see how you get on. I really do think I’ve cracked this though, the aspartame is building in the body and poisoning it and the body is reacting by trying to expell it in any way it can, weeping sores which don’t clear up as long as you keep consuming it!!!


That’s cool that you spotted one of your triggers. Go long distance with it and see if you can go a few months, ooze free. Report back!


Already doing that, I’ll report back at Christmas :christmas_tree:


thanks a lot for the post. inspires hope. would appreciate if you could update. thanks. i’m currently going through post cycle therapy and i’m wondering how it is all going to turn out. might return with updates too.


Don’t worry I will :+1:t2:


From what I’ve read, artificial sweeteners (like aspartame) may be bad because they result in an insuline spike (like sugar does), and because it’s bad for microbiota in the gut. An unhealthy gut may result in all kinds of strange problems, but it heavily differs per person.

In my case, I did use artificial sweeteners, but I haven’t tracked the usage of it compared with the lesions. So I cannot say much about it when it comes to my lesions (which I don’t have anymore).

If you think diet is related and you are already eating healthy, you may want to try an elimination diet, to find out if certain foods are causing problems. A new elimination diet that seems to gain some popularity is the Carnivore Diet: