I think mine came from oral sex. Who has this and had participated in oral sex and thinks that it may be the cause


I think mine came from oral sex. Who has this and had participated in oral sex and thinks that it may be the cause. I’ve been dealing with this terrible thing for about 9 years. During the time that it started, I remember having new sexual encounters. I’m just saying, I think it is from oral sex, of course I could be wrong. All I do know is that it really sucks, having to go in to work with this stuff oozing from your face. Don’t forget to wipe. I treat mine with simple triple antibiotics cream as soon as I notice one coming.


It seems it’s definitely not coming from that. All about coincidences. You should read other topics on this forum, especially about demodex.


Personally, I had the problem long before I ever did anything oral with anyone. So in my case, it’s a no. I did start having the problem shortly after I first ‘made out’ with a girl, so who knows… could be related to the funky diseases we all give each other. People fool around every day, so its not the action that gives this oozing problem. It’s something about the individual. Something with immune system or their body’s reaction to demodex. If oral was the cause of the problem, the whole world would be walking around with this problem.


There are others that also thought/showed a possible link with STD, but it remains unclear whether this is really case. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

If you have this problem long enough, then at some point you will think about everything, ranging from food, allergy, sexual activity, weather, microorganisms etc.

Personally, I think that it’s likely that there are at least two factors involved, of one which is (I think) a microorganism (such as demodex and bacteria), the other may be genetics, allergy or maybe another microorganism.

Also note that demodex is transferred via skin-to-skin contact or indirect contact (via object touched by someone else, such as a towel). The highest transmission of demodex is via body-to-body contact, so if you have oral sex, you likely transfer more demodex than simply shaking someones hand. So it may not be oral sex specifically, but more generally skin-to-skin contact. (Combined with another unknown factor.) This also gives a higher transmission of other microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses.

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