I totally have this

29 year old male here - I totally have the oozing yellow crusts

I have had them since high school, they appeared one day and ive struggled with them sense. i’ve never had a traditional cold sore on my lips - I don’t think these are cold sore related other than the fact that they pop up in the same exact spot on me - In my nose, bad outbreaks, both sides but usually if its not bad they will pop up in the left nostril only, sometimes they hit the area where your nose meets your upper lip in a cluster but that is rare. I have tried to spread them with contact for science but mine don’t seem to spread.

The story goes like this - first i get a small red bump, it itches and I know its coming
then the blister appears, white/offwhite
then after a day or so it crusts over and oozes flaking that golden honey comb sticky substance off and takes forever to heal and is extremely itchy the entire duration

I think it could be related to staph but im not certain - what do you guys think about staph being a possiblity?

I did have major success with hibiclens just in the nostrils on q tips and in ears, ive never washed my face or body with it. - Started using it in Jan, haven’t had an outbreak since until today because I thought i was good after not using it for two weeks…and a sore popped up today.

So anyway, im just another person out here with this stupid crusting crap on my face!

@Larrymoe - first of all, welcome! Wish you were meeting us under different circumstances. Most of us, including myself, have had great success with Ivermectin – I highly recommend it.

Best of luck!

All of my swabs/biopsies have had trace amounts of staph, trying anything to treat it has had absolutely zero effect.

People here are often tested negatively for staph, even when samples are taken from active sites. But I cannot rule out that even in those cases, staph may be involved, but maybe it’s via a different mechanism than is normally the case in staph infections. (Like the theory in which demodex is carrying and protecting the staph bacteria from antibiotics.)

If your problems are primarily inside the nose, than that sounds like that’s caused by bacteria like staph inside that location. Physician usually prescribe topical antibiotics for it. Maybe they can take a bacterial culture swab when you have an outbreak in the nose?

Most people here (including me) that tried topical antibiotics for oozing yellow crusts, report that it’s not effective.
In my case, face washing with Hibiclens (Hibiscrub) was not effective, so interesting to read that you did have good results with it. If you want to stop with Hibiclens, than you could try Soolantra (topical ivermectin) or Sudocrem.

Do you know which kind of staph it is? Staph usually means Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), which can include MRSA (Methicillin-resistant S. Aureus).

If you cannot get rid of staph with antibiotics, than you could try Gladskin Staphefekt (https://www.gladskin.com). Staphefekt uses a completely different mechanism than antibiotics to combat bad bacteria, it uses phages to kill only staph bacteria, while antibiotics can also harm the good bacteria.
(I was tested negative for Staph and Staphefekt had no result on me.)

The strange thing with this is that the sores pop up in exactly the same spot. I also get very swollen lymph nodes when I have an outbreak.

My sores don’t spread, I can’t rub them and force them to spread to a different area of my face or body. I did some reading on the site and some people have found spreading sores.

Another point I skipped was as a kid i had constant strep throat, once a year sometimes twice per school year. The doc would prescribe amoxicillin and I would go on my way. He did discuss taking my tonsils out but only if it got worse, the amoxicillin always knocked it out.

If this is staph related maybe i am predisposed.

If a parasite or demodex is carrying it, would i have other areas of infection? Why do the sores keep reoccurring in the same spot time after time?

With exactly the same spot, you mean within a few millimeter precision?

My skin get also get swollen, which I would describe as swollen bumps, but I don’t know if there is a relation with lymph nodes.

The spreading that some people mention, may suggest that some kind of infectious disease causing substance is transferred. But maybe that may not be what it seems. The oozing yellow curst lesions often itch, so people may scratch in those area’s. When a new but not visible lesion is coming up, people may start to scratch in the new area’s and then see a new lesion the next day, causing them to think that something is transferred, which may not be the case. Also, scratching by itself may cause the skin to weaken, increasing the risk of a new lesion. Also, if the demodex theory is correct, then technically it can spread, simply because demodex can move.

Not sure if there is a relation, but I did got something like strep throat around the time period that I first remembered that I got an oozing lesion, which was in 2012.
My tonsils were also removed when I was a child.

Demodex lives from sebum, so they stay at oily area’s, expecially in the T-zone (forehead, eyelids, nose, mouth, region). Mulitple demodex mites can stay in a single hair follicle. I don’t know the movement patterns of demodex on the face, but maybe they often stay in the same splot, thus causing recurring problems in that spot. But as long as we don’t know the exact cause of oozing yellow crusts, it’s very difficult to reason about it.
Personally I think that multiple factors are involved, which is what makes it so hard to find the exact cause. (These theoretical factors may be things like, demodex, bacteria, fungi, allergy, autoimmume, food and genetics.)

So I’m not sure if you have the same thing as most of us here, but it sounds like you have, although your good result with Hibiclens is somewhat surprising. But if you have the same thing, than Soolantra is something worth trying.