Is it the same condition? (PHOTOS)

Is it the same condition (photo)???

I saw 3 dermatologist and no one found my problem….I was diagnosed with impetigo but no treatment helped. I have this condition since the last 3 years, my boyfriend never catches it.


I have an exact condition like you and I ve been for 22 weeks now on low dose Accutane (20 mg). Tonight I decided to start using Soolantra and Im praying to god that it will help. Accutane dried out my face completely and helped a bit but I still get a new crust almost every day. Im hoping that Soolantra will kill the mites so I can start to live my life once again as I ve been dealing with this unknown disease for the last five years. It starts as a small pimple but quickly turns out to be a huge crust with a yellow/golden puss which forms a crust later.

I have spent thousands of € on various dermatologists, medicine, antibiotics, creams, serums, facewashes etc…i found out about this forum just a while ago and the comments about Soolantra that I found here convinced me that I have to try it.

Wish me luck.
I wish you all the best too!


I’m very hopeful for both of you. Remember, you need to stick with the soolantra for some time before it achieves full results (you can read my experience on this site). It totally changed things for me. I’ve stopped using soolantra since August ‘23 and only use water on my face (no soap). I get occasional small spots but nothing oozes and it’s totally manageable.


I’m also on accutane low dose like you right now, but after almost a year on it, it only diminished the zits, but I still have them less frequently. However, it didn’t disappear completely…I also ask for this médecine, let me know if it gets better for you

Hi Kazz,

This is def the same problem. Mine looked exactly the same, was also told it was impetigo! I had it for years, got put on roaccutane to no avail. Soolantra will sort this out, just gets a little bit worst in the beginning due to the die off. Good luck your nearly at the end!


You got ride of it at 100%?

Hello to everyone!

I wanted to give you just a quick update on my current condition.

Three weeks ago I started to use Soolantra and used it just for a couple of “nights” as I applied the cream in the evening and removed it from my face in the morning. The skin on my face is very odd because it doesn’t absorb anything including Soolantra as it just “sits” on my face but I think that it has to have some kind of effect as long as I apply it on my face. After a couple of nights that I used Soolantra, of course I am stupid so I stopped applying the cream and in the last two and a half weeks that I havent been applying the cream I havent had any crusts, miraclously. In the last couple of days I had three smaller crusts so I think that Im going to start applying Soolantra again. Im just afraid that im not going to experience any side effects because finally I managed to train in the gym for two weeks in a row which hasnt happened in a while. Im still on a low dose 20 mg Accutane.

In a perfect scenario, I hope that Soolantra doesn’t create any problems in terms of side effects and I’ll make sure that I will use it longer than three weeks ago.

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Soolantra is not an instant cure in my experience. I had to apply for around 8 weeks before it cleared everything. But it was very effective for me. It resolved multiple conditions: rosacea, dermatitis, dandruff, dry skin. It really transformed my skin.