It was in my eyes and I didn’t know!

I’ve been waking up with really dry, sore eyes for nearly a year. I sometimes sleep with my slightly eyes open (creepy, I know) and that causes the same feeling, so I thought I was just doing that every night now. I would wake up and put drops in immediately and then they’d feel better.

Anyway! After using the ivermectin cream for 1.5 weeks, when I wake up — my eyes are FINE! They’re not dry or irritated or anything. I woke up this morning and didn’t need the eye drops!

Now, in retrospect, I guess it was demodex the whole time and not that I was sleeping with my eyes partially open. And when I used the drops in the morning, it was just washing away the crud they left from partying in my eyes all night :nauseated_face:

So, I guess this has been going on longer than I thought! My eyes started bugging me almost a year ago, and my skin didn’t start getting bad until probably 6 months after that.

So, yeah, i guess the lesson here is — if you’re having dry eyes in the morning it could be demodex.

Interesting. I used to get styes on my eyelids every 5-6 months. Never associated them with the oozing yellow crusts, but never got another stye after starting Soolantra. Read after that the demodex can cause styes too, so makes sense.

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Same here. I had blepharitis (styes) on the eyelids around the time I first noticed the oozing lesions. I tried using tea tree oil lid scrubs, but that didn’t work. (There are professional videos on Youtube about it.)
Then I bought a microscope for this skin problem. Then I tried to pull an eyelash that was centered on the stye, but I accidentally pulled out the one next to it. I put the eyelash under the microscope, and saw nothing special. Then I managed to pull the once in the centered of the stye, and saw multiple demodex mites. I maybe repeated this once of twice with unaffected hair follicles, but saw nothing. From which I concluded that the stye was likely caused by demodex.

The blepharitis went completely away shortly after starting with Soolantra, even though I didn’t apply it near my eyes. (I did apply a small amount between the eyes and near the eye brows.) It was even more effective than on other parts of the face.

Same, I didn’t put it near my eyes either, but it managed to work anyway!

Also, skin microscope! :dizzy_face: You’re braver than me. I REALLY don’t want to see what’s on my face!