Ivermectin works on this AND Covid

I have been using Ivermectin for The Disease since I discovered it here in 2016
It has been the only thing to work
I had tried 6 antibiotics and 5 doctors.
I have Rosiver, but I mainly use the cattle pour-on topically. Every time I see The Disease pop up, I absolutely drown it by soaking the spot with the cattle pour-on (which by the smell, also has a lot of rubbing alcohol in it)

A few weeks ago, I had Covid like symptoms
-Really bad shortness of breath, cough, headache, foggy head, chills, lowgrade fever, difficulty speaking due to cough

I took Ivermectin for horses (250lb dose) orally
2 days later, all symptoms vanished except a residual cough
1 week later, I took one more dose, and the residual cough vanished too


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There are not much people here who used ivermectin orally. Did you notice improvement of the skin, when using it orally? Or would it be difficult to compare, because you also use it topically?

When using Rosiver, you should use it wide spread on the face, as a prevention of new lesions, instead of using it only on the spot.

How does Rosiver (topical ivermectin) compare to the topical cattle pour product?

When I used it orally I was not having any symptoms of The Disease, just Covid
I find Rosiver is not as potent and powerful as the cattle pour product
I have put Rosiver on a lesion and it doesn’t go away
When I DROWN a lesion in cattle pour, it can not survive. Its powerful stuff. And it smells of Rubbing Alcohol.