Just a little advice to ask you guys

Hello all!
Finally, I am starting soolantra too.
But my derm prescribed me to put it every two days for the first week, because it is irritating.
What do you think about that ?

I think it depends on the type of skin you have. I think your derm may have better insight into your skin then any of us so I’d go with your derm’s advice for now. If you think your skin can handle more frequent applications then try it in a few weeks. What I can tell you is that your condition may get worse before it gets better. Not sure if this is die off or skin adjusting to the cream. I still think demodex is my issue. I’ve been using rosiver (soolantra) for 3.5 months now and I’m almost clear. I get the occasional lesion but they don’t ooze much and I go weeks lesion free. But in the beginning it got a bit worse. Expect to see improvements in 6 weeks.

I used it every night for about two months. Now I use it every three nights. Like Col said, you may see a bit of redness at the start but it will get better over time. I think it’s up to you to use it every two days or every day. Either way, you should get the same result. Also, with me… I only apply to the area between my eyes along my nose and through my eyebrows. Basically my T-zone. And just applying it to this small region keeps my whole face clear. I was worried about this tube being expensive, but I’ve been using it 5 months and I’ve still got half a tube left because I don’t put it all over my entire face. You’ll have to experiment and see what works for you. Good luck and please come back to post your progress.

I also had a mild small worsening when starting with Soolantra, with some redness.
But some people have a large worsening at the beginning. Putting it on every two days may reduce the severity of a possible breakout/worsening.

Btw, what did your derm say about prescribing Soolantra? Does the derm belief in demodex? Some time ago you said that you were waiting for a active lession to come up so that the derm could see it. Did you try this?

Hi! The derm already have seen an active lesion years ago. But no biopsy was done because it must be before it’s getting active. My derm agreed to prescribe me soolantra without problems. I talked to her about the demodex suspicions and she was ok to give it a try. So I’m on soolantra for a little bit more than one month and without surprise, i’m clear too! My face is less itchy, less red, more smooth and when I get a bump it doesn’t ooze! I’m way happy ! Now I wonder how long I have to undergo the treatment. Any help ?

We may be using Soolantra for life. Let’s hope it doesn’t have any crazy side effects later on. I apply a small amount every other day. If I don’t, the ooze returns. But I only apply to right between my eyes and along the sides of my nose. I’ve been using Soolantra since Feb and Iv’e still got more than half a tube left.

Did you go the demodex specialist derm from Brussels, that I mentioned some time ago?

How long? Nobody knows, because nobody fully knows the cause. It’s just trial and error. The only one from which I know who isn’t using it anymore, is I myself. And maybe @anymnoo, he got back on it some time ago, but not sure if he’s off again. And maybe user Firstman from another forum (but he hasn’t reported back anymore since 1 or 2 years.)

I’m not using Soolantra anymore since December 2015. I’m only using Povidone Iodine as a facewash, which I would like to recommened to others to give a try. (Although I not fully sure to what extent this is helping.)
I still get new lessions, but it’s just a lot less severe and less often than what it used to be, so that I can live normally.


Have you tried this? For how long?