Last Hope

I’ve suffered from these lesions for 15+ years (ranging in severity from eraser sized to quarter sized) & have tried nearly every traditional acne medication (which every doctor or dermatologist seems to think it is) Been on accutane 4x (which clears me entirely when I’m on the medication), but as soon as I finish my treatment, the lesions/oozing pimples will gradually start to return in about 6-12 months. Found this site, & just got my tube of Soolantra (expensive in the US, but I’m willing to give it a shot). Had to haggle with my dermatologist to prescribe (He wanted to do a 5th round of accutane), showed him this site and told him what’s the harm of trying Soolantra versus doing accutane again (which I recommend only as a last resort to anybody thinking of doing it). So let’s see what happens with Soolantra, fingers crossed.

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You’re going to be just fine. Soolantra is going to fix you and give you your life back. Please return and update us. Don’t be a stranger!

***1 Month Update:
Initially started Soolantra every other night for 1 week, now using every night. Had some big break outs between weeks 2-3, literally a new lesion every night that were quite painful. Started losing hope, but they eventually subsided and healed over. So far I’ve been over a week without any new breaks outs (hasent happened since I was on accutane), my skin is also looking smoother and overall healthier, so results are promising so far.

Tests I ran this month:

Sudocream: Isn’t a miracle worker so it won’t heal breakouts or lesions overnight, but it definitely helps heal spots noticeably quicker.
Although any first aid antiseptic (neosporian, etc) has given me the same results. Sudocream is also very pasty & chalky, so you can’t apply it and go out in public. Good for bedtime though.

This was a hard one to gage because I’ve experimented with diet in the past many times, with varying results. I can gorge on sweets, sugars, alcohol, etc and have no new breakouts. On the other hand, I can cut them out entirely, but still have my regular breakouts. I ate a good amount of sweet, spicy, & fatty foods these past 2-3 days because of the holidays, no new breakouts tho, I ll credit it to Soolantra. I also heavily increased my water intake, hydration may or may not be a factor in the disease, but either way hydratings always good.

Will update later on!

Good to hear your positive results :slight_smile:

How did you use Sudocrem? Only on the spots or the complete face covered? (I covered by complete face with it, except eyes.) And for how many days?

I used it strictly as a spot treatment, tho I’ve transitioned back to neosporin because I can easily apply it & it’s hardly visible. Curiously I also had a few pimples pop up recently, although they no longer crust over (which 9/10 they usually do) so more promising results with Soolantra.

Another Update
About 2 months on Soolantra & all I can say is wow, the progress has been amazing. I’d use to have a new pimple that turned into a oozing crust literally every day or every other day, & it took days to heal. Now, I ll get a small pimple every few weeks, & 95% of the time they won’t crust after bursting open & heal within a day. Those that did crust over (1-2 within the last month) were very small, barely oozed & healed within a day. Barely noticeable.

Anybody that’s interested in Soolantra, I’d definitely recommend. A bit pricey ($450-$600 for me here in California) but a tube goes a long way, I apply a pea sized amount at bedtime. Plus you can’t put a price on the peace of mind you’re getting.