Lice connection?

Okay crazy thing happened. I’ve been battling what I’m pretty sure is Demodex and Rosacea. I’ve had the oozing yellow guys and also a rashy red face for 10 years or so. (The yellow crusts are newer- I got them for the first time about 2 years ago.)
Anyway the worst “die off” (I’m assuming that’s what it was) I ever had was after using tea tree soap on my face and scalp. I had a huge outbreak of the oozing yellow crusts.
Then, with some TLC (gentle washing and lotion), they healed and my skin looked better. Not for long though.
Then one day I got LICE! I’m a nanny, so it’s part of life haha.
But the crazy thing is, I used lice shampoo (ON MY SCALP, NOT MY FACE- just wanna clarify) and I think it helped… Well not immediately. I actually ended up getting lice 2 more times from the same family. I know, crazy.
Anyway I had what seemed like die off every time I did the lice treatment. I also treated my whole house like it was infested. I put things in plastic bags for weeks, I washed AND dried everything, did the scalp treatments, and I had this thought:

If this is a parasite (Demodex is an ectoparasite, and lice is also a parasite), maybe treating it like lice could help!

The third time around getting lice, I finally notice a difference. My skin is getting healthier and happier as time goes on.

Anyway. Crazy but maybe there’s a connection! Also I’ve had to balance my treatments with the TLC for my skin too. Because if I go too crazy and harm my protective layer, it is very prone to the redness and itchy burning that I’m calling Rosacea.

I’m just wondering if for those of you using Soolantra, maybe adding a whole “lice routine” to your home might be beneficial, and might keep the little guys from getting over populated in your skin again. Like putting clothes amd linens in the dryer or plastic bags for a few weeks. Has anyone else tried this?

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