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Hey all,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here; discovering this forum really did change my life. Soolantra helped reduce the frequency and size of my breakouts by about 95% ( I still get 1-2 small spots here and there every month, but they’re always small, barely ooze over & heal within 1-2 days)

I’m currently looking into Light Therapy Masks and have purchased one for study; the claim is that the UV red/blue lights in the masks kill demodex, acne causing bacteria and improves overall skin circulation. Does anybody have any experience with these products? I ll update you all on my results in a few weeks. Thanks.

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Interesting. After struggling with this for many years and different therapies, Soolantra ended this for me almost overnight. Just simply nothing, gone… Then, this last March when lockdowns and quarantines started I thought it was a good opportunity to see if I could simply go without and guess what… No Soolantra since March, and not one single oozing crust or anything else. Super amazing to be basically “cured” and not even need Soolantra anymore. Fyi I was on Soolantra for maybe a little over 1 1/2 years (used 1.5 tubes spread out over that time)… Not that Soolantra was bad, it was benign and insurance covered it but nice not too need it. Still have that half tube left if anything reoccurs but it has been long enough it doesn’t seem like a fluke.

How do you get your hands on a tube of soolantra? What’s the exact brand / product You have used ?
Tried everything and still getting weekly break outs of oozing crusts!
Please help :pray:t2:

Hi there,

It is its own product, Soolantra, google Soolantra and go to the first page that comes up, it shows the exact product. I don’t believe there are other brands, Soolantra is a name brand.

It is prescription only unfortunately. I had to go to a dermatologist. He tried a number of different things that did nothing. Finally I had to request it, he didn’t think of it but when I said I wanted to try it (after reading about it on this very forum) he agreed and had a sample tube available. Within days my nasty oozing crust things were just gone. Then he gave me a prescription which got me a full tube. Refilled it once after maybe 8-9 months, still have half that second tube left because I never needed to finish it.

There are a few online stores you can google that will fill out a prescription for you and have one of their pharmacy’s mail it to you. This can be an expensive path however; one tube was running me about $500-$600 to ship to California, but a tube lasts me 7-8 months before I need a refill.

Here’s the website:

You can try shopping around other sites. However the cheapest long term option would be getting your dermatologist to fill out a prescription. Good luck & best wishes!