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Good to hear you’re clear, and only with just one month of use of Soolantra. Note that it may come back, but at least now you know and have an effective weapon against it.
Interesting that it also solved you dry skin problem. In eczema and staph, they often mention the itch-scratch cycle. Maybe Soolantra broke a similar cycle, allowing your skin to restore/strengthen. :


I am so incredibly happy for you!!! i am so grateful for the info I was able to find on these websites. I believe I have been cured by Ivermectin ( the active ingredient in Soolantra) and my own daily regimen of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. I am so happy with my skin now. I’m glad to see other people sharing their success stories!


Hello! I just joined this forum and im so happy about your positive experience with soolantra treatment! I wanna start to use it shortly but I still have some doubts about it… for example how long should I wait before I see affects on my skin?

Thanks in advance!!:slight_smile:


Hi One345, welcome :slight_smile:
(I also just replied to you other topic.)

You owe it to yourself to give Soolantra (or another topical form of ivermectin) at least a try, even when you have doubts. But some people get red and irritated skin from Soolantra and quit. Unclear whether this was only temporary for them. To avoid such reactions, it may be needed to start slowly with it.
Soolantra often gives a change in the lesions in the beginning, more lesions may appear temporary, but often with less oozing and often smaller. In my case, this maybe was only a couple of days to one week, then it gets better.


Does this look like something that soolantra will help? I have p&ps elsewhere on my face (typical rosacea), but this crusty/pussy stuff around my chin responds to nothing. I’ve been using soolantra on the rest of my face starting this week, but not sure what to do with this. I don’t want to go to the derm again. They’re useless.


Welcome :slight_smile:
Looking at the photo, I’m not sure if you have the same skin issue that the other users have.
If you look at this: What does it look like? (photos) does this look similar to your lesions? These lesions are yellow/orange (the distinctive color is more visible in bright light), usually pustule shaped, with clear fluid leaking/oozing from it. These lesions are usually 1 to 3 days active before beginning to heal. (Smaller lesions heal faster.) And then a new one appears randomly somewhere else on the face.
Does this sound similar?

How long do you have this lesion on the chin? And since when do you have similar lesions like this? Did it start after starting with Soolantra?

If it’s not what the other users have, then I’m not sure if Soolantra will help. (Although it can also help for Rosacea.) It may also help, because Soolantra also has anti inflammatory properties, but Soolantra may also give an initial temporary worsening and irritated skin in some users.



I have this skin condition also, only on the right side of my face just above my facial hair to the side of my nose below my eye and also between my eyebrows. I am 35 and haven’t suffered from acne since I was 20 years of age.

Began: Jan 2016

I have been prescribed Dakacort Ointment, which is a miconazole nitratre and hydrocortisone steroid cream…it is effective at treating the oozing and swelling of skin when it happens but is not a cure and can thin the skin so I have to use it sparingly. I also use Daktarin cream which is similar but without the Hydrocortisone(steroid) so less damging to the skin.

I have noticed that if I over-eat the condition appears really bad the next day and is even worse when I eat spicy foods

Interestingly, the start of the condition coincides with when I moved into my new accommodation, which is poorly ventilated and mould tends to build up especially in the winter… I bought an ‘air purifier’ to tackle the mould (it has a UV light which is supposed to clear mould from the air that cycles through it) and because my room is also quite dusty… However I am not sure if it even does anything, I leave it running when i’m not at home and when I check the filter there’s no dust build up at all. It really is hard to know if it helps. In the summer I leave the window open as much as I can but we are on the ground floor so this is dangerous as I live in central London (where thievery was invented!!!).

These may or may not be related:
As well this condition I have had:
1. Very dry flaky skin (which may be why my room is so dusty)
2. Weird tasting/smelling mucus discharge in the back of my nose/mouth (not chronic it is intermittent)
3. Strange things going on with my stools/digestive system which I think might be fungus in my gut…
4. Fungal Infection on one of my toe nails… for which I am currently taking… Terbinafine

Aside from the Soolantra option I have tried a lot I feel with very little success… I will try and get my doctor to refer me to a Dermatologist or perhaps prescribe soolantra based on this forum, although GPs are very suspicious of the internet in general and especially on the NHS we have here in the UK they are reluctant to link my symptoms together the will treat each individually. I am now considering moving out of my current house as I feel it may be very hazardous to my health.

Hope this helps someone or that somone can help me,



(I’ve moved your post to this topic, I think this is a better place.)

It suprises me that you only have it on one side of the face. Would it be possible to post a photo?

About the mold, maybe you could try to keep a window open. In a healthy room, fresh air should be able to reach the room 24h/7. But a lot of bedrooms don’t have such ventilation other than opening a window. (Which can be unpleasant in the winter.) You could also try to find out whether there is some water leakage in the walls, which may be caused by poor walls near shower/water/rain drainages. (I used a pinless moisture meter to measure the degree of moisture in my bedroom floor, caused by a bad wall in the shower. A moisture meter makes it easy to detect the amount of water in walls.) A hygrometer may also be handy to measure the air moisture in the room.

But at the same time, I think it’s also important to keep the skin hydrated. Skin hydration Dry flaky skin could make the skin more sensitive to microorganisms and bad substances in the air. Although in your case, it is probably beter not to use humidifers, because of the mold problem, but hydrating the skin may help, although I’m not sure if hydrating the skin may interact negatively with fungi on the skin.

I would definately advise to give Soolantra a try, most people here that tried it, have success, ranging from good to very good. But it may also cause a breakout, which is probably temporary while it’s used.
Also, stopping with topical steroids may trigger a breakout, or in some cases a long term breakout, called TSW. So if you stop with it, then do so by lowering the dose slowely.

You may also try Sudocrem: Sudocrem saved me!
People that tried it seem to have success with it, but not much people tried it.


I feel really emotional to have found this website.

Ive been suffering with this for over 2 years now. I get an itchy area of red with a central white lump which then proceedes to leak fluid and crust over with an orange scab. They have become more frequent recently and now I get at least 1 a week. They tend to come in clusters/flares. I currently have 3, one the size of a 5p coin. They often come up at night and the feeling of them wakes me, only to reach up and find that horrible feeling of a crusty lump we all know too well!

Ive been to see lots of dermatologists, including a private one, had many many swabs taken (all negative for bact and viral, except one positive for staph) and tried a number of different oral (doxy, fluclox, amoxicillin) and topical antibiotics(fusidic acid and another forgotten the name of). I was even given surgical scrub to use on my face for a month. None have worked and the dermatologists all have no idea, suggesting ‘recurrent impetigo’
Ive tried taking an antihistamine, cutting out gluten, cutting out diary, changing makeup, shampoo, you name it,
Ive never been able to find a picture of anything similar until I have seen the ones on here. I cried when I found them, it sound rediculous but reading the comments and seeing how it affects you all echos exactly how Ive been feeling. Every one says ‘they’re fine’ ‘you can barely notice them’ but its amazing how it can affect your day, your thoughts, your life.

Im going to ring my GP in the morning and beg for Soolantra.


I felt that same emotion when finding out, after about 20 years of weekly suffering, that a few rare others had what I had. You can thank the internet for that. You absolutely must try Soolantra. It took me maybe two weeks for my skin to adjust but now I’ve used it for a year and a half and it has given me my life back. The tube is expensive, but I still have a lot left after just 1.5 years, so it lasts a while. Good luck to finding help and we are all here for you. Welcome to the crusty family!


I went back to see the dermatologist today with the fresh lesion I woke up with, talked through all the demodex theories on here and have been prescribed:
topical metronidazole (Rozex 0.75% gel),
topical Ivermectin (soolantra)
and 3 month course of doxy.

When taking the prescription to the hospital pharmacy they told me they ‘need to Investigate the soolantra before they can give it to me’, Im guessing because its so expensive? Just hoping they will say yes, but I have to wait two days to hear from them. For now I have the other two.

Ive not seen anyone else mention topical metronidazole, only oral. Has anyone tried this?


Good to see that you found this website :slight_smile:

I have used topical metronidazole from XFC creme ( ), but it didn’t do much. Same for oral doxycycline.

I don’t understand why they give you three products of which one you already tried before, especially because it would be interesting to see what Soolantra could do by itself alone.
It also sounds strange that when a dermatologist prescribes something, the pharmacist is going investigate it.

If you get Soolantra, you may want to try it slowly, because it may cause a bad breakout: Bad first reaction


My experience was this- I did all the research and told my doctor I wanted Soolantra. She didn’t want to give it to me. (After a few years in college, they don’t like a patient telling them what meds they need). so I had to go to a second doctor to get it prescribed. It’s expensive, but when I looked on the website it had a coupon so that the first tube only cost me $50 or something like that. Research it and see if that’s still available.

In my opinion, the doc is overprescribing you. The doxy might help, but in three months its effects will wear off. I’d skip that. They are still treating this as recurrent impetigo, which it is not. For literally decades, doctors kept telling me I had impetigo and giving me all type of horrible antibiotics. As soon as the antibiotics are done, the crust comes back immediately.

I’d stick with just the soolantra. Give yourself 2 weeks to get used to it and a full month to see if it worked for you.
And again, good luck.


How are you doing? Did you manage to get Soolantra?


Literally managed to get my hands on Soolantra yesterday. After a month since it was prescribed, to-ing and fro-ing between the hospital pharamacy, dermatologist and my GP, FINALLY I got the all clear for a green prescription for it!!
So, today is only day two, & I happen to just be coming to the end of a particularly nasty outbreak of 6 lesions.

Fingers crossed! (really really need this to work) and will keep you updated.


This means I have been using topical metronidazole gel for 30 days with, as we suspected, no luck


You may want to use it steadily/ built it up slowly, people often get an initial break out, and sometimes a large breakout.
(Also note that if Soolantra doesn’t work, there are other things that may work. But Soolantra is best to start with.)


Ok thanks. What other things?


Sudo creme may also work. Sudocrem saved me!
But what I mean is, don’t give up hope :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I am so glad I found this page so I wanted to tell my story as it seems to differ slightly from the ones I’ve read - hopefully something is helpful!

I first noticed a bump on my chin about a year ago - it started like any other small spot, but within a few hours had filled to be a very large protrusion on my chin that we are all so familiar with. Initially, it wasn’t too dissimilar to skin issues I have regularly - my normal skin is okay and I’ve never had acne, but I do tend to get weeping pores (always clear, never itchy, nothing like this). It burst, and not knowing what it was, I kept touching it and it spread all over my chin to form a really bad outbreak with lots of lesions all over my chin and up near the sides of my mouth. I was really scared, and went to the doctor who didn’t have a clue. She took a swab and it came back negative. In the mean time, I went to town with tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and a really intense herbal cream that I found on another thread. It went away after about 4-5 horrible days.

I thought it was a one time thing, until yesterday when another started to form in exactly the same place on my chin. This time, I knew what to expect, and immediately started treating it, being very careful about where I touched my face and liberally applying everything I could. It oozed all day of course, but this time I also used sudocream and witch hazel as well as tea tree, and started drinking diluted apple cider vinegar that I saw on a Rosacea thread. This combination has drastically reduced the outbreak over night. They scabbed over more quickly than last time, and the itching is much less today. Another thing that really helped was a bottle of liquid plaster, which I pasted over the smaller areas (not disturbing the scabs). It basically forms a tough outer skin and is invisible (great for being in public), and seems to have stopped it spreading/helped them dry out. I was really worried at night because last time I would wake up touching my face because of the itching, and this stopped that from happening completely. I haven’t tried it on a really bad ooze, but on the smaller ones it seems to have contained them.

After months of not washing my face with anything but water, three days ago I started with a new skin care regime and I think it’s too much of a coincidence that this happened now. From reading these threads, it might have changed something for the demodex which might have caused this flare up? I’m going to my doctor soon and will ask them to prescribe Soolantra. If they don’t, in the UK it is available online.

I know this is a very long post, but thank you so much for this website! So nice to not feel alone with this.